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This is a Prank

Prompt: Jongin asks out a girl he likes but she rejects him bc she thinks its a prank

Genre: more fluff than angst

Word Count: 1534

Jongin sat down with a defeated huff and stared gloomily at the lunch that looked anything but appetizing now.

“She rejected you?” Baekhyun concluded, shocked at the news. Jongin could only grit his teeth and push the food around his bento tray with his metal chopsticks in total disinterest. Even Sehun looked surprised at the unexpected outcome. “Jeez…are you ok, hyung?”

“Not really, no,” Jongin mumbled back.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“No, but I kinda feel like I owe it to you guys since you were willing to wait on her identity until I asked.”

“No, you don’t have to-”

“It’s fine, I’m gonna have to say it sooner or later.”

Baekhyun and Sehun waited in silence for a moment while Jongin sighed and pushed some food into his mouth. “I thought she was just shy at first or something when I went up to her. She even jumped a little when I said her name…it was kinda cute.”

Baekhyun stifled a smirk, knowing well enough that this was one of the worst times to tease his friend about how whipped he was for this girl. Sehun eyed him knowingly though, suffering the same reaction.

“But she just…I dunno, she looked kinda scared and for a second I thought she hated me.”

“What do you mean ‘hated you?’ I thought you said that you caught her staring at you sometimes.”

“I dunno, Baek. I really don’t, but then it gets weird. She was almost completely unresponsive when I started talking about how I thought she was cool and wanted to be her friend, and that made me so goddamn nervous, I was fucking stuttering. The whole time!”

“Wow, that’s-”

Baekhyun shushed Sehun.

“A-and when I finally asked if she wanted to get to know each other and become friends, she laughed at me.”

“What?” his friends responded in unison


“That’s dumb.”

“She asked if I was asking her out and sounded really bitter when she did, but I said yeah because that’s what I was pretty much doing right?”


“And then she said, and I quote, ‘Nice try, I’m not falling for this fucking prank’ and pretty much stormed off.” His two friends stared at him in disbelief. “I’ve never heard so much dislike in someone’s voice…It was awful.”

Everyone was quiet for a moment, digesting Jongin’s story, completely ignoring the food in front of them.

“She sounds like a bitch,” Sehun commented bluntly, breaking the silence.

“Shut up,” Jongin said with a frown and glared at his food. “She isn’t like that.”

“Well it sounds like it,” Baekhyun added.

“No,” Jongin insisted. “She’s not like that! She works at an animal shelter on the weekends and she does everything she can to make sure all the animals are ok and healthy and happy and that they go to loving families. She isn’t like that, someone with such a kind, caring heart can’t be like that!”

Baekhyun held up his hands in surrender. “Ok, ok, we get it…but when did you figure out she works at an animal shelter on the weekends?” Sehun smirked at his comment.

“I didn’t stalk her, ok? I was getting something for Monggu at the beginning of last summer and ran into her there. I was hoping she might remember me…”

“Well, whatever, but sorry she rejected you like that, hyung,” Sehun said as the bell rang to mark the end of lunch.

“Yeah, me too,” Baekhyun said sympathetically, helping Sehun clear the table. Jongin could only nod in acknowledgment as he repacked his almost untouched lunch.

It bothered him for the entire day, and Jongin couldn’t focus in class because of what happened. He was prepared for a no, but not a “fuck off” kind of no. After the day ended, he was determined enough to talk to her again at the animal shelter to at least figure out why she thought so poorly of him.

Saturday arrived and the nervous feeling that wouldn’t quite settle in his stomach almost convinced Jongin to abandon the whole ordeal and settle for licking his wounds and nursing his pride, but he forced himself to get up and make the trip to the animal shelter, mumbling and rehearsing an apologetic speech for her.

The little bells by the door chimed as he entered and a frantic “Close the door!” yelped somewhere from around the corner. A small puppy with a penchant for escapades and excited dashes for freedom clumsily sped around the wall and nearly crashed into Jongin’s legs. He hurriedly scooped it up and received a frantic struggle and friendly kisses. He heard an exhausted huff and looked up to see his crush make her way toward to door, hair no longer in place and face red from running around. She froze when she saw him holding the puppy.

