More Things That Make Me Believe in Magic

* Putting my music on shuffle, and every single song seems to speak directly to me, almost as if my playlist is trying to tell me something about what i’m currently going through.

* Scary accurate tarot readings, even though they’re “Just cards with pictures on them.”

* The way air feels almost alive with energy before a storm.


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Mundane divination

Ways to simply consult the oracles

  • Flipping a coin
  • Plucking flower petals
  • Shuffling music
  • Opening to a random passage in a favorite book
  • Opening a fortune cookie
  • Cracking an egg (double yolks mean good luck is coming)
  • Watching raindrops race down a window
  • Magic 8 balls

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🎵How To Do Shufflemancy🎵

a quick guide on my favorite type of divination, that’s simple and easy to do!

🎵 gather: yourself, your music collection, your question and a few moments. 


  • crystals to boost energy and clarity - amethyst and citrine
  • incense to light the mood for heavy divining

🎵 you may want to charge the device you use for music with magical intent. 

🎵 focus on your question, and come up with a number. 

🎵 the number can be personally important, or can be the number of letters in the question, or number of words, etc. 

🎵 go into a playlist, or your entire music collection, whichever you feel more appropriate.

🎵 hit shuffle, and then skip song the amount of times the number you chose

🎵 focus on your question and the divining energy during the skips.

🎵 listen to the song you land on, interpret the lyrics as your answer. 


🎵 like tarot and other divination forms, exact “yes” or “no” answers are harder to find. open ended questions are best.

🎵 if you create a specific playlist with only positive or negative songs, you may skew your results. shufflemancy can only work with what you give it


Shufflemancy is a very easy method of divination that uses the songs in your music library to answer questions. As well as being simple, shufflemancy is a fun and lighthearted (depending on your music taste!) way of divining. Your question can be answered in the title, the lyrics, or the tone of the song if it’s an instrumental- the interpretation is up to you!

Shufflemancy: 101

So I’ve noticed that sometimes when I bring up Shufflemancy some people are unaware of what it is. I’ve decided to make a small informational post on it, and I hope it hasn’t already been done.

  • What is it? Shufflemancy is a form of divination using the shuffling of songs to help answer questions. Many people, myself included, use it as a way to contact spirits or deities.
  • How can I do it? Generally I use Pandora, because it’s personalized enough that I will recognize most of the songs and be able to get a good reading from them. I load up Pandora, set it to “shuffle all stations” and wait for an indicator song or gut feeling that I’ve connected with a deity or spirit.
  • What the heck is an indicator song?This term was coined by Lilboneshaker, it’s a song you’ve assigned to a certain deity or spirit that will let you know it’s the one trying to contact you. For example, I work with Bast and I (jokingly) assigned her the song “Eye of the tiger”. So if that song were to come on I know that next song would be something she needed to tell me.
  • How do I figure out what it means? Well, a lot of people have different memories and meaning assigned to certain songs. So first you should think if that song means anything in particular to you. Next you should examine the song title and lyric for any message that could be in response to your question. Another thing I do is analyze the type of song it is, if it’s cheery or sad, ¾ time, 4/8 etc and what that could mean in relation to my interpretation. I tend to to ask my questions a few times to ensure the message was delivered.interpreted successfully (unless I was given a very straight forward answer).

So I hope that was enough basic info for you! Also, and this is just a personal choice, I catalog all the questions I’ve asked and songs given in response so that I can go back to them later to rethink them.

Once more, my dashboard is void of anything that really interests me so I’m doing one of these obnoxious things to try and find people to follow from the witchy community, (since Tumblr search and explore aren’t really helping me find people with common interests these days…)

So, an introduction. I’m Bekkie, queer in pretty much every sense of the word, and I’m 25. I recently got back into my practice after a long time away from it, (mostly due to societal and familial pressures,) and I still haven’t found many witch blogs that interest me greatly.

If you post any of the following stuff, please give this post a like and/or reblog and I’ll probably follow you!

