Bleach: Ch 662

Easily the most fun I’ve had reading a Bleach chapter in a long time. This chapter had it all: fan service, multiple power reveals, Urahara being Urahara, and important info on the 5 special war potentials. 

The interaction between Yoruichi and Urahara easily overshadows anything else that happens in the chapter. Yoruichi reveals yet another form of shunkou only to be immediately disabled by Askin and forced into hyper-sexy-thunder-cat mode. This form must be another extension on shunkou but the cat-like form implies a greater connection to Yoruichi than any normal skill. Perhaps This new form is a type of fusion between shunkou and Yoruichi’s long unseen zanpakuto.

Askin confirms the identity of the 5 special war potentials as, Ichigo, Kenpachi, Ichibee, Aizen, and Urahara. These war potentials were identified as being people with abilities that are unique enough to qualify as an “unknown variable”. Meaning that these five maybe outside of Yhwach’s ability to predict. With Kenpachi already out of the battle and Ichibee defeated, we are left Ichigo, Urahara, and Aizen as keys to turning this fight. 

Done with people and done with life.

I’m so sick of people.

I’m so fucking done with people!

Fucking done!

Ya know what, fine, I’ll tell everyone what fucking happen if you guys want to be such ass holes about!

I seriously didn’t want to say anything until now but what ever, thanks to Shunkou it’ll be easier to off myself this time.

HAHAHAHAHA omg I can’t stop laughing! peachy in my inbox! Someone get me a tissue I’m crying!

You do not love Orihime, you liar. You pretended to like her then called her ‘fattyhime’, a ‘whiny annoying bitch’, ‘only good for a fuck’ on your origololgic blog, you

I NEVER. NOT EVEN ONCE CALLED ORIHIME “FATTYHIME” GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT! Orihime is my second favorite character, just because I don’t ship IchiHime doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I feel like I can relate to her the most and she is probably the most precious character in Bleach in my opinion. I never called her a whiny annoying bitch, and I didn’t own that fucking Origololgic blog for the last fucking time!




piece of shit.

You sound so mature, using insults, but ya know you’re right. I must be a lying, repulsive, disgusting piece of shit, this must be the reason why no one adopted me until I was 9.

You’re not a feminist. A feminist wouldn’t say of a female character that ‘the only thing she’s good for is a good fuck’, nor would she body-shame her as you have done. You’re a liar and a hypocrite. But hey, that’s hardly news, amiright?

I am a feminist, I have been one for four years, I believe in equal rights for women. Why? Well after finding out one of my friends 7 year old sister was kidnapped and rape then fucking killed, I guess you could say it changed me a lot. But another reason could be over the fact that my mother was always getting beaten by my father which is why she left him while being still pregnant with me.

And I can’t fucking believe your NERVE. Actually coming into my inbox and cosying up to me. Calling me a dumbitch and telling me to crawl back under the rock I came from, BULLYING A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL, MY FRIEND! And then having the bare-faced cheek to come into my inbox and pretend like nothing happened, like you haven’t attacked me and my friends before, as if you’re anything other than a disgusting bully, as if you don’t slap labels on people yourself?!! THE PERSON WHO MADE THE ORIGO LIST IS COMPLAINING ABOUT LABELS!

I never called you any of those things so fucking fuck off, I wasn’t bullying anyone either, the only problem I had with Vega was that she was persistent. I told her not to follow me, and she followed me, I told her not to reblog my post, but she still did. Eventually I blew up at her, but I did apologize to her. Hell I apologized to you too, and kokoro-beat, I apologized to a hell of a lot of IH shippers before deleting my old blog. But I guess that wasn’t good enough for you apparently.

OSL made that post btw, the one I’m responding to. Do you know that? The same person you put on the delusional list but then befriended when it suited you? :> I thought she was your friend? Why are you bitching about her to me?… oh no wait, why am I surprised, haha didn’t you also attack your waifu and your friend zozo-sweetcheeks as origololgic? Lolz. Stabbing your friends in the back is pretty commonplace for you isn’t it?

