Dr, Doctor

Title : Dr, Doctor

Pairing : Spencer Reid x OC

POV : Third Person

Part : 1/?

Word Count : 1376

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This is for @reiding-and-writing OC fic challenge and my trope was:’ Hi, I’m a family member/friend of one of the BAU teammates and OOOO you’re looking fine but idk if we should do this thing since you work with my family member/friend ‘ and my OC is Aurora ‘Rory’ Blake.

The everyday coffee run was a significant part of Reid’s morning. He’d walk in, and stand in the queue waiting for his turn while reading a book and after ordering he’d wait by the window, either continuing to read the book or just look around. He enjoyed watching the crowds of people, their quirks, their habits. It kept his mind limber.

His favorite person to look at was a girl.

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London || Jack Maynard

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Summary: The first part of a series that explores the process in which Josh’s sister’s relationship with Jack progresses until they eventually get together. 

Word Count: 744

Dedicated To: The anon who’s request inspired this series!!<3

“Josh, I’m going to fucking kill you.” (Y/N) yells as she used the spare key, that Joe pridictably left under the mat, to unlock the door to the Sugg’s’ apartment where she knew for a fact her brother would be - there was no doubt about it. It was football day, which meant all of the boys would be huddled around Joe’s flatscreen with pizza and popcorn to see them through.

Back to the matter at hand, Josh had left their shared apartment an absolute tip after getting home from a night out and sleeping for three hours before stumbling over to Joe’s without even considering the mess he was leaving behind. The thought of his little sister having to come home from the airport after a twelve hour flight and be forced to deal with the consequences of his messy night out hadn’t even crossed his mind - not until she came storiming into Joe’s in a pair of penguin pyjamas and her fists chenches at her sides anyways.

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how/when do you think the us, uf and sf skelebois would realize they're in love? (either pre-dating with their crush or while dating their s/o)

(aww, cute) 

US Sans: He thinks he is romantically in love with you from the begining, he never had an actuall crush before, so he thinks really liking somebody platonically feel the same as liking somebody romantically. So when you start dating, he loves you, but platonically. 

One day you two are jogging outside, he drags you with him no matter if you want or not, and he glances over to you for a moment, you smiling at him happily, your hair bouncing with every step. His soul flutters with a new kind of warmth, and he realizes he loves you in a different kind of way then he has ever loved somebody before. He likes it.

US Papyrus: He low key crushes on you after hanging out with you for a few times, but it only turns into a full blown crush when you two hang out after you already know each other for some time, You both are eating junk food and watching a bad horror movie, making fun of the terrible costumes and effects.

You laugh, and a warm feeling feels his chest. Shit, hes in love with you. Well, it’s not to bad, if he thinks about it.

UF Sans: He doesn’t think he will fall in love with somebody, he thinks it’s even less likely then somebody falling for him. So when he wakes up one day next to you, cuddling up closer like everytime, he just thinks how much he likes it. You mubble an “I love you”. He mumbles it back.

Suddenly his eyes shoot open, and his soul starts pounding, when he realizes that he does love you. And you love him back. He needs a few moments to process that, but he is happy and warm next to you, so he falls back asleep with a smile.

UF Papyrus: The great and terrible Papyrus doesn’t fall in love. No, joking, of course he does. He is a romantic, so when you two start dating, he waits to fall in love with you, so he can confess his undying love with you, swooping you up in his arms, while tears of happiness gather in your eyes. Very grand plans, but the falling in love part is not happening. He likes you, a lot, but he want’s more, and fast. Very impatient skeleton.

He is about to accept that he won’t ever fall in love with you, beeing the least optimistic of all the Papyruses. You two go on a date, he just trying to settle into the thougth that he won’t love you romantically, and actually beeing mostly alrigth with it, he still likes you. He just really wanted to confess his ove in a dramatic way. You two go home to him after the date, his mood as good as always after beeing around you and having fun for some time. When you come home, and the radio, that Sans probably left on on accident (or on purpose) plays a nice tune, you start dancing, and he joins you eagerly, beeing a huge fan of dances of every kind. You two shake your bodys to the music, laughing at the others purposely silly moves, when his soul pounds. It’s not traditionall romantic love, but it’s love alrigth. It’s just the way he feels it. 

He may still confess it to you, just try getting him outside for that, so he won’t smack you against the ceiling when scooping you up.

