shunkou replied to your post “never said Ichigo didn’t have a libido, if you think Ichigo is a shallow horn dog that only has eyes for busty women then you have some fucking issues. It’s people like you who play around in la la land too much that ruin Ichigo’s character. Ichigo never blushed at Orihime in a “Sexual way” nor has he shown any “sexual attraction” toward her either. He treats her like a little sister and is genuinely nice to her. All you’re doing is making Orihime out to seem like some slut, Rangiku too”

Omg. “He’s never blushed at Orihime in a ‘sexual way’”? Is anon implying that all the times he DID blush (at Rangiku, Yorucihi, Rukia, Ikumi) it was sexual? And not out of embarrassment? Cos if those blushes ARE sexual, then wouldn’t that make him a 'horndog’ after all? So basically it’s disgusting for Ichigo to be attracted to Orihime; you’re butchering his character by saying he’s attracted to HER. But if he’s attracted to anyone else, it’s okay?

Thank you, couldn’t have said it better myself.

nelliells  asked:

Name three people you're glad you met here on tumblr and explain why. Then pass this onto those three you named. If you get five or more back, you're an amazing friend!

djlajfskljlg how old is this crap and thank you omg Only three people okay here goes:

  1. CRISS - this kid is super cool and sweet yo. She is an absolute delight. Her excitement about stuff is really fun to see and quite infectious - so much so that after seeing some of her posts about Naruto on her blog, I found myself reading the thing I swore I never would and am super glad I did.
  2. ALTA - this bold thing. I aspire to have even a ounce of her ferocity. She’s like real life Yoruichi. I always look forward to what she thinks and what she has to say. A seriously quality person with a quality heart.
  3. SOFIA - this super sweet and nice thing. She was one of the first people who talked to me on here and has always been so nice and encouraging. I love her positivity and her way of looking at things. Her thoughts and theories are always so interesting to read.
  4. screw it i’ll do five the limit that will show up in tags TIERNEY - she is so interesting and cool I can hardly stand it. An actual fellow grimmulqui shipper and someone who loves Ulqui but not in the way most of his fandom does (bless) are the two things that first caught my attention. But she is SO interesting to talk to and I get quite excited to see her thoughts and insights and read her posts. Her sense of humor is seriously fantastic - actual tears have been shed before. Absolute quality person.
  5. OCIS - everyone should know ocis. To know her is to love her, tbh. She is so cool and so nice (like for real). And if ocis says you should read or watch something, drop everything and do it. Her taste is flawless. And she conquers the editing world at astonishing speeds.

alskdjfl;aj I’m seriously glad I met all you guys plus several others (myloveistoblame is so wonderful, maesnapdragon is so cool and big-hearted, mark the coolest Canadian I know - okay the only one I currently know but he’s still pretty rad, Vera is so sweet and so flippin cute omg, Noor the most adorable thing in the world, Nina is such a sweet and groovy soul, ugh and on and on). Interesting people with fascinating brains and quality hearts - all of them and more. People are great, yeah.

prongsvssquid said: sajhdjh I AM SO HAPPY RN YAY :D my neighbour totoro, ponyo, and kiki’s delivery service are top of my list after those two for sure. also all of them. just watch all of them after those three. animation *starry eyes*

shunkou said: add princess mononoke to that list! that’s my personal fave

SO MANY THINGS TO WATCH! *dances around*

They can suck it bc I think she looks amazing. She isn’t showing any more cleavage than anyone else has in the series. It’s still p modest even tho it’s showing some boobage and her tummy. If they wanna slut shame her they are the ones making themselves look ignorant and to be frank…stupid.

tetsuryuu-no-hime said: Oh please, like people haven’t pictured their otps in sexual situations before. Grow up.

right?? Like what kind of fanfiction are you even reading omg

shunkou said: like how dare you think a teenage boy has wet dreams about a hot girl! omg you disgusting person

I must repent for my perverseness! (this may take awhile)

shunkou replied to your post “[[MOR]I don’t know what it is lately, but I keep seeing posts joking…”

yo don’t insult my hometown. londoners are the nicest people in the world i will fight you

*shrugs* I’m sure London is full of nice people, it wasn’t an insult they weren’t that bad but they weren’t nice, like I said I didn’t really care I don’t care about strangers being nice, but it was funny that the French are the ones with the stereotype but in my personal experiences they were super nice and the British were, well. Maybe Londoners were feeling particularly surly towards Americans at that point for some reason idk idrc.