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Rules: write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyric from each song, then tag 10 people.

  1. high hopes // pink floyd - “ ..there was a ragged band that followed in our footsteps / running before time took our dreams away / leaving the myriad small creatures trying to tie us to the ground / to a life consumed by slow decay / the grass was greener / the light was brighter / with friends surrounded / the nights of wonder / … / encumbered forever by desire and ambition / there’s a hunger still unsatisfied / our weary eyes still stray to the horizon / though down this road we’ve been so many times / the grass was greener / the light was brighter / the taste was sweeter / the nights of wonder / with friends surrounded / the dawn mist glowing / the water flowing / the endless river / forever and ever..”
  2. one day i’ll fly away // moulin rounge! - “ ..why live life from dream to dream / and dread the day / when dreaming ends?”
  3. suzanne // leonard cohen - “ ..suzanne takes you down to her place near the river, / you can hear the boats go by you can spend the night beside her, / and you know that she’s half crazy but that’s why you wanna be there, / and she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from china, / and just when you mean to tell her that you have no love to give her, / then she gets you on her wavelength and she lets the river answer, / that you’ve always been her lover. / and you want to travel with her, / and you want to travel blind, / and you know that she will trust you, / for you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind..”
  4. earned it // the weekend - “ know our love would be tragic (oh, yeah) / so you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind, mind, mind / we live with no lies / hey, hey / you’re my favorite kind of night..”
  5. wherever you are // barry coffing & vonda shepard - “..i used to believe in forever, / but forever is to good to be true. / i’ve hung a wish, on every star. / it hasn’t done much good so far…”
  6. ice reign // princess chelsea - “ ..royalty’s not what it seems / folks can be cruel & be mean / waging battles, online wars / it’s all just a bit of a chore / listen to what i now say / for bad behavior you’ll pay / so start being civil / courteous too / or it will be off / with your head..”
  7. falling away with you // muse - “ ..i can’t remember when it was good / moments of happiness elude / maybe I just misunderstood / all of the love we left behind / watching the flash backs intertwine / memories I will never find / so I’ll love whatever you become / and forget the reckless things we’ve done / i think our lives have just begun / i think our lives have just begun.. / and I’ll feel my world crumbling / i’ll feel my life crumbling / i’ll feel my soul crumbling away / and falling away / falling away with you.. / staying awake to chase a dream / tasting the air you’re breathing in / i know I won’t forget a thing / promise to hold you close and pray / watching the fantasies decay / nothing will ever stay the same / all of the love we threw away / all of the hopes we cherished fade / making the same mistakes again / making the same mistakes again..”
  8. beautiful // christina aguilera - “ all your friends you’re delirious, / so consumed in all your doom. / trying hard to fill the emptiness. / the pieces / gone, left the puzzle undone. / is that the way it is? / … / no matter what we do / (no matter what we do) / no matter what we say / (no matter what we say) / we’re the song inside the tune / full of beautiful mistakes..”
  9. delicious solitude // goran bregovic - “ ..when we have run, we have run / the quiet fair, have found thee here. / when we have run, we have run / and Innocence, thy sister dear. / no white nor red was ever seen, / amorous as this green / was ever seen. / all but rude, delicious solitude..”
  10.  young and beautiful // lana del rey - “ summer nights, mid july / when you and i were forever wild / the crazy days, city lights / the way you’d play with me like a child / will you still love me / when I’m no longer young and beautiful? / will you still love me / when i got nothing but my aching soul? / i know you will, i know you will / i know that you will / will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful? / … / hot summer days, rock ‘n’ roll / the way you play for me at your show / and all the ways I got to know / your pretty face and electric soul / … / dear lord, when i get to heaven / please let me bring my man / when he comes tell me that you’ll let him in / father tell me if you can / oh that grace, oh that body / oh that face makes me wanna party / he’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds..”

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Shuffle Tag

Tagged by the amazing @dulanis! Thank you very much :D “Put music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up! When you’re done, tag 10 followers! This is a good chance to learn about everyone’s music tastes and share your favorite songs!”

1.) Huk - Unicorn
2.) Dream Candy - April
3.) Yesterday - Xia 
4.) DDODDO - myB
5.) Confused - AOA
6.) Sting - Stellar
7.) Always For You - Angels
8.) Wake Me Tonight - JYJ
9.) Why Why - Shannon

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I just remembered that in like 2005 right around my seventeenth birthday I went with my mother to Women’s Conference in Utah. It’s for women 16 and older, but almost everyone there is middle aged. Teenagers and young moms tend not to go, so it’s mostly moms with older kids and grandmas. And they had a musical performance one of the nights by William Joseph, because he’d like just gotten an actual real contract and toured with Josh Groban or something and Mormons get really excited any time any Mormon is even a little bit visible or notable so anyway he did a piano concert at Women’s Conference, and it was mostly cool hymn covers, classics, and whatever. But at one point he was like “This song is one I really love, let’s see if you know it” and started playing “Butterflies and Hurricanes” and I fucking gasped, and not like quietly, like loud and squealy, because I was seventeen and hot piano player was playing one of my favourite songs. And meanwhile all these 40 and 50 year old Mormon women were all around me looking at me really confused and listening to the music really confused and they kept leaning over to me like, “I don’t know this? What is it?” and that’s how I ended up trying to explain Muse to a bunch of middle aged Mormon moms and grandmas. 

Song Shuffle

I was tagged by @silentcar-radio to put my music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs.  All song are from my current playlist: “Sure, Jan” 

  1. Reaper by Sia
  2. White Light by Shura
  3. Physical by St. Lucia
  4. Get Away by CHVRCHES
  5. Let it Carry You Away by José González
  6. Angel by The Weeknd
  7. Seventeen by Sjowgren (has been on my playlists for months)
  8. Dancing on Glass by St. Lucia
  9. The Sound by The 1975
  10. Call My Name by HAERTS

Honorable Mention to Black Magic by Little Mix–i didn’t shuffle to it, but it’s one of my favorites at the moment.

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I started thinking about these again and laughing really hard. and then bored me sat in front of my screen cackling as I bad-zoom-edited these for 30 mins so much i made myself tired goodnight my sweet princes

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anonymous said: gx or arc-v?

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No Skips: My Music on Shuffled Spotlight


just in case the writers of Supernatural were holding back on canon destiel because they weren’t sure how to soundtrack the first kiss. @ spn writers I have solved all your problems