shuri ryu karate


Helped a student clean up some of his chokes today. He’s testing for shodan next week. No pressure.

(We’re a karate dojo that also has judo classes, but in our karate style, Shuri-ryu, students have to test for some judo as well.)

Since Saturday is belt review at karate (not for me, obviously, I just joined), we spent today’s class going over some katas. (Kata? God only knows.) Obviously since I was learning these from scratch — hell, I barely know how to kiai, and only because my gaslighting!sister taught me way back in the day. *When* to kiai I do not know at all. But, yeah, obviously I was pretty flaily, and also apparently we wound up doing it back to front or some shit, so I’m not… entirely sure I learned anything concrete, but I have written down some search terms, so I know that we are doing Shuri-Ryu karate and that the kata I’ve been stumbling through is called Taikyoku. So then I found a Youtube video. :D I’m going to have to dig out my Made to Move Barbie and possibly also draw a bunch of diagrams here, but I *think* what’s confusing me is that the 180 degree pivots are all done so your back foot stays in back, and so are *some* of the 90 degree pivots, but not all of them. Also I’m continually confused on which way to turn and whether my hands should be forward at the same time as my feet or doing reciprocal motion. I’m hoping once I get a bit forrader some of this stuff will become basic principles and I don’t have to figure it out individually for every single move, because that could get to be… a lot.

I’m planning to spend Saturday at belt review and watch all the things. Hopefully that will give me a slightly better idea of some of this shit. (Next month I’ll have to do belt review myself, anyway — sensei has everyone review every month even if they’re not ready to advance — so it will be good to know what it’s like.)

At least I more or less have the hang of pulling one hand back when the other one goes forward. Apparently a lot of the kids have trouble with that. Thank god for boxing.