shush luca

nintenlucas is real……….i’ve seen it with my own two eyes

also: the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his borderline unhealthy obsession with penguins

5 times: Rucas one shot

5 times Riley has her head in Lucas’s lap and the one time Lucas does it

don’t know what this really is…but I just wrote it 


Riley liked to think she was lucky that she didn’t suffer from many headaches., but when she did she felt the full affect. She was currently lying in her bed having come home from school, with the blinds shut tight. She felt like 500 elephants were walking across her head. She had her eyes closed so she didn’t see the door open or shut quietly, not wanting to disturb Riley. Riley only noticed that someone was in her room when she felt her bed dip, and her body being slowly lifted.

‘Wha…what are you doing?” she mumbled and she felt her head being placed on someone’s lap and felt cool fingers press slightly on her temples, easing some of the pressure.

“Shush, just relax Riles.”


“Yes, school finished so I came straight over and brought some food for later. But now I would like you close your eyes and rest, I will stay right here until you feel better.”

Riley smiled as he shifted her slightly on the lap already feeling better by the presence of him.

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real talk though:

sinnoh remakes??? or……….sinnoh sequels


ambiguous ust and fixed konane vcv bank holler

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harajuku fashion styles are a fashion statement not a religious or cultural thing like hijabs or burqas holy shit. being influenced by harajuku fashion, or anything like that from japan, or from any other country is the best way to combat racism, since you’re expressing interest and kindness to another culture which is not your own, and spreading it or showing it to others with positive feelings

plus that outfit is tacky af and is definitely not harajuku. calling it or associating it with such because it looks ‘outlandish’ is more racist than you think being inspired or wearing fashion trends is.