Smash emblem! 

Shulk as a Tactician ….His move set in his game rely a lot on placement …and he is a aether user too! so he kinda fits physical/magic hybrid class like the Tactician.

other Super Smash Emblem design :

Mario/Luigi -

Peach/Toad/Bowser -

Kirby/Meta knight/King Dedede -

Pit/Palutena/Dark Pit -

Samus/Wii fit Trainer/Villager -

Link: From now on, we’ll be using code names. You can address me as Cucco 1.

Link: Zelda, code name, ‘Been there, done that’.

Zelda: EXCUSE ME!?

Link: Samus is ‘Currently doing that’.

Samus: *sips tea*

Link: Lucina is ‘It happened once in a dream’.

Chrom: *draws his sword with murder in his eyes*

Link: Shulk, code name, 'If I had to pick a dude’.

Shulk: Why are we friends?

Link: Mario is… Cucco 2.

Mario: Oh, thank God.