  1. Divination - I have a big interest in cartomancy, shufflemancy, divining via pendulum, casting and reading runes, tasseomancy and palmistry! The latter three I’m only just getting into, however.
  2. Spirit Work - Another interest I’m only just getting into, but that intrigues me!
  3. Crystals - Using them in spells or just posting about them because they’re pretty, either’s fine!
  4. Cosmic Witchcraft - Anything related to this is a great love of mine.
  5. Pop culture witchcraft and divination - Again, anything in this ilk interests me but it’s mostly things to do with video games that I’m really interested in. Also Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs!
  6. Chaos Magic and Sigils - I’m a sigil maker myself though I don’t often post my sigils on here.
  7. Hellenism/Hellenistic Polytheism - I’ve literally only in the past few weeks began looking into Hellenism but after feeling drawn to Hekate for a long time now, I feel it’s the right time to investigate further.
  8. Kitchen, Hearth, Green & Cottage witchcraft - I cook constantly and love anything to do with imbuing my daily life with magic!

I’ll leave it at that for now, I think! :)

In this budding age of technology, it’s no surprise that a younger generation of witches is turning to a new form of divination: an exciting and interesting practice dubbed ‘shufflemancy’.

  • Shufflemancy - the use of a music player, usually an mp3 player or an iPod, to divine the future, optimal course of action, or the state of the world. This is done by setting the iPod to shuffle, skipping forward a certain number of times, and listening to the song (or songs) played and determining their meaning.

Usually technological forms of divination are frowned upon by older members of the pagan community, but in this case, shufflemancy is gaining ground. Not as flashy or as impersonal as divination applications that simply be downloaded onto a phone, shufflemancy is as accurate or as vague as the diviner wants it to be.

What makes shufflemancy so great? Why are people drawn to it as a form of divination?

  • Much like a tarot deck speaks to its user, a device full of music speaks to them in similar ways. The difference is that more time is put into creating the answers given from a device used for shufflemancy. Sometimes users can feel a disconnect from their tarot decks, as they did not create the cards, and thus, did not create their meaning. However, this is not the case for this form of divination. Every song on the device is there because it spoke to the diviner on some level of their personality, from the deep recesses of their inner feelings touched by songs like ‘Take me to Church’ to feelings of happiness found while listening to songs like ‘It takes Two’. Diviners don’t have to worry about pulling something that doesn’t speak to them, because a device used for shufflemancy can be tailored to serve their needs. Shufflemancy also has the unique ability to have as many (or as few) answers as the diviner wants, whereas tarot decks have a set number.

There’s no specific, set way to practice shufflemancy- it’s something you do on your own, and it’s completely self guided. Any diviner who tries to sell it as a prescribed, specific method is wrong, and should not be policing people’s practice. There is no ‘standard’ way to do it, but here are some tips to help some first time diviners.

  1. Tailor your device to your needs. It’s your music, don’t be afraid to take songs off or add them on as you see fit. If you feel soundtracks or background music speaks to you better than music with lyrics, that’s fine. Use that. Same goes for if you’re comfortable with Panic! at the Disco or AC/DC. It doesn’t have to be all Enya and Misty Mountains. also, don’t be afraid to just use a playlist if you have music on your device you don’t want to have for answers. Loading up a playlist with anything from 7 to 7000 songs is your choice, and nobody can judge you for it.

  2. Choose songs that have meaning to you. This doesn’t mean every song has to be deep and soulful. By all means, add happy, upbeat, and crazy songs to your shufflemancy playlist. But it’ll be frustrating for you if you keep trying to divine and come up with songs that you don’t even like on your list. It’s much easier for you (and for your practice!) if you stick to songs you know and love. If you’re having a hard time picking songs, just close your eyes and listen to the song you can’t decide on, and think on whether it has meaning to you, however small. If so? Good! Use it. If not? Maybe choose something else. You can always come back to it later.

  3. Choose whatever skip count feels right to you. One of the interesting things about shufflemancy is that most diviners ‘skip’ a number of songs so their playlist is randomized. Don’t feel like you have to stick with the standard ‘special’ numbers, like 3, 7, or 9. If those numbers feel right to you, feel free to use them! But don’t feel like numbers like 5, 14, or even 22 are bad skip counts. And don’t feel like you have to keep using the same skip count each time. Be as consistent or inconsistent as you want to be. The same goes for how many songs you listen to. If one isn’t enough, don’t feel like you can’t listen to more.

