shush muffin

katekat-lions  asked:

My dad totally didn't want me to get a cat, but just now I can hear him calling my cat "Papa's beautiful kitty". What a dork 😂

OMG, that’s dads though. My dad does the same thing with my pug. He didn’t want her but now he’s like “hello little pug muffin.” Like, shush. You love it.

To all the people who look at my blog/art : thank you for your time and looking at my stuff

To all the people who like/reblog my art: thank you for appreciating my work it means a lot

To all the people who follow me: thank you for the follow and you are so precious.

To all the people who are my Mutuals : thank you and you are amazing

To all the people who are my friends: thank you and you’re all nerds

To all the people on tumblr: thank you for existing . You are all cuties and deserve an amazing day. I love you all