shup me up

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Lena always asks Kara for advice everytime she has to make certain decisions, she thinks that Kara's opinions about things are so important that she always asks her so she can help her decide, just like when Lena found out that Rhea had been tricking her but Rhea was still hellbent on continuing her proposition with her, Lena called Kara for advice but Kara wasn't available at the moment because of Alex so she couldn't help Lena but Lena understands?!1 She doesn't push Kara into it or guilt trip Kara into not helping her, and because Kara can't help her, she just goes on with her own decision even if she herself isn't comfortable with it. Just like when Lena called Kara so Kara can talk her out of going to Jack's dinner date invite but Kara wasn't home, so she went with Jack anyway even though she doesn't feel like doing it at all. Kara's opinions on things are so important to Lena that she always asks Kara first about it and when Kara isn't available, she just goes on with her own decision even though she knows it'd be better if Kara had her own say about it.
Don't make a pregnant woman angry


“Lev, calm down, that was just a joke and I-”


Lily sighed and looked how his best friend and partner was chased by his cute and pregnant in the 9 month wife. She looked… furious.

“So… can someone of you to tell me what’s going on here?” The black Exceed asked, looking at the Dragneels.

Natsu and Happy was lying on the ground, laughing like they was crazy - they was crazy, actually - and Lucy was holding her cute 5-months pink-haired daughter Sakura in her arms.

“Well… Levy and I was talking about a new book she just read when she heard how Gajeel "accidentally” told Natsu that about how he technically kept his promise to make her big.“ Lucy explained and looked at her best friend. "She got mad and he just can’t calm her down.”

“Shorty, I said I was just kidding-”


Lily sighed and sat next to the blonde.

“Will you give me a juice kiwi?” The Exceed asked.

“Wouldn’t you help Gajeel?” Lucy asked and gave Lily his juice.

“Nah. That dumbass deserve that. 5 years of teasing and joking about her height was too much for Levy and now she give him back everything, with her crazy hormones. And it’s pretty fun to watch, isn’t it?”

Lucy sighed and hugged her baby-daughter. 

“Is it… But we need to stop her before she hurt herself and the baby.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’m sure metalhead will handle with Levy until that happens” Natsu said between laughing.


“Levy I’m pretty sorry, stop freackin’ chasing me and-”

“SHUP UP!!!”

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If you're still doing that unpopular opinion thing I have one. I'm pansexual and I don't really have a problem with a storyteller telling me that a book, show, or movie they made says that a character is gay/bi/trans after its done. It doesn't bother me because, I feel like people on tumblr take your sexuality and make it your character/identity. Not your likes, dislikes, or quirks. It's what you are that matters, not who you are. I dunno, maybe I'm dumb.

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It is so true! People here don’t care about anything but your sexuality. You are your sexuality and that’s all that matters to them. And if you aren’t a part of an oppressed group, Tumblr will tell you to go fuck yourself or worse. :/