  4. It’s a good idea to meditate when you shufflemancy. Focus is true for any form of divination. It’s a good idea to focus on your cards when you do tarot, or focus on the pendulum when you use that too! It’s hard to connect with your device and the music on it when you’re rushed, or in a hurry, so sometimes it’s a good idea to sit somewhere comfortable and quiet, get into a position you can stay in for a while, and just sit back and listen. Meditation doesn’t always have to be at home though- some people like to shufflemancy while they’re driving, cooking, or cleaning! These tasks are easy to tune out while you listen to music (although, I don’t condone tuning out while you drive, obviously!) and in a busy day, it’s hard for some diviners to set time aside to practice.

In short, the best way to practice shufflemancy is the way that feels right to you! This is a new and exciting form of divination that’s accessible to a young generation of witches, and will likely only gain traction as times goes on. Don’t feel like this form of divination is ‘lesser’ or ‘not as witchy’ as other forms. It’s just as legitimate, just as meaningful, and just as ‘pagan’ as anything else.

Happy divining!

For more posts on divining and other forms of witchcraft, please follow my blog here on tumblr! My asks are always open!

The Masterlist of Lists, v2

This very severely needed updating, as I’m sure you’ll see…

Updated: June 27th, 2017

FAQs and 101s

Lists of Spells

Lists of Sigils

Resource Lists

List of Curses

On my Blog: [Spell and Resource Lists] | [List of Sigils]

Violet’s List of Modern Witches

(I am not taking credit for this list, I liked it, but it was not alphaitized, which bothered me, so I alphabatized it)
Artistic Witch: A witch usually covered in paint from head to toe. They draw, paint, dance, sing, and sew their way through their practice. They enchant their tablet pens and paintbrushes, use storm water for their watercolors, and strike real emotion into their audience.

Astro Witch: A witch who works with aliens. Usually very paranoid individuals, they adore star gazing, always know when the next astronomical event is, and love the documentary TV Show ‘ancient aliens’. They are usually adept at astral travel, astrology and sun magick.

Atheist Witch: A witch who does not use deities in their craft.

Blood Witch: Another branch of Chaos magick, these witches primarily use blood in their rituals. They have a high pain tolerance, care little about what others think or say, and are very set in their ways. Many of them have a history of abuse and self harm. Some do it to prove how strong they are or devotion to their deities. Nonetheless, nice people once you get to know them. Perhaps a bit misunderstood.

Catholic Witch: Catholic witch who usually uses saints and the holy trinity in their practice.

Celtic Witch: A witch that mixes their witchcraft with Druidry. They worship the traditional deities of the Celtic people.

Ceremonial Witch: A combination of ceremonial magic and witchcraft. They focus on rituals and formal casting of magic. With robes and altars and everything. Also called Ritualistic Witchcraft or Traditional Witchcraft.

Chaos Witch: A witch who uses baneful magick in their craft. They will sometimes use demons, storm magick, blood magick, and cursing in their practice. They fear nothing. Commonly mislabeled ‘black’ or ‘dark’ witch. Which is not correct. Tsk tsk.

Christian Witch: A witch that holds Christian beliefs and worships the Holy Trinity. They often use the Bible in their work.