SF Sans: He crushes on you rigth away. Like, righ away. Love on the first sight in it’s finest form. He asks you out after meeting you a couple of times, mostly because he was to nervous to actually do it before. And he still loves you, in a very enthusiastic way. Calm him down from time to time, before he catches fire from vibrating from excitment.

SF Papyrus: He isn’t one to really crush on people, hes kind of apathetic about a lot of things. But he likes you, so he asks you out. You start dating, and most dates are a bit half assed and nothing grand or pompous. You two are lounging on the couch, one of your many couch dates, with nice take out food and a good movie. 

You cuddle up to him, he draping his arm around your shulder, pulling you a bit closer, feeling the wamrth of your body pressed against his side. If he had a heart, it would have stopped. He realizes he loves you, actuall full blown love. After he unfreezes from his small shock, excpect to be covered in kisses, he’s just to damn happy.

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Bloody lips

I just want to know why when I write, my first scenario is the shortest, and the last one is the longest. Is it some kind of a curse…?

“Hey, I looked for y-”
You saw your boyfriend and stopped immediately, staring in shock at him.. His lips pressed to some blonde girl’s neck. You stuttered, not believing your eyes. 
He parted their bodies and looked at you with wide eyes.
Then you realized. There was blood dripping from his  mouth.

♛ Ayato ♛

“…Why did you come here?” he grunted, wiping the blood from his mouth. You froze, his dark gaze paralyzed you. Smirk appeared on his face. “You’re gonna be next, Chichinashi…”
“S-stay away!” you managed to say, trying to back away from him, but you stumbled and fell to the ground. “M-monster…”
He chuckled.
“Yeah, I’m a monster. And you’re my prey.”
Not letting you escape, he pinned you to the floor, looking at you with satisfaction.
“Now, let Yours Truly taste your blood… I waited for it for too long…”
You screamed as his fangs pierced your neck, as painfully as possible. And he made sure to leave very visible scars.

♟ Kanato ♟

“Huh? What are you doing here?” He narrowed his eyes with annoyance, turning to you and stepping closer. You turned, wanting to escape, but he appeared in front of you, making you startle. “You’re not going anywhere, are you?”
“W-what are y-you…”
“Isn’t that obvious? I’m a vampire.”
“I-it’s.. i-i-impossible…”
He smirked.
“I should be mad at you for saying such things. But your expression is priceless now… Nee, Teddy, what should we do with her, now that she knows who we are~?”
You looked at him with wide eyes and tried to back away, but he grabbed your wrist roughly, making you squeak in surprise.
“Do you want to leave me…?” He growled. “I won’t let you. You’re my prey from now on. If you ever try to escape, I will turn you into a doll, understood~?”
With those words, he pulled you to his chest and pierced your neck with his sharp fangs, ignoring your pleads and struggling, knowing that you were just a weak human who couldn’t fight him in any way.

♞ Laito ♞

“Hmm? What is my Bitch-chan doing here~?” He smirked, immediately forgeting about the other girl, as he came closer, capturing your chin and looking straight into your eyes. “Does she want to have some fun as well~?”
Your heartbeat fastened, as you stood there, paralyzed, staring at him with wide eyes, not fully believeing in what’s happening.
Laito chuckled.
“Don’t be so serious, Bitch-chan, there’s nothing to be scared of…” He wrapped arm around your waist, leaning closer to your ear. “It won’t hurt that much… And if you’re good girl, I will make sure to reward you…”
He lowered his head and bit into your shulder, making you regain your senses and squirm panickly. 
“Don’t struggle, Bitch-chan~ If you give up to me, I’ll make it more pleasant than you can even imgaine…”

♝ Reiji ♝

He silently wiped the blood from his mouth and turned to face you.
“I don’t remember calling for you…”
“R-Reiji… w-what does it… h-how…”
He sighed with annoyance, looking at you sternly.
“You should apologize for interrupting me in-”
You didn’t listen to him anymore, forcing your legs to move, wanting to run away from here. But after few steps, you bumped onto him, as he appeared from nowhere in front of you.
“Such a bad mannered woman…” He grabbed your wrists, pinning you to the wall. “Did you think you’d escape from me?” He smirked, leaning closer, ignoring your attempts to break free from his grip. “I must punish you then~”
Sharp fangs pierced your neck in the most painful way you could imagine. 
“There’s no escape from me… so don’t even try, you pathetic human…”

