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44 do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it?

Linear. Always. Thinking about doing it otherwise makes me itch.

45 share the synopsis of a story you work on that you haven’t published yet

I’ve barely started working on it tbh, but basically JJ sees Otabek as his rival to beat (after Otabek unwittingly psyched him out at the GPF,) Yuri is jealous because he should be the one JJ is worried about and also Otabek is his friend, not JJ’s so back off already, and Otabek has no clue why everyone’s suddenly so angry at him but oh god his Russian soldier is so pretty why can’t he smile more.

49 writing advice

Write lots, read lots. Don’t force it. Write what you really want to write not what you think you should write. (I need to learn to follow this advice myself =.= )

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Muffled, from the other side of the door. erejean ;D plz and thank youuu~~~

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Song that Eren sings is I Wanna be Yours - Arctic Monkeys

It started with Eren humming the tune continuously as he worked on his assignment and Jean was used to it; Eren always had to do something with his mouth.

But that was two hours ago.

“Eren,” Jean started, his tone of voice already on edge. “For the love of all that’s holy, stop.”

Eren looked up from where he was typing, seemingly confused at first but soon that confusion melted into mischief as he got up from the table and wandered over to where Jean was sitting on the couch.

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust.” Eren started in a low whisper and Jean groaned.

“Eren, no.” Jean tried to push Eren off but Eren managed to pin him to the couch as he continued.

“I wanna be your Ford Cortina, I’ll never rust.” Eren’s lips were by his ears, voice growing strong as he continued singing.

“Do you even hear yourself?” 

If you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot.” Eren sang in all seriousness, grinning as he could see how it was affecting Jean despite him trying to act otherwise.

“Jesus, who even writes this shit?” Jean had finally managed to throw Eren off, heading straight to their room and closing the door leaving Eren trailing behind him.

You call the shots babe, I just wanna be yours.” Eren’s voice carried through the door strong and clear as he started on the chorus.

“Eren, go away.” 

Secrets I have held in my heart, are harder to hide then I thought.” Jean could hear the grin clearly in Eren’s voice as it rose.

“Eren, I swear–”

“I just wanna be yours, babe,” Eren said with an airy laugh. “C’mon Jean, just open the door and let me be yours.”

Jean could feel himself start to give in, his hand hovered over the doorknob for a few seconds before he let himself open the door and come face to face with a grinning Eren.

“Will you be mine?” Eren asked as he closed the distance left between their bodies.

“I’m already yours, you huge dork.” Jean smiled as he watched Eren’s eyes shine and closing as the distance between their lips disappeared; allowing himself to drown in all that was Eren.

I tried to post this earlier but Tumblr was being stupid. Here’s me harassing neighborhood cats! I don’t know this baby’s name but she was cuddly and well cared for and looks a lot like my Freyja (well they’re both tabbys so you know). She crawled right into my lap and snuggled me. And she purred the entire time I took this selfie. *heart eyes!!!*