“What are you doing here,” she asked in a low voice and straightened up her shirt.

“I was, well, I…was wondering…” The words got caught in his throat and he struggled to continue. She continued to watch him, eyebrows furrowing slightly in what Jongin could only guess as annoyance, so he let out a sigh and held the puppy a little closer into himself for subconscious support.

“I don’t want to bother you, really, but…can I know, well, why? I-I don’t want to really assume anything, but you don’t really seem to like me at all and I don’t know if i did anything wrong or if you just think I’m weird. I dunno, I-”

“You’re joking, right?” she said with contempt creeping into her voice. “I’m not falling for your tasteless pranks,” she spat out and reached for the dog to take him back. As soon as it was safe in her arms, she backed off as if Jongin’s presence itself was poisonous. “You guys already make fun of me enough, can’t you just leave me alone? How did you even know where I was today?! Please just get away from me!”

“No, wait! Really, I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m so confused,” he said helplessly. She stared at him, analyzing his demeanor critically.

“Please, I really don’t understand what happened. Have I done something?”

“How did you know where I work?” she asked in disgust, controlling the fear in her voice.

“I came here last summer to get something for my dog, and I noticed you working here, that’s all, really, I promise I’m not creeping on you or anything!”

“This isn’t a prank?” She began to believe his sincerity.

“No!” Jongin insisted. “Why would you think it was a prank? We don’t even know each other very well, even though I…would like to get to know you better…”

“Why? It’s because of your nasty friends, that’s why!”


“Baekhyun and Sehun, yes them,” she said in repulsion.

“I don’t-”

“They make fun of me any chance they get! Not even jokingly, I can take a joke, but your friends, they, th-they straight up bully me, and I don’t know why!”

Jongin was shocked into silence.

She began to tear up, but furiously fought them back. “So-s-so what if I can’t wear the nicest clothes all the time, and why do people feel such a strong urge to make fun of the ones who work hard to make their lives better, that’s so stupid!” She furiously turned and stormed off around the corner with the puppy clutched in her arms.

Jongin cautiously followed her, rage welling up inside against his friends. He didn’t even know this was going on, no wonder she reacted the way she did!

He watched her gently put the puppy back into its pen with the other littermates.

“I’m sorry if I confused you. I was just waiting for you to join in with them since you’re their friend, so I thought you were just mocking me,” she explained.

Jongin’s heart melted at her words. Even now, she was apologising for something that wasn’t even her fault. “It’s ok. I understand now,” he said quietly. “I'll…wow. I really need to sit those two down,” he muttered irritably.

She laughed a little before the two of them fell back into silence, watching as the pups played with each other.

“H-hey…if, umm, if it’s not to weird of a moment to ask this, but I…well…”

“It’s ok.”

“If I get them to stop, are you willing to give them another chance?”

She fell quiet and he could see her thinking hard. “I guess I suppose so…I really don’t want to, but everyone needs second chances. Honestly though, it’d be easier to give you a second chance. You don’t seem that bad,” she concluded and gave him a small grin.

Jongin’s stomach flipped a nervous-excited loop. “Really?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I’ll fix this, I promise. I’m so sorry that they treated you like that, I’m honestly really shocked and beyond pissed, but they’re better than that, I swear.”

“I believe you.”

She could barely get through her sentence before the escape artist pup wriggled through the bars to indulge in another adventure. The two spent the next few minutes chasing excited yaps with the growing hope of of a happier future.

The Summer Epilogue Part One (32/33)

The Summer (32/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 27,072 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: angst, misunderstandings, paranoia, fingering, barebacking, bdsm, sensory deprivation, light airplay, praise!kink, handcuffs, blindfolds

Chapter Thirty-Two: Epilogue Part One

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spideremmie  asked:

Please, I need more NHL AU in my life. I will pay you in my love and gratitude. <3

Sure thing!! NHL AU here

OKAY SO NOTES: for some reason when i was researching this earlier i thought that you had to be 19 year old in order to enter the draft (i was talking to someone about connor mcdavid i think), but apparently you only had to be 18 at or before September 15th of the draft year. Bitty entered the draft the same year he’d been planning on joining Samwell, in 2013 when he turned 18 on May 13. 