Cottage Witch: A Witch who focuses on hearth magick. Much like the Kitchen witch, but with less emphasis on the cooking. They are the homemakers, the ones who decorate the house for the holidays. Usually empaths who are very sensitive to the people around them.
Crystalline Witch: A branch of Green witchery, these witches primarily work with stones, gems, crystals, and rocks. They LOVE geology, spend a lot of time hiking and collecting crystals. Usually very organized individuals that are in tune with the earth. They always know when the next local rock and mineral show is. Usually broke because they are always buying new rocks. So many rocks. Fucking rocks everywhere omg.
Demonic Witch: These witches work with Demons. They differ from Exorcists in that they actually summon them and get them to go their bidding, rather than casting them out. Can usually hold a grudge a hella long time. Not people to mess with. Stubborn and bull headed.
Draconic Witch: These witches are fearsome. They are knowledgable in all the species of dragons, their personalities and their migration patterns. They usually will have one or more dragon companion from their local area. They are skilled in astral projecting, storm magick and cursing. They love to collect things such as books and crystals.
Eclectic Witch: The Boho witch. She uses a combination or mix of whatever paths suit her best. Typically specializes in 2-4 different sects of the craft. She often will wear a mix-match of clothing, but enjoys long flowing things. She tends to be very random and eccentric, but is friendly nonetheless.
Energy Witch: Witches that perform all of their magic internally. Their magic is one of pure energy, using circles cast in their heads and their imaginations to bring their will to life. Are usually shy and keep to themselves. They enjoy divination and astral projection. Also called Intrinsic Witches.
Exorcist: A branch of Spirit Worker. They are usually hereditary, clairvoyant and raised Christian or Catholic or Judaic. They learn their craft as it is passed down from their family members. They practice the archaic tradition of exorcism, aka banishment of dark or foul entities. Very somber individuals, who try their best to be optimistic.
Fae Witch: These witches are educated on all types of faeries, but usually prefer to work with a certain species or one they are familiar with. They are usually very playful and mischievous individuals, mimicking the creatures they work with. They are very attracted to shiny things and are easily offended.
Green Witch: The woodland witches, these earthy individuals protect plants and love to garden. They usually are adept at spirit communication, hearing and responding to the needs of their many leaf-bearing friends. They thrive in natural environments such as forests, lakes, rivers and gardens. Green witches enjoy sunlight, growing plants and collecting rocks. They focus on holistic medicine and are learned healers. They are very familiar with their local region, having memorized all the species of plants, trees, insects, wildlife and flowers. They truly love the earth.