And I know that is not OSL, but guess what? OSL was one of the people I apologized to, and she forgave me. And now I’m following her blog, and we do occasionally talk. There is nothing wrong with making friends outside of shipping. I never attacked zozo or TLHI and shes not my waifu, why the fuck are people still saying that?

Anyhoo, honey don’t act like you’re any better than OSL. OSL may be a despicable person and someone I’m extremely embarrassed to have a ship in common with, but you’re many, many times worse than she is. If you’re bothered by anything she’s ever said, just remember that her antics haven’t come close to yours :> 

I never said I was better than OSL, so where the fuck did you get that from??

Thing is, I’m not even angry for myself. I’m thick-skinned enough to not care what pathetic, scummy people like you say about me. No. I’m disgusted by the way you bullied my friend, a thirteen year old girl, who was only trying to be friends. Thinking about the way you made her feel actually brings tears to my eyes. Oh and don’t get me started on how you’ve used depression and suicide as a joke. You sicken me.

I didn’t bully anyone, you accused me of bullying her. If I bullied her than I guess I can say she harassed me and almost all my post. Can’t you accept that not everyone wants to be friends with EVERYONE??? I sure don’t, is that a fucking crime??? And it wasn’t a fucking joke, so get that through your fucking skull!

I don’t know what you’re playing at, sending me a message like this. I’ve made it perfectly clear what I think about you during our previous exchanges, and I remember telling you that unlike you, you vile bitch, I don’t concern myself with people I hate. You’re not worth my attention. As long as you stay away from me and my friends, I won’t bother pissing all over you. So until you give a sincere and heartfelt apology to Vega for the way you treated her, you’re not welcome in my inbox or on my blog. Fuck off.

Despite me already apalogizing, I guess you’re not human enough to forget and forget. Which in my opinion, makes everyone that has more human than you. I’m a vile bitch, fine, than I guess I shouldn’t exist on this fucking planet! Thank you fucking shunkou, you’ve finally made me realize that despite getting on my hands and knee and apologizing to everyone, that a being like me shouldn’t exist. I’m just a fucking disgusting sack of shit. Thank you so fucking much.

And it’s really funny, I knew about the OL blog, I was the one who helped Andy make it, but I said nothing about it. I didn’t post any shit on that fucking blog. And when shit got out of hand I made him delete it. Why? Cause I was sick of troll blogs all together. Do you honestly think I’d kill myself over a few fucking hate messages? I didn’t accuses anyone of what I did. They were my actions. I WANTED TO FUCKING DIE. I DON’T HAVE ANY PLACE ON THIS GOD DAMN EARTH ANYMORE. AND I’M FUCKING SICK OF IT!

My mom is dead, my father most likely doesn’t even know I exist, my uncle is gone now too, and next is my aunt. She’s the only parent I have left in my fucking life. And after all this I don’t even think I can trust my friends or my cousin any more. I’m fucking sick of it. I never wanted anything to get like this, I apologized about everything yet some people still hate me. Hell the whole Bleach fandom probably hates me by now. So fuck it. I’m done.


It’s fine. I got nothing else to live for anyways. And I think at this point, the best thing that will appease you at this point is a fucking video of me hanging myself. So enjoy, I’ll be sure to live stream it so you can fucking enjoy me finally getting it right this time.

In real life there’s nothing left for me, and here there’s nothing left for me. So I’m done.

Go gets some popcorn while you’re at it.

shunkou asked:

you know how you said you wanted to see Levy save Gajeel??? "Get Me" :)

Leave a “Get Me” in my ask, and I will write a drabble about one character saving another.

You know, this sparked a whole different idea for a prompt that I’ll write up eventually, but I believe you were asking for an action specific type of saving, so I’m going to go with that, as planned before.

They were overwhelmingly outmatched. So many of their comrades had already fallen; the last remains of their hope joining the broken men that lay solemnly still.