So let’s pretend in this au you had to be 19 at or before September 15th of the draft year. Just like how ngoziu forgot that you can’t play in the NCAA if you’ve played in the Q. 

Draft is June 5th, so the first article comes a little before that. The USHL playoffs in 2013 ended May 17th. 

Small Wunderkind Coming Up in Big Leagues

June 1st, 2013

If you were watching the games of the King Hurricanes a few years ago, you may not notice the speedy number 5 at first, flitting in and about the ranks. Eric Richard Bittle, age 16 then, is from Madison, Georgia. At the time, he was standing at 5′3 and 130 pounds, one of the smallest and lightest players in the USHL. 

However, soon you’ll begin to see why Coach Pietro Dostoevsky chose him among the multitude of other hopefuls. Number 15 is fast, his speed supplements his size. He’s able to weave his way around the opposing side’s defense and shoot with deadly accuracy. During post game interviews with coaches and “Ricky” Bittle himself, we learned that he has impeccable game sense and incredible play making skills. Eric Bittle began to make a name for himself in the juniors as the small giant, racking up points, assists, awards, and a mass of fans. 

He turns 19 on May 5th, 2014, but he has just been granted exceptional status and will be joining the 2013 Entry Draft as the top draft pick of the year. Some people calling this decision by the NHL controversial, saying that Bittle is severely overestimated and definitely not a McDavid or a Tavares. They argue that his size certainly doesn’t bring confidence to the table to potential clubs. 

However, even in a league filled with people brimming with natural athleticism, Bittle still stands out. His numbers are exceptional even among a Clark cup winning team, he’s well known for his good sportsmanship and charisma, and he’s a natural leader. 

No matter the chatter around him, Eric Bittle is slated to appear in the 2013 Entry Draft, almost certainly as the number one pick overall. And I put my money on the bet that we’ll be seeing great things from him. 

Transcript of Interview with Eric Bittle

 May 17th, 2013

Off record

R: Thanks for the cookies, Eric! You’re everyone’s athlete to interview.

EB: Aw shush, that’s just because I bribe y’all so y’all can speak better of me.

R: Well, it’s working!

Transcript Start: 

R: Congratulations, good game today, Eric!

EB: We played hard, it was definitely a hard won win. Oh gosh, did I just say hard won win?

R: You sure did!

EB: You know when I first started getting interviewed, I told myself that I’ll try my darn hardest not to sound like one of those hockey robots.

R: And you held out for all these years until your very last junior post game interview.

EB: At least this is a victory interview, that’s a happy thought! 

R: Again, congratulations on winning the Clark Cup! Talk about the effort you guys gave this year and your role as the captain.

EB: Well, this was certainly an unreal season. We started out strong and worked hard not to slow down the momentum. I’m so proud of my boys, my role as captain was to provide leadership and direction on the ice, but everyone gave twice their best effort and heart. We knew we were going to win, and we just had to keep doing what we’ve been workin’ on all year long.

R: And how good does it feel to win the Clark Cup?

EB: Oh, it feels amazing! Last year I wanted so bad to win the cup for the senior members of our team, but it never happened. I think this year the determination was carried from the loss back then so it feels pretty darn amazing!

R: You shattered your arm last year during the finals of the Clark Cup. I forget, did you pull a Rocky and skate out the period?

EB: Who do you think I am, Beyoncé? No, I was able to hide it for a few minutes but Coach Dostoevsky noticed and pulled me out for the rest of the series.

R: By the way, I have to congratulate you on another thing, Mr. Exceptional Status.

EB: Oh, I was wondering when that’d come up.

R: You’re a meme, don’t you know? 

EB: I saw those online, I don’t know whether to be flattered or what. I’m normal sized, it’s just that the people I hang out with make me look small!

R: Let me show you this *takes out a few pictures*

EB: “Such small. Much hockey.” Oh lord, they made me doge. I haven’t seen this one before.

R: Haha, you’re certainly on your way to internet fame. 

EB: I’m proud to say that I’ve gained a lot more twitter followers since the news about the exceptional status broke out!

R: Of course that was your reason, all those hours practicing hockey and becoming the best player your age all to gain twitter followers.