Hedge Witch: A witch that lives between two worlds. They easily cross over into Elsewhere, the astral realm, and do so with ease. Often skilled at working with magickal creatures and familiars, they are very creative and artistic individuals. They are also very adept at psychometry, spirit communication, energy work, and time travel. Also called Astral Witches.
Hellenic Witch: A witch that observes the traditional Hellenic Greek gods and goddesses.
Hereditary Witch: Someone who is born into a witch family and brought up learning about witchcraft, or folk magic. They take great pride in certain traditional magic passed down through the generations.
Judaic Witch: Jewish witch who practices one of the many sects of Judaism. They are proud of their heritage and many enjoy casting their spells in Hebrew.
Kemetic Witch: A witch that practices traditional Egyptian magick and acknowledges and worships Egyptian deities.
Kitchen Witch:  This type of witch uses easily obtained items and weaves magick into every aspect of their life. They are particularly fond of cooking, arts and crafts, sewing, cleaning, gardening and baking. They are skilled in potions, herbology, and subtle magick.
Kreature Witch: Another branch of Green witchery, mixed with spirit working and hedgecraft, these witches primarily work with Magickal and Astral creatures and spirits. They are very friendly people, and get along with all kinds of physical, and not so physical creatures. They collect fossils and bones and skulls and know the names and personalities of each spirit attached to them.
Lunar Witch: A witch who primarily draws their power from the moon. They adore her and are usually adept at making moon water and knowing exactly what phase of the moon it is at any given time. They do not fear the dark, do much of their magick after the sun goes down, and have the ability to speak with the Lady Luna herself. These witches also may choose (or be chosen by) one of the moons of another planet, such as Miranda or Europa., and will work with that particular celestial body.
Melodic Witch: A branch of Artistic that primarily uses song and musical instruments in their practice. They are very busy people, constantly practicing whatever instrument has currently caught their fancy. They easily make friends with Sirens and Lorelai in their common love of song, and attract Fae and Nymphs alike with the sounds of their voices.
Necromancer: A branch of Chaos magick, these witches take spirit working a step further, and are adept at communicating and controlling the dead. Necromancers usually have a familiar ‘wraith’ that acts much like an astral or spirit guide. Some can even raise the dead for a period of time to converse with them.
Nordic Witch: Witches who worship the deities of the Norse people.
Nymphatic Witch: These cutie pies are usually Hellenistic in their choice of deities, and are well versed in all the species of Nymphs, what they like, and where they live. They usually work with the ones that live in their local area and mirror them in their personalities. They hate wearing clothes, but when they do they prefer pastel colors. They are very whimsical, pleasant people to be around.  
Omni Witch: A bookworm and a know it all, this type of witch studies and practices all the fields of magick. They are innately curious about everything, and love to learn. They are talkative and eager to share the massive amount of knowledge they have absorbed.
Oracle: Branch of Spirit worker. Witches who primarily focus their practice on divination. Tarot, runes, pendulums, spirit boards, scrying, crystal gazing, aeromancy, stichomancy, sea gazing, animal gazing, bird watching, lynchomancy, ceromancy, astrology, numerology, amathomancy, dream interpretation, shufflemancy, tea leaf reading, people watching, palm reading, face reading. You name it, they probably know how to do it. Usually clairvoyant and have a number of other psychic abilities.
Otherkin Witch: A witch who is Otherkin. They relate to an inhuman or an animal in either personality or spirit, or believe they are a reincarnation of such. They behaviors and choice in deities and certain practices in their craft will usually reflect their kind of Kin. An example would be that a Felinekin might like using catnip in their rituals, and might call on Bastet, Sekhmet or Freya in their magick.  
Pop Culture Witch: A branch of Urban witchcraft. Witches that craft their spells based on popular music, movies, books and poetry. They are artistic and very educated and love to laugh. They can also curse the hell out of you. It’s not all Disney movies, folks.
Practical Witch: A branch of kitchen witch, they are adept at spellwork, and use their magick for everyday, mundane things. They adore the use of sigils and put them everywhere. Very down to earth individuals, who enjoy experimenting with ways to use magick to may their daily life easier and more enjoyable.
Satanic Witch: Witches who work with Lucifer. Usually very kind, nonjudgmental people.
Sea Witch: These witches hone their craft near a body of water, and center their practice around it. Some sea witches will work with fresh water, such as rivers or lakes (in which case they will usually call themselves ‘river’ or ‘lake’ witches), some with the ocean. Sea witches without immediate access to a body of water are called ‘land-locked’. They often form connections with fish of all kinds, know their local areas very well, are good at predicting the weather, and are friendly with the nymphs, fae and dragons of their region. They enjoy collecting sand and seashells and are adept at storm and sun magic.
Secular Witch: A witch who does not involve religion in their craft.
Shadow Worker: A combination of energy and hedge magick, the shadow worker tames and summons Shadows of their own past and personality. They regret nothing, are very in tune with their emotions, and spend a lot of time meditating. They are not afraid to confront their mistakes, because accepting the flawed pieces of their personality gives them power.
Solitary Witch: A witch who works in isolation. Usually very independent and stubborn, they take orders from no one.
Spirit Worker: A Witch who communes with the dead spirits of humans, animals, and others entities. Some can even communicate with the spirits of trees, rocks, and man-made items. They are usually very outspoken, opinionated people. They use spirit boards and pendulums, among many other tools. They enjoy taking strolls in graveyards and having casual chats with the dead. Also called Mediums.  
Star Witch: Not to be confused with a Space witch, who works with all of the cosmos, primarily aliens and astrology. Star witches draw their power from constellations, stars, and the sun. They love star gazing, have star charts hanging on the walls of their room, and never miss a meteor shower. Very chipper individuals who always want to go to the planetarium rather than out to see a movie or to the park. They may also work with planets as well as stars.
Stitch Witch: A brand of Kitchen and Cottage witchery that holds magickal fabric work in high regard. They focus primarily on knot and stitch magick. Very scatter-brained individuals. Their room are always in disarray, fabric and thread everywhere. Usually fond of cosplay. LOVE making Halloween costumes for their family and friends.
Storm Witch: This breed of witch is both terrifying and thrilling. They have a great sense of humor, and are usually very cryptic. They give zero fucks what people think of them and march to the beat of their own drum. They whistle up the winds and summon lightning. These witches are usually very adept at cursing and fear nothing. They like horror movies, cloudy weather, and casting emotionally charged spells. They are empathic individuals and always feel things to the extreme, there is no middle ground with them. Its black or white.
Subtle Witch: a witch who cannot be openly witchy due to their family, friends or environment.
Sun Witch: A witch who draws their power more from the sun, than the moon as most witches tend to do. Adept at fire magic and are usually very spirited individuals. They use candles often in their practice, and love to throw barbecues and bonfires with their many friends. They enjoy sunbathing. Their magick comes in giant bursts and they will often use a lot of energy at once.
Swamp Witch: A witch who works in the rivers and bayous of the world. They are adept at spirit communication and are versed in the traditions of their area. They enjoy wandering around their swamps, meeting familiars and befriending creepy crawlies. Their craft is usually a mix of traditional southern witchcraft and Hoodoo. They are very warm, hospitable individuals, but you should NEVER cross a Swamp witch. They are not afraid to curse your ass. These witches favor the healing powers of mud, enjoy mixing potions, reading next to a roaring fire and being with their family.
Tech Witch: A branch of Urban witchcraft, they work with html and other computer codes, have virtual altars to their deities, use old circuit boards as wards, old keypads from cell phones and laptops as spirit boards, and old broken electronic screens for scrying. They typically keep their grimoires as blogs. Very intelligent witches who are always on tumblr.
Theatrical Witch: Branch of Artistic witch. A player. They act and perform in plays to honor their deities, spend countless hours perfecting their lines and adore being dramatic. Very charismatic people who take pride in their work. Persistent. Never take no for an answer.
Urban Witch: City witches who graffiti sigils on abandoned buildings, grow herbs in pots in their apartments and are very technologically savvy. Technomagic is their jam, usually rocking enchanted headphones, weaving spells from their favorite songs and using their cell phones as scrying mirrors.
Vampiric Witch: A witch that either works with or is a vampire. They feed off the energy or emotions of others and use it to power their magick. They tend to be kind of clingy, but they are loyal as fuck and treasure their few friends. They have many secrets, and usually a dark past. They enjoy using blood in magick and are adept at healing and cursing. They are kind of vain, love gothic clothing, jewelry and expensive things.
Wiccan Witch: Started in England by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s in order to preserve the “old ways”, these cuties use rituals and invoke the power of the goddess for their craft. Some believe in the rule of three, wiccan rede, the triple goddess, and so on.
Winter Witch: Witches who reside in the colder climates of the world. They cast snowstorms, collect hail and make poppets from snow. Blizzards are their best friends. They love cold weather, and usually draw their power from the snow and clouds, rather than the sun or the moon, as neither are usually very visible during storms. Despite their chilly disposition, they are warm and friendly once you get to know them.
Witch of the Dance: Branch of Artistic Witch. They use dance in their practice, and are very physically sound. They may practice one on many kinds of dance, or even martial art. And they do so skillfully. They are usually very quiet people, but not at all shy or unsure of themselves. They would rather express their thoughts through movement and body language than actually speaking.
Witch of the Waste: Desert witches who work with sand and limited supplies. Hardy herbs are their best friends and they often use a lot of bone magic. They have an extensive fossil and skull collection and are constantly pouring over old field guilds for their local area. They can whip up sandstorms in the blink of an eye, and befriend scorpions, snakes, and coyotes alike. They are an enduring species of witch, weathering everything the world has to throw at them. Few things dampen their spirits.

