shuffling gait

thisisablogownedbydavi  asked:

When Papyrus talks about how Frisk "shambles about from place to place" I thought he meant like how we have to grind in the genocide route, so we keep moving from one side to the other to force encounters

(undertale spoilers)

While that is one possible interpretation, it implies that Papyrus is personally watching the human grind to kill monsters. This seems unlikely because if Papyrus witnessed the human kill monsters then he’d certainly have more to say then just commenting on “dusty powder.” Plus, Papyrus appears to spend more time preparing his puzzles than watching the human. 

Furthermore, the word “shamble” refers to moving with a slow, shuffling, awkward gait, not a pacing back and forth. This is a rather oddly specific word to use to describe how the human is moving! It implies that something might be wrong with the human’s body – this is why with other clues from the game, we conclude that this is a sign of Chara’s growing control over Frisk.