EB: You know me! 

R: There was a period of time when no one knew for sure your plans for this year. You applied to Samwell University and got in, there were rumors that you were dropping juniors to attend it next season, or that you were going to continue playing in the USHL next season, until news broke out that you applied for exceptional status for the draft this year and got it. What were you thinking?

EB: Well, I’ve never considered dropping hockey. I love hockey. I was deliberating between Samwell and the NHL, so I suppose the rumors were all true, that no matter what next season I’d be either playing in the NHL or on the Samwell Men’s Hockey team.

R: Well, I know a lot of hockey fans, and Falconer fans in particular, who are glad that you’re joining the draft this year.

EB: You don’t know that I’m going to the Falconers!

R: Well, that’s all up in the air for now, but as a Falconers’ fan I can keep hoping. Thanks for giving me time for the interview.

EB: No problem!

I Could Be A Leafs Fan pt. 2 (Day 1)

Mitchell Marner x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: None

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Mitch and the reader meet up for the first official time whilst Mitch still tries to convert the Pens fan

Author: Cymbelline

NOTE: Open for part 3 if requested!! This is part two to “I Could Be A Leafs Fan”

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

It had been a few weeks after the Pittsburgh game, I had been chatting with Mitch nearly every day. It was surprising how quickly we clicked, how close we became in just a matter of time. No matter how busy Mitch was, he always made time to message me, even if it was something short like, “Hi, sorry I can’t chat, hope you’re well”, or whatever. My friends, of course, were somewhat skeptical about this whole ordeal, telling me I had to be careful with boys like him. Pfff. Boys like him. Just because he was Mitchell Marner, doesn’t mean he was a bad guy! 

Nice, quiet, Friday night, just chilling inside, minding my own business. Boom! Mitchell Marner is calling me. I paused the show I was currently binge watching and cleared my throat before answering. 

“Hello?” I asked, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. 

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It's Raining Marshmallows (Jean/Scott/Kurt/Jubilee/Peter x Reader)

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“You know what I missed with all of these missions?” you broke the silence in the library where you and your friends studied. Jean by habit shushed you. You laughed it off  and continued as the others looked at you.

“A camping trip!” you said in awe and immediately Kurt, Peter and Jubilee nodded excitedly. “I don’t know, (Y/N). Do you think Professor will let us?” Scott sounded unsure and finally Jean raised her head, “Let’s do it in the mansion’s garden.” She said and Scott agreed too.

“So, we were thinking…” you began, but Charles cut you. “A camping trip, huh? Nice idea.” He agreed. “But, no campfires.” You whined, “But, Professor, I control fire. There won’t be a problem.” You pushed and after a pause, he agreed and you ran towards him, hugging him tight.

“Ok, guys we have our tents, our mosquito repellants, our food, our marshmallows, our water bottles, our sleeping bags and sleep essentials, coolers, towels, mugs and dishes, sunscreen-”

“Darling, we got everything. You checked them five times by now. Unless something grew legs and left then we are ready to go.” Peter said and you giggled and motioned them to go out.

“Here, here.” Kurt pointed a spot under a big tree. There was much shadow to cover everyone and the branches were big enough to climb them too. Kurt already had teleported there and left his back bag in the grass and had found a spot among the branches.

Peter saw that and sped through everyone setting up the tents, gathering the wood for the campfire, in a blink of an eye. He came in front of you with a stupid smile on his face you laughed.

“Since speedy got everything set up, we can begin our trip.” You said and Jean sat underneath the tree and got out a favourite book of hers.  And Scott cuddled near her, putting his head on her lap and she began playing with his hair.

You sat in the sun, enjoying the warm feeling of warmth touching your skin. You sighed pleased as Jubilee laid next to you, reading a magazine and Peter took a seat next to you.

Everything was going perfectly great, you had rested in the sun and then under the tree. Kurt had challenged you to a climbing competition and had won with Peter a close second. And now the sun was resigning behind the mountains and you were all admiring the amazing complexity of colours that painted the sky.

“Ready to start a fire?” you said and everyone nodded eagerly. You started the fire and Jubilee brought the candies and sausages. Scott had undertaken the cooking and Jean the seasoning.