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you send me the links you have about divination or just tarot if it's not too much trouble? Thank you for the help!

Hah, hah hah. I actually didn’t have ANY links at the ready. So I went and compiled all this for you. Hence why it took like 3-4 hours for me to answer this. Hope it helps!


Astrology / Star Reading

Cartomancy / Lenormand

Ceromancy / Ceroscopy / Candle Wax Divination








Stichomancy / Books



* = external links

July Soundtrack for the Signs

Okay so I thought this would be kinda cool? Doing monthly readings for you guys but in the form of a song. 

Check you rising sign for outward influences, your sun sign for your personal energies, and your moon sign for your emotional energies. If you arent sure how to interpret all the energies together shoot me an ask and I will explain it for you.

Aries • Vance Joy - My Kind of Man

I think its important for you guys be who you wanna be. Don’t let anyone tell you how it is unless you agree with them. Go with the flow. Leave everything you know about love, happiness, and friendship at the door because some new energy is coming into your life. You wont want to embrace it at first because you know, new beginnings are scary but try and accept it and let it take you away. Do the things that you love and that you’ve always wanted to do. Just enjoy life this month and you will be rewarded with positive energy. 

Taurus • Asta - Dynamite 

You will be walking on air this month. You will be filled with confidence and just happiness. Things will be clicking together as if by magic. You’ve been stuck in some crappy situations but now its empowering you, making you look up at the stars and realise everything is for a reason. You will be shining your light in every area of your life. You will be having so much fun this month. Just be careful not to let people bring you down, don’t give them the power. If they’re trying to pull you down they’re already below you, remember that. 

