shush it was all well

my favorite thing about the pokemon colosseum series is the variety of trainer classes

i mean, we’ve got Guy

here’s Bandana Guy

this is Casual Guy

he was a sk8er Roller Boy

say hello to Glasses Man

who’s up for a battle with Fun Old Man

Lady-in-Suit has time for a battle before her shift

anonymous asked:

Comfort and console in!

{{I want to _____ you. reblog and see what your followers say}} {{still accepting}

Oh anon, this one has been the purest ask I received out of the bunch. I saved it until the end because it was really touching to me, Thank you, honestly. so much for this one, if I can. i will always attempt to be there for you and offer advice. I don’t know if we’re talking? If we’re not, I’m always here if you need someone. And I appreciate you wanting to be there as well. Please do swing past my inbox friend, anytime. Your amazing and this really did make my day.