Soon everyone had a hot dog in hand and all of you began devouring them.

“And now the time we have all been waiting for!” you announced pulling out the bag of marshmallows, but a thunder covered your voice.

“(Y/N)? You checked the weather forecast, right?” Jean asked you while another thunder echoed in the sky.

“Uhm…yeah?” you said but not confidently enough. “You checked our things like, how many, five times? But, you forgot to check the weather forecast even once?” Peter asked you with a teasing smile.

“Perhaps.” You said and suddenly the sky opened and poured heavy rain on everyone. In a matter of minutes you were all soaked, the fire was out and everyone was running towards the mansion.

But you didn’t. You wanted to gather your stuff first. “Come on, (Y/N). They will be there and after the storm.” Kurt called you. “But they will be soaked and this is my fault, I am not willing to let them like this.” You shouted as thunders clapped above you.

“The tents are too close to the tree. You will get hit by lighting.” Kurt warned you. But, you being stubborn you shrugged his words off and continued gathering the things.

Kurt sighed and teleported near you. He teleported you in the mansion, but since you had your hands on the things you were gathering, you brought them inside too.

The others were looking at you and you heard Charles squeal as he saw the three soaking wet tents and the six teens watering his carpet.

Anonymous asked: Hello! How about Cas is very talkative and Dean gets annoyed by it. So every time he tries to speak, Dean ‘punishes’ Cas by kissing him. Um idk, maybe you could make Cas drunk so there’s a reason why he talks too much? You are awesome! Keep writing!

Author’s note: Several other people have requested drunk!Cas before, so I thought it was about time I wrote something for it. Enjoy! 

“Bees… Bees are beautiful creatures, Dean. They are so often underappreciated, but think about how they are such hard workers. If it weren’t for bees, we would not be allowed to experience the true miracle that is honey. Did you know that bees…”

Castiel kept rambling on and on, and Dean tried to block it all out, seeing as it was kind of necessary for him to pay attention to the road. They’d been to Balthazar’s birthday party, but Dean had dragged Cas home when he’d noticed that his friend had basically been swaying on his feet. Cas hardly ever went down the road of alcohol, and so he was kind of a lightweight. Dean, being the awesome friend that he was, had seen it as his duty to save Cas from himself, before things could get worse.

Of one thing Dean was sure though; His best friend shouldn’t be allowed to get drunk ever again. The thing with Cas was that on the rare occasions when he got drunk, he kept talking, and talking, and talking.

“Don’t you agree, Dean?” Castiel asked once his lengthy monologue about insects was finished.

When Dean averted his attention from driving to take a brief look at Cas, it was obvious that Castiel was very serious about whatever he’d been babbling about. It was adorable, but also distracting.

Castiel smiled at Dean; a dopey, drunk smile. The kind of smile that Dean loved. The kind of smile that made Dean question his life, his friendship with Cas, and his entire sexuality. Blue eyes watched him expectantly, as if Dean’s response was the key ingredient to a matter of life and death.

“Jeez, I don’t know, Cas… I think bees are… they’re great.” Dean improvised, having no clue as to what Cas had been talking about.

“Aren’t they! I think humans often take them for granted, just as they take everything for granted, and for another thing…”

Dean tuned Cas out again, strictly focusing on the road. When they pulled up in front of Dean’s house after another good ten minutes of driving, Cas was still talking.

Castiel was supposed to sleep over at Dean’s place after the party, and initially Dean had been totally cool with that, but now he realized that he was going to have to make sure that a very intoxicated Cas made it to his bedroom without them waking up the rest of the family.

The silence was deafening when Dean turned off the Impala’s engine. He angled his body towards Cas, who was still chattering.

“And I don’t get it, I mean truly, why would Meg Masters want to dance with me? She kept insisting, and insisting, even after I informed her that I can’t dance. Do you think she didn’t believe me? Or do you think she simply didn’t care, and…”

Dean zoomed in on Cas’ lips. They were pretty, a dark shade of pink, and they were forming exquisite shapes around the words that Castiel was spitting out.