Gemini • Colin and Caroline - Maps 

Its time for you guys to move on from that bad situation you’ve been stuck in. Its just bringing you down. I know you dont want to but you must because theres no point being stuck in something you dont enjoy. You need love and you just aren’t getting it at the moment. Nurture yourself and worry about everyone else later. It may hurt them but its the best thing for you. Don’t let your fears control you. If you leave that situation better energy will be coming into your life to fill that hole. Keep faith my lil Geminis.

Cancer • The Daydream Club - Saltwater

This month is going to be magical for you guys. The stuff that you’ve been dreaming of will be coming into your life. Everything will fall into place. You will be going with the flow of the ocean and you will let it take you to where you need to go. You trust that everything is how its meant to be. It just seems like you guys are in a trance of happiness. I have an image of you sitting on a donut floatie being carried away from the shore and taken to the most beautiful island. At last you’re getting what you want. If you guys are Cancer suns I hope you have/had a lovely Birthday! 

Leo • Janet Devlin - Friday Im in Love

I feel like there is some shit going on for you guys but its okay because this month you will realise that the little things outweigh the big. Even if only a moment is good for you this month it doesn’t matter because it fills you with hope. You’ll be throwing caution to the wind and will be doing things that make you happy. Also know that its okay to fall apart sometimes but don’t let it consume you.

Virgo • Dresses - Drift away

I feel like you guys are giving up this month. You just feel so alone. You’ve had enough of feeling like shit and you’re out of touch with the people that used to mean so much to you. You hate that you cant control everyone and your own emotions. I think you guys just need to let go a bit. You cant control everything so why even bother trying, ya know? Its just making you unhappy. Just tell the truth to yourself and others. If it hurts them, it hurts them. 

Libra • A New Normal - I Can Feel Your Heartbeat 

You’re going to be full of passion this month. Theres a fire behind your eyes that is pushing you towards your goal. You’re so sick of people trying to tell you who to be and how to act. You are telling them all to stick it up their asses. The clouds are clearing and the stars a showing themselves. You can feel the oneness of the world beating below the surface. You will just be very powerful this month. Just watch that your words aren’t too harsh otherwise you could have some negative consequences.

 Scorpio • Walk Off the Earth - Speeches 

I feel like you’re sick of having to hide who you really are for other people. You want to show people your fire and I would say go for it! You have been feeling bound lately and you just need to break the chains that surround your heart. Theres a light up in your future and you’re moving at high speed towards it. No one can see it expect you but you know its coming. Trust your intuition because you know better then anyone else what you want you receive. Keep faith my loves because its coming soon.

Sagittarius •  Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

You’ve been waiting so long for what you want and you’re getting sick of waiting. You need to take the reins and control it. Theres no point doting over something if you dont take action. You’ll go crazy soon enough. Sag is the sign of action so take it! Those bad guys aren’t gonna die unless you shoot your arrows. Stop letting people control you and just go for it! You’ll discover something knew about yourself if you do. 

Capricorn • Clean Bandit - Extraordinary 

You’re starting to become more aware of the gears at work in your life. You are seeing the big picture now. Everything is moving around you and you’re just enjoying the ride. You realise that there isnt any point in feeling lonely when theres so much going around you. You need to step out of your comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. Everything that is wrong will all be fine so dont go trying to avoid situations. Not everything is going to go wrong, I promise. Now step up and keep going!

Aquarius • Secret Nation - Tonight

You’re kinda scared of time right now. Everything is going so fast and everytime you try and stop it it doesn’t work. I think you just need to enjoy it instead of trying to control it. Go out and have a good time, everything will work out soon enough. You’re the one whos put your heart in bounds so if you only stop for a second you could un do it. Stop trying to blame other people for the way you’re hurting when its your own damn fault. Honestly you just needa chill this month. You guys should try meditating and watch time slow down.