♚ Shu ♚

“…” He stared at you without a single word, ignoring the blood dripping onto his sweater.
“Did you want something?”
“W-what…?” You looked at you with teary eyes. “S-Shu, what does that… m-mean…?”
He sighed with annoyance, stepping in your direction and you froze, staring at him in fear.
But he just passed you.
“If you’re so scared, run away. I won’t stop you.”
Before you could even think about it, you grasped his sleeve, trying to stop him. You didn’t even know why did you do this.
And he stopped, turning his face to you, and smirked.
“I hope you’re prepared to be my prey then…”
You groaned quietly, as he pulled you to his chest, and in the next moment his sharp fangs pierced your shoulder.

♜ Subaru ♜

He stared at you, probably even more scared than you yourself.
“…What are you doing here…”
He parted from the girl, going hesitantly in your direction. You backed away immediately, so he stopped.
“W-what are you…?” You asked, staring at him with wide eyes, trying to calm harm your racing heartbeat.
“I-I’m… a m-monster…” He said, looking down. You saw his expression, full of regrets. He for sure didn’t want you to find out.
You breathed deeply and started to slowly come closer to him.
“Y-you didn’t tell me… because… you w-wanted me to be safe… d-didn’t you…?”
You knew how low self-esteem he had. And you believed that everything you two got through before wasn’t just a lie. So you gently wrapped arms around him, as if saying “it’s alright”.
“…” He was too astonished to hug you back, but after a while, he managed to place hand on your back. “(Y/n)…” He hasitated, leaning closer to your neck. “I’m sorry…”
You didn’t move, only winced a bit, as you felt a sharp pain in your neck. 
But, even if it was so difficult, you let him do as he wanted. Knowing, that you can trust him no matter what.

Russian Roulette - Chapter 1

→ Reader x Sehun

→ After a fateful meeting with a very shady, dark, young man bearing the name Tao, you’re sent out on a fatal mission: wooing Tao’s good friend and assistant Sehun, into leaving his fiancee. 

→ Warnings: Smut in later chapters.

Word count: 1,9K

I lay awake in my bed, staring up at the surface of my ceiling. My soft, comfortable bed that has been there for me from all those terrible, stressful years of High School up until now. The only difference being; my bed used to be able to comfort me. My mind is in clusters, deep exhausting clusters. How- Why- Who- 

But it was all pointless. I had no clue. All I knew was that I had an appointment with Oh Sehun, personal assistant to the CEO of Huang Co, a incredibly big company in the country. 

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Can you do a drable with kit harington and the song you are in love by Taylor swift?

One look was enough for her to fall in love with him. Just one look.

When she’s with him, she found that time moved to fast. But when their shulders brush. There one touch. Just one touch.

She can still hear him in this heavy silence. She can feel it on the way home. She’s in love with this guy. True love.

She keeps his shirt and he keeps his words.

This true love lets go her of her fears and her ghosts.

They kiss, they fight, they talk too much. They are a couple. A real. A loving couple.

She’s his bestfriend and at this moment, he knows  he’s in love with her. True love.

He has a picture of her wherever he goes.  And everything becomes clearer. She understands better this world.

She has spent her whole life trying to put it into words.

They are in love. True love.


“Well, that’s a plausible excuse for grabbing me, but next time don’t stand on ceremony”.

3 seasons after and very little have changed: they still using excuses to grab each other; I am sure Emma and Killian are sharing a horse only for the excuse of being close.

But seriously, I just love how tender, cute and adorable they are, and Emma isn’t pushing him away!! Her head is on his shulder!! In fact I am sure that during the ride, she just hold tigher onto him.

Back with more notes

-Soos’s Grandmother is sitting on a bench in the background listening to Lazy Susan, I wonder if they hang out a lot?

-Candy gets on Grenda’s shulders sometimes to form their “fusion” Grendy the supreme ruler.

-Pacifica mentions the accidental hug. So if this is after NMM is it also after AToTS? HMMMMMMM!?

-Dipper refers to the events of Voice Over from Bottomless Pit as if they were canon.

-OMG if you try to go too far from the other twin they stop and say they can’t leave the other behind. DIPPER WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU IN DaMvtF?! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME! XU