“Alright, chatty Cathy.” Dean said mockingly. “We’re gonna go inside now, and you’re going to keep quiet so we don’t wake up mom or dad. Or Sammy for that matter, because he will tell on us if we wake him up.”

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34# You're sick


“I don’t like being sick.” You whined and pouted as Calum laughed at you, leaning in the door. “No one does. Well, I did actually enjoy it when I was little because I got to stay home from school.” He smirked and you giggled a little. “You suck.” You groaned as your throat hurt by your laugh. You wrapped the duvet closer to your body, making you look like a giant worm. “I’ll make you some soup, alright?” Calum smiled a little and you nodded. “Don’t burn it. You somehow always ends up burning food.” You smiled sheepishly and he rolled his eyes playfully, exiting the room.


“Here comes Michaelllll!” You heard your boyfriend enter your apartment with his cheery voice, shouting an hello to you. In here! You wanted to shout, but the constant hurting in your throat told you otherwise. “Oh, right. Your throat.” Michael pouted as he came and sat beside you on the couch, pulling you closer to him. “How is my girl feeling?” He pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear and you smiled, croaking out a “better”. “Good, because I miss you talking.” He pouted, but then smiled a bit, kissing your forehead.


“God you’re hot…” Luke murmured as you laid down in the bathtub, the cold water swarming around your body. You winced as it was a big difference between your body temperature and the temperature of the water. “Thanks, you too.” You told him and he raised one eyebrow at first, not getting what you meant, a second later, he did realize and blushed a lot. “I didn’t mean it like that, you know! It’s just that you’re fever is so high, and you’re so hot because of that and-” “Shush boy, it’s fine.” You giggled and started enjoying the water around you. “I don’t exactly mind you calling me hot anyway.” You giggled jokingly.


“I like sick cuddles.” Ashton smiled as he pulled you closer to him. “I know right. Must be a amazing laying next to me while I breath like a marathon runner. Who’s run the marathon twice in a row.” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes slightly. “Aw. You don’t sound like that, I promise.” He giggled and you smiled a bit. “You do sound bad though, but that’s why I’m here. To make sure you feel better.” He smiled and pressed his lips lightly against your neck. “Plus I love you when you’re sick because you’re so warm and cozy.” He giggled and you turned around, hugging him while smiling.

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PROMPT called the wrong number while drunk au

Thomas rolled over, irritation seeping through every pore of his body. He blindly slapped his bedside table in an attempt to silence the ringing phone. Finally, his uncooperative fingers gripped the device and he brought it to his ear.
“Hello?” He murmured, groggy.
There was a loud crash on the other side, before hysterical laughter reached his ears. “Newt!” The boy on the other end slurred out. “Neeeewwwwt.” he repeated, before collapsing back into laughter.
Thomas frowned in confusion at his phone, “It’s three AM,” he groaned, “And my name is Thomas.” He contemplated hanging up, but he was striked with a sudden intrigue to hear the drunk man’s response.
“Newt.” He repeated, slightly more serious. “Now is not the time for jokes. You promised you’d pick me up!”
“Oh, Jesus Chr-” Thomas swore. “I am NOT this Newt person!” This time, he did hang up, furiously and feriously. The brunet rolled over to return to his slumber, muttering a tired but spiteful, “Drunken idiot!”, to the man who could no longer hear him.

The phone was ringing again, five minutes later, when sleep was almost in Thomas’ reach. “You are kidding me!” he exclaimed, answering the phone. “I swear to GOD!” He raved, “What? What? What?” He bit, more aggravated with each repeated word.
“Newt,” the boy on the other end said, clearly. “I cannot believe you hung up on me. I hope you know that I clicked the redial number as soon as I got over my distress.” his words were slurred, but the sarcasm was clear as crystal.
Thomas rubbed a hand over his face, he needed to stop answering his phone. “Listen, whatever your name is-“
“-Minho!” The boy-Minho, Thomas supposed- insterted, affronted. “How can you not remember my name! I’m your best friend!”
“Actually,” Thomas inturputed, but Minho steamrolled onwards.
“Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare say that you like Alby more than me, because I know it isn’t true Issac!”
Thomas slapped a hand to his face, who the hell was Issac? “Minho!” he inturrupted forcefully. “My name is Thomas Green! You’ve got the wrong number!”
The silence on the other end was astonishing, for a second Thomas thought he’d been hung up on, until Minho released a long, continous groan that sounded suspiously like, “Shucking hell!”
There was loud cursing for a while until Thomas timidly broke in, “Uh, sorry, but I’d kind of like to sleep tonight, I have an exam in the morning, so…?”
“Yeah!” Minho exclaimed, “Sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry, I thought you were-”
“-Newt.” Thomas finished, “Yeah, I know.”
“Sorry, sorry, sorry.” The phoneline beeped flat, and Thomas rolled his eyes.

