shukoffers asked:

Write ten things you like about yourself and then send this to ten of your favourite followers x :)

Aww, thank you c:
(this took forever because 10 really was a lot)

1. I quite like my hair
2. I also like my eyes, ‘cause they kinda match my blonde hair
3. I like how much I like writing
4. I like how easy it it for me to learn a new language
5. I like how I made actual friends just through the internet
6. I like the fact that I keep discovering new book series whoch I love to read
7. I like how music has affected me in a good way
8. I like that I can make people laugh unintentionally
9. I like that I can easily bond with kids
10. I like that just an episode of any series I like can make my day

Thank you so much (:


wow, I’m finally making this post. Okay, tomorrow, I’ll be travelling to Berlin. 7 hours. In a train. Just saying. But anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what I’m going to give Peter and Dante :D

So, let’s start:

  1. The first pic is the drawing I’m going to give Peter. To be honest, I’m not happy with the way it came out. And I think I should have taken another picture of him, but I wanted one where he’s bald and has no sunglasses on and I chose this pic. It’s a nice pic of him but you make mistakes very easily while drawing. Anyway, it looks better in real life. Really. :D 
  2. The second drawing is for Dante. I made it today. And I don’t know why I drew Dante as a coffee koala, but I loved his video and idk. I just started doing something that came into my mind. :D I know it doesn’t really look like Dante, but I was in a hurry. :D
  3. The next pic is the little booklet with your urls. :3 I call it the ‘magical booklet of surprises’. I know it looks boring, but I tried to make the inside a bit more interesting and nicer. :)
  4. Yes, the next pic is basically just the beginning of the booklet, where everything is explained again. :D
  5. Every url has its own page. But it was too boring to just write them down, so I drew a little animal or a little thing next to the url. :D I used my url as an example. And now imagine your url with a tree/lion/dog/cup of coffee/just anything random next to it. :D

Sorry for the damn iPod quality btw. :P

And further information about the booklet: 

  • - I added a few drawings in the back. Pete’s birthday is on 15th August and I thought it would be nice if we just said Happy Birthday to him. That’s why I drew a little comic in the back. It’s basically a “Nice Peter’s YouTube life - from the beginnig until now” - comic. :D I thought something like this would be nice. But unfortunately, I messed up the drawings and it looks really messy and shitty, but it was made with love. :3
  • - There’s this little secret thing in the back of the book where you can put something like a letter in. I put a weird pic in there, idk why, I just wanted to. Maybe it makes him laugh:
  • External image

So, yeah this is it. 



I forgot something. I’ll also buy a bone for Charlie when I’m in Berlin. :3

Anyway, thanks for your support! Thank you for all the urls, thank you for everything, thank you for following me! :) This little fandom is so lovely. I love you all! <3

I’ll see Nice Peter. In a week. And the closer I get to the day I meet him, the more I realize that he’s actually a real person. Sure, everyone wants to meet their idol, it’s a natural thought that’s part of being a fan but if you think about the fact that your dream is actually coming true and your idol is a real person who talks and is cute and adorable and stuff, you kinda freak out. But in a positive way. I think I’ll cry when I hear his voice in real life. He talks to me through the computer screen, through his videos. I think it’ll be amazing to hear him. To listen to him in real life. I’m gonna see his face. His actual face. I’m gonna listen to his music. Played life. Oh god, I’m so nervous, but in a very, very positive way. :)

omg, it’s amazing to wake up and see this. :)

Thank you all for your lovely support, I couldn’t wish for better followers. I love you all. :) I’m really happy to be part of such a nice community and I met so many great people here. :) Thanks for everything, I’m really happy right now. asdfghjkl 

I might be doing a giveaway. I’m not sure yet, but since a lot of my followers are in the exact same fandoms as me, I could arrange something. :) Let’s see! ^^