Gajeel wiped at the stream of blood that ran down his face, trying to keep it out of his eyes so he could stay focused on his adversary. All his years training as a dragon slayer in this moment all seemed for naught, as he couldn’t even land a single blow to the beast in front of him. Despite its large body, the dragon was quick and always a step ahead of the iron dragon slayer.

Levy had watched as a the dragon had lashed out at Gajeel, its claws scratching the skin of his face as it pushed him back with ease; watched as he roll along the hard ground; watched as what she has always seen as a sturdy, unbreakable force, became unable to pick himself back up.

When Gajeel had determined that the fight was becoming too hard, he commanded for her to stay back and out of harms way. She wanted to protest, but his countenance showed no signs that he was willing to make compromises. So she obeyed.

Until now.

Levy jumped out from her hiding spot and sprinted to where Gajeel was crouched on the ground.  She fell to her knees when she reached him, placing her hands against his shoulders to help him keep upright. Levy looked him over, becoming more distressed by the second as the severity of his wounds began to sink it.

How was he going to fight like this?

The dragon was circling them overhead, tauntingly, as they remained on the ground, trapped in its shadow. Quickly, Levy pulled out her Light Pen and began to write out some protective runes around where they were. It wouldn’t be much, but it would give them some time.

“It’s too dangerous for you to be here, Shrimp,” he asked, anger seeping into his tone at the fact that she went against his directions from before.

“Like I could just stand there and watch you get hurt and do nothing,” she replied sharply.

Their exchange was interrupted as the dragon came full force at them, causing the protective rune to be set off, causing an explosion that managed to drive the dragon back. Enraged by the slight injury, the dragon relentlessly attacked at the barrier, and with each blow it was beginning to weaken.

Levy was beginning to panic; what would she do once the dragon managed to break through?

She stood, and walked in front of Gajeel, shielding him as much as her petite body would allow for. She closed her eyes in concentration. Breath, she spoke to herself, breath, gain control and open the seal. 

She could feel the magic she had stored in her second origin combine with her own, like water breaking through a dam, it causing it to overflow and heighten her senses. Her eyes opened, fierce in determination, as she prepared the spell she would use.  With a final slash of its tail, the dragon successfully destroyed her barrier.

Levy whipped her hands in front of her, writing the words with precision and shouted, “SOLID SCRIPT: FIRE!” The word formed in front of her, white in luminosity, and crackling with malice. She pushed the word forward, and it landed on the dragon. It caught it on its wing, burning it to ashes and causing the dragon to fall hard to the ground.

It was quick to retaliate, letting out a roar that Levy barely managed to block by creating a stone word in front of her body. The force of the roar, however, did manage to eventually break her hasty defense, and she found herself knocked back by a piece of her own magic hitting her. She dropped to a knee, hand on her stomach, trying to catch the air that had been pushed out of her. 

“Levy, run!” Gajeel barked. He desperately tried again to get to his feet to reach her. “Get out of here,” he screamed, becoming aware, and scared of the fact that she had no intention of doing so.

“No,” she proclaimed, rising again, readying her stance in preparation for the attack to come, “I can do this.”

“This time, I’m going to protect you, Gajeel.”

anonymous asked:

What did happen between you and shunkou?

She lied about things I said and did, she started a rumor that I told Ichiruki shippers to kill themselves, and spread the rumor that I told a rape victim that they deserved to be raped, which I didn’t, and when I first joined Tumblr i did not know I had to source art and she harassed me and called me stupid and made threats to me and it made me not want to source to get back at her (and everyone else who did that to me) and when I pointed it out to her,s he lied and said she did not harass me.

After she did all those things, I received tons of anon hate telling me to kill myself and that I was a useless slut and shit like that. I got mad at her and yelled at her to leave me alone and she told me that I deserved what I got and that I should delete my blog and start a new one.

So I started a new one. I didn’t tell anyone who I was and I was getting along with a lot of people, both Ichihime and Ichiruki shippers (i still have some friends from that blog) and one day I got into an argument with her and that is when she tracked my IP and told everyone who I was and that they should block me and basically shamed me for making anew blog which SHE told me to fucking do.

