shugo chara drawing

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If you're interested I'd love to see Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara in your style. Either way I really love your art and hope you have a nice day.

oohh! i remember shugo chara! i read one or two chapters of the manga. it looked interesting (but manga isnt really my thing, i just picked it up from the library) maybe ill watch the anime or something

this is such a sweet message too! i hope you have a good day also <3


30 Day challange drawing “My favorite Character” <3

Day 27 Cheat from Guardians of Video Game

Day 28 Purple guy from Five night at Freddy’s (Purple guy my design(*´▽`*) ) 

Day 29 Souma Kukai from Shugo Chara

the last Day 30 Kinesis from MapleStory <3 (Kinesis have SpeedPaint <3)

Challang”My favorite Character” END <3