shun with kids

an update for shun’s ghost-inspired sm team! alongside alain-sama the rowlet-turned-decidueye he now has makoto-onii the golisopod, kanon-chan the sylveon, “ShibuNariJa” (ran out of room for the “Ja” it seems but we all know what he was going for) the dugtrio, akari the raichu, and of course…. onari the level 30 magikarp

littlepuddintater  asked:

How about mornings with Kakei, Mizumachi, and Kid.

Of course! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!


  • Kakei routinely gets up very early in the mornings. Whether he’s getting up early to go to practice, to go running, or for no discernible reason, Shun is always up by 6:30 at the very latest, earlier if it’s a practice or team workout day.
  • Kakei always works out in the morning. He likes to take early morning jogs, usually about a mile each. He doesn’t run in really bad weather though. He usually goes to a gym near his house on those days, one that’s open 24 hours and allows him to arrive as early as he likes.
  • Kakei never eats breakfast right away. He finds eating first thing in the morning makes him feel too full and really tired for the rest of the day. He’ll eat only after returning from his workout and eats a very balanced, healthy breakfast.


  • While Mizumachi has no trouble sleeping in, he also has no issue with getting up really early. He just makes sure to go to sleep earlier than normal the night before since Mizumachi actually requires a lot of sleep. He gets tired extremely easy and keeps a pretty solid sleep schedule of at least eight to nine hours of sleep a night. He always wakes up pretty chipper and alert - if he’s had enough sleep that is. If not, he wakes up groggy and out of sorts and stays that way all day.
  • Mizumachi always eats breakfast within fifteen minutes of waking up. He eats a large breakfast too. Though he’s a string bean, he’s a big eater. He’ll jump out of bed, use the bathroom and then head to eat. He only showers and brushes his teeth after eating.
  • Mizumachi is within the top five people who get ready the quickiest in the mornings! Even with the big breakfast he eats, he’s always ready within a half an hour of waking up.


  • Kid actually has issues sleeping and loves nothing more than sleeping in any chance he can. It’s the biggest perk of being off season to him. He has problems sleeping anyway and doesn’t normally fall asleep until late at night. He’s definitely not a morning person by nature.
  • Kid never eats breakfast, not even on season. If he’s hungry, it’s normally not until later on in the morning, towards afternoon, which is when he has his biggest meal.
  • Kid takes forever to get ready in the morning because he’s so lazy in the morning. He just doesn’t want to move or do anything and often leaves without everything he needs or should’ve done because he just ran out of time before he absolutely had to leave.

Oricon Monitor Research - Top 10 Men you want to be friends with 2016 (Ranks 11 - 15)
11 Ninomiya Kazunari
12 Domoto Tsuyoshi
13 Oguri Shun
14 Fukushi Sōta
15 Chiba Yudai

Reasons why Domoto Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids) was chosen:
- Tsuyoshi-kun is a person who can think like how a girl does, I want to have tea with him at a cafe and talk about everything
- I want to hear him telling me about his unique artistic view and fashion sense
- Because he seems like the type that listens to your trouble like its his - but if possible I want him to be my boyfriend!

Month of Rebellion (Day 31): Afterlife/United We Stand

And that’s a wrap! It’s sort of both prompts..? Depending on how you interpret it? Is it Life After the war? Is it the Afterlife itself? Who knowwws. I mostly wanted to give the feeling of farewell and being reunited at the same time somehow… 

I had a lot of fun this month and this is the most I’ve drawn in so many consecutive days whew…I don’t know if you’ll do this again in the future but thank you @the-dark-rebels for putting together this entire event, despite it being your first time! (At least I think you said that…)