Really enjoyable interview with Ahmad Al Shugairi @shugairi @ahmad_shg8 charismatic presenter of #Khawatir @HAWKESarch director Richard Hawkes today for an episode about Sustainability which will be aired to millions of devoted viewers in the Middle East during Ramadan this year.

Khawatir”, an Arabic word which means “thoughts”, is a very popular & influential TV show, now in its 11th season, devoted to helping young people to be mature in their faith, work and knowledge of the world and their role to make their countries a better place to live.

Khawatir criticises the Arab world in a good way. Ahmad Al Shughairi went to many Arab countries and observed its negative and positive aspects. Accordingly, he tried to apply new ideas and creative methods to develop many sectors in the region, especially the education sector.

He took the good examples from cities inside and outside the Arab world and then he cooperated with different companies from the Arab world to start developing many sectors.