She of course still denies she did any of this to this day but she did.

nelliells asked:

Name three people you're glad you met here on tumblr and explain why. Then pass this onto those three you named. If you get five or more back, you're an amazing friend!

djlajfskljlg how old is this crap and thank you omg Only three people okay here goes:

  1. CRISS - this kid is super cool and sweet yo. She is an absolute delight. Her excitement about stuff is really fun to see and quite infectious - so much so that after seeing some of her posts about Naruto on her blog, I found myself reading the thing I swore I never would and am super glad I did.
  2. ALTA - this bold thing. I aspire to have even a ounce of her ferocity. She’s like real life Yoruichi. I always look forward to what she thinks and what she has to say. A seriously quality person with a quality heart.
  3. SOFIA - this super sweet and nice thing. She was one of the first people who talked to me on here and has always been so nice and encouraging. I love her positivity and her way of looking at things. Her thoughts and theories are always so interesting to read.
  4. screw it i’ll do five the limit that will show up in tags TIERNEY - she is so interesting and cool I can hardly stand it. An actual fellow grimmulqui shipper and someone who loves Ulqui but not in the way most of his fandom does (bless) are the two things that first caught my attention. But she is SO interesting to talk to and I get quite excited to see her thoughts and insights and read her posts. Her sense of humor is seriously fantastic - actual tears have been shed before. Absolute quality person.
  5. OCIS - everyone should know ocis. To know her is to love her, tbh. She is so cool and so nice (like for real). And if ocis says you should read or watch something, drop everything and do it. Her taste is flawless. And she conquers the editing world at astonishing speeds.

alskdjfl;aj I’m seriously glad I met all you guys plus several others (myloveistoblame is so wonderful, maesnapdragon is so cool and big-hearted, mark the coolest Canadian I know - okay the only one I currently know but he’s still pretty rad, Vera is so sweet and so flippin cute omg, Noor the most adorable thing in the world, Nina is such a sweet and groovy soul, ugh and on and on). Interesting people with fascinating brains and quality hearts - all of them and more. People are great, yeah.

I am just saying

If I ever see alifetimeaway/orihimepumpkininoue/shunkou in person I AM going to punch her in the face as hard as I possibly can. I will not hold back and I will not give her any warning at all. I am going to punch her her and hopefully break her nose and then maybe she will have been punished properly for her hypocrisy and horribly cruel attitude.

I know she has a lot of followers and fans and I don’t care. She is a fucking cunt. For more than one reason.

shunkou asked:

This is the beautiful person award ~ ! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out ❤❤❤

Thank you ><

But whoa dude new name O.O —-runs off to stalk blog—- I would say the poem’s pretty open to interpretation. Kubo is quite fluid in his symbolism, so yeah. To me, the poem always felt like Yoruichi’s kind of abstract thoughts on the process of battles and war as a seasoned soldier who has seen it all: it starts out mellow enough with the rumblings of battle, talking about bone and blood (which is what you inevitably see a lot of in fighting), and then the tone quickly crescendos as instincts sharpen and there’re fires of revenge that burn hotter and pain increases both emotional and physical (maybe friends lost, betrayal felt) and shadows (dark pasts and feelings etc) come out and feed on the night and darkness of violence and war until it reaches its climax where the sigh that pierces the moon (like the last breath of before death of something? or just the painful sigh of defeat) and swords gleam for the last time and the blood is shed with finality. The end of the battle. Which is nice except the moon has been shattered maybe indicating there’s always a huge sacrifice even if there is victory. Possible interpretation in this specific instance: even though Byakuya won, he destroyed his lieutenant and shattered Rukia’s heart.

*cough* wow rambly. But anyway, I think there’s more than one way to interpret and that’s my way in a nutshell (yes that was a nutshell and yes i have more thoughts that even kind of contradict my other thoughts shut up) Yoruichi’s thoughts on something she’s probably seen too many times before; ByaRenRuk playing out the tired old horrible song.

…..Kubo’s poems are fun yay :D