The phone rang again, at 2pm. This time, Thomas answered quickly and professionally, in case it was his boss calling to confirm his days off next week. “Hello, Thomas Green speaking, who’s this?” he said crisply.
There was an awkward cough on the other end before a British accent broke in distantly. “Well? Go on, you shank! Apologise to the poor boy!”
Silence. Then, a dull thud as what sounded like a hand, but could have quite possibly been a book, connected with what Thomas could only assume was the back of the caller’s head.
“Hello?” Thomas prompted, but the other person wasn’t listening.
“Really, slinthead? Low blow! You don’t need to throw your shucking books at me! I was going to apologise, Newt!”
Thomas breathed through his nose. ‘Minho.’ He thought.
Minho suddenly seemed quiter, “Thomas,” he paused, “Wait, your name is Thomas right? I thought it was, but I was pretty sloshed last night, so for all I know, it could be Bob.”
Thomas laughed loudly, earning glares from his fellow, studying peers. “It’s Thomas.” he whispered.
Minho nodded, satisfied, turning to the blonde behind him. “See? At least I remembered that. I didn’t, I don’t know, say, abandon my drunk friend so I could make out with my boyfriend!”
Newt flipped him off without even the curtosy of looking at him.
“What?” Thomas laughed on the other end, confused.
“Nothing, sorry, sorry. I just wanted to apologise for last night, I was really drunk and I think I might have dialled the wrong number.”
“Might’ve.” Thomas replied, the shushing noises echoed through the phone, causing Minho’s nose to scrunch up adorably in uncertainty.
“Are you studying?” he asked, Thomas certainly sounded young enough to be in univeristy.
Thomas hummed on the other end, “I’m studying Neuroscience right now, but I’m actually majoring in Engineering.”
Minho whistled, “You’re mad! I’m on an athletic scholarship, studing physical health.”
Thomas replied quickly, “Where do you go?”
Minho paused, uncertain of whether or not he should share this information with the kid he called drunk, but he went for it anyway. He sounded pretty cute, okay? It was just logical. “James Dashner, you?”
Thomas gasped excitably. “Me too! WICKED building.”
Minho grinned, “Runner.”
“Aw, man!” Thomas groaned, “That’s so cool!”
Someone shushed him insistantly, but he simply rolled his eyes. “Shut up.”
“What?” Minho frowned, “I didn’t say anything.”
Thomas laughed, “I wasn’t talking to you.”
“Oh,” The Asian dragged out.
“I better go.” Thomas said uncertainly, “You know, work and stuff.”
“Yeah,” Minho agreed, watching out of the corner of his eye as Newt suddenly sprung up. The blonde desperately mouthed something he couldn’t understand. Minho sighed, “Thomas, will you hold on for a moment?” He tucked the phone to his chest. “What?” He exclaimed, exhasperated.
“Ask him out!” Newt pointed to the phone excitably. “Do it! Do it!”
“You’re shuckin’ crazy!” Minho snapped, “I don’t even know him!”
“Yet.” Newt deadpanned. “You don’t know anyone at first, give it a shot!”
Minho graced him with a long suffering look before holding the phone back up to his ear. “I better let you go then, Tom.”
Newt groaned in disappointment, his body sagging with the effort.
“Yeah.” Thomas affirmed, there was a beat of silence, and then: “I would’ve said yes, you know.”
“You would have said yes to what?” Minho asked.
He frowned when Newt suddenly srpung into action at his words, mouthing “Get some, Min. GET SOME!”
Thomas grinned, “If you’d asked me out. I would have said yes.”
And the line went dead.