Manga of the Week: PSYЯEN

I honestly don’t understand why this manga isn’t an anime yet. Well, it took forever for Attack on Titan to become an anime, so I guess this one’s going to be a little older when it finally hits the screen. Anyway, Psyren is probably one of my favorite mangas ever. It has lots of action, awesome characters, and an engaging storyline fit to contend with the big dog mainstream mangas of today. Honestly, if you’re looking for an epic adventure similar to Bleach, or Naruto, Psyren is the manga to read.

 You meet Ageha Yoshina, a high-schooler who finds fun beating up gangsters and thugs for some cash, or just doing miscellaneous jobs to keep himself busy, deeming his present life boring and uneventful, but all that he needed to throw his life out of control was a payphone, a calling card with the word “Psyren” on it, and a young woman in his class named Amamiya Sakurako. Next thing he knows, he’s in a barren wasteland fending off super human-killing creatures known as Taboo and he somehow has to fight them, save the people he meets who apparently share the same fate as him, and make it back home unharmed.

 You’d be doing yourself a favor if you read this manga. And trying to compare it to other mangas you’ve previously read or animes you’ve watched is a waste of time. Psyren is in a world all on its own, so when you get the chance, hit the link below and get ready to plunge into the world of Psyren. You won’t be disappointed.