Pisces • Bear’s Den - Elysium 

I feel like you’re letting go but in the good way. You’re throwing caution to the wind and stepping into the unknown hoping the world will catch you. You’re starting a new chapter. You might feel alone on this journey but trust that its the right path for you to take. Don’t listen to those voices in your head that are telling you to give up because they aren’t whats best for you. Trust in your intuition and let life embrace you. Hold on my lil fishes for the darkness will come but with it the stars will shine and the morning light will be here soon. Don’t become bitter but instead keep hope in your heart.

Free Divination Etiquette

I feel inclined on writing this after seeing the same kind of issues popping up in the divination community constantly. These problems especially show up for those of us who offer free readings from time to time. So I’m just going to leave a few tips and things for the clientele on free readings.

1. Don’t just demand. It’s polite to ask, or at least politely state you’re wanting a reading. I can’t count the number of times I’ve opened readings and had quite a few people send me asks that are kinda rude and demanding. Instead of demanding this type of reading and how it’s done (i.e. how many number of skips for shufflemancy), you could say, “I’d like a shufflemancy reading with 3 skips please”. It doesn’t hurt to say please and thank you! Keep in mind these are people on the other side giving you these readings! They don’t have to do this, they’re being generous. So be polite. Please and thank you will go a long way.

2. Show your gratitude! If they’re accepting and you’re able to, leave a tip! I get absolutely ecstatic if somebody tips me. If you’re strapped for cash like most of us, a thank you is great ♡

3. Feedback! The purpose of my free readings is generally to work on my skills. We don’t learn if you don’t give us feedback. If it’s super accurate, let us know! If it’s not, let us know that too! Which leads me to the next one…

4. If your reading isn’t accurate, don’t be a bag of dicks about it. We’re human. We’re gonna get some wrong. This doesn’t give you an excuse to be a douche to us. Plus, it’s fucking free? Chill. Just be polite about it and let us know where it was wrong and how we might be able to work on it so we get it right next time.

5. Respect our boundaries. Some readers don’t like to do readings about certain subjects (like love life, health, etc.). Don’t get all pissy because we don’t answer certain questions. Don’t get pushy about it either. If the individual doesn’t want to explain why, then they don’t have to. Just go find someone else who offers those kinds of readings.

6. Chill the fuck out. Don’t be so solemn and serious. This is something that’s supposed to be fun, so have fun. Don’t bring everyone else down too.

Basically, just be nice. Don’t be a bag of dicks or I’m not going to want to open free readings anymore. And then you’ve got a whole community pissed at you because you ruined the fun for everyone. It’s not difficult to be polite, or to have a little etiquette in your life. Just keep in mind we’re people too, so treat us with the same respect and courtesy you’d want to be treated with.

Resources for Urban Magic

Updated: July 19th, 2016

General Resources:

Spells and Magic:

I’m doing readings!

pendulum readings! 

1 question - $0.50

2 questions - $1.00

3 questions - $ 1.50 

4 questions or questions that would require my pendulum board which uses letters and numbers - $3.00 

Shufflemancy readings! 

1 question - $3.00

2 questions - $6.00

After 2 questions, the price increases by a dollar. 

I’m only taking reading requests through the messenger and I’m only accepting paypal for payment.

thank you!!

Happy Birthday to Me

The day had just started and I have already gotten some wonderful divinations. If you are seeing this and you do ANY form of divination, feel free to do one for me as practice if you are a beginner and if you are past the beginners stage, I would be honored by your gift of energy and time. I would love to get to know you and what better way then getting to know a bit about me?

I welcome all kinds of divination…I got one from someone looking through a book. It’s amazing stuff. I humbly ask you to show me what you got. Nothing is too weird. And I fear no knowledge.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Opening paid readings

Hello everyone! College living and budgeting are providing to be challenging but I’m smart and resourceful so I’m going to open up paid readings to help bring in extra money!


• Pendulum readings will be .50¢ a question

• Tarot Readings: (I use the Tarot Nova deck)

- $1 for 1 card

- $3 for 3

- $5 for 5

- $8 for 10

* + $1 for ever extra card past 10

• Shufflemancy

$1 for 2 questions

$2 for 4 questions

That’s all I’m able to do at the moment, but every bit counts! If I receive enough attention to this post/blog I’m thinking about doing a giveaway including a tarot deck as part of the first place prize!

Thank you to everyone who either pays for a reading and helps me boost this post! Reviews are welcome but not necessary!

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