shushhkeepitquiett replied to your photo: so I got my bridge pierced today. I’ve wanted it…

yikes, how much did it hurt? but it looks really good! =)

it was actually pretty painless.

or I was just high.

either way, it didn’t hurt.

I was surprised by how little it hurt.

and the post-piercing pain has been nothing. 

when I got my lip done, it swelled like hell and was really sore.

my septum was sore.

my nostrils were sore. 

this isn’t at all.

shushhkeepitquiett replied to your post: i’m sitting in class and all i can think about is blood and razors and i dont know why.

nooo, please be strong. =(

I feel like I’m not being weak by doing what helps me.

I feel like I was a lot weaker when I denied my cutting and kept it hidden for years.

I feel that I’m being strong in saying “this is what I’m dealing with. This is how I’m dealing with it. This is what helps me” instead of just being unhappy.

I don’t feel shame or weakness in my SI anymore. I feel like society as a whole looks down on it, but I won’t be shamed for doing what helps me.

but thank you for your concern.