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i was tagged by my super kind friend @collect-to-nyc to shuffle my playlist and post the first 10 songs.

thank you, dear ❤️

1. Shinee - Stranger

2. Luna Blake - Horizon

3. The Gazette - Nakigahara

4. Metropol - Cage


6. Big Bang - Blue

7. Child Protective Services Theme Song

8. Rootkit - Strung Out

9. HIM - Join Me In Death

10. Mystic Messenger Theme Song Eng Version

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anonymous asked:

hello! i love your write so much so can i ask for some headcanons about when peter see for the first time his new suit made by tony?<333

Headcanons coming up!

  • Peter is a fanboy. Like, that’s canon. You can bet he’s going to die when he sees this pristine suit handmade by his idol. He gets all quiet and shocked and runs his hands over it relevantly, tentatively. Like he’s not sure it’s for him. Tony pushes the thing further into his hands, and urges him, “Come on, we’ve got patriotic butt to kick, get changed.” And disappears to put his own metal suit on before Peter’s brain can kick back into gear and the teenager can splutter his excited, awed thank yous. Tony doesn’t like gratitude much. He can tell how much Peter likes it, and that’s enough for him.
  • Still, when Tony is briefing him on what to do in the fight, Peter tries talking over him, flapping his hands over the suit and fidgeting with the way it sits on him. He’s never worn something so skin tight before. It doesn’t feel bad, just weird. Tony scolds him and slaps his interfering hands away. He won’t listen to Peter beginning to really get excited and babble about his suit because damnit, Peter, focus, we have stuff to do.
  • Peter’s been running around for months in this badly stitched cotton nightmare with googles that slide off of him and do very little to help. He likes wearing a costume, he likes having a colour scheme and an icon and a name, but he does feel a little embarrassed whenever he pulled his old suit on. But it was the best he could do, so he dealt and felt as proud as he can could because he was saving lives. Who cares if he looks a little dorky.
  • But when Peter slides Tony’s suit on, he feels like a proper hero for the first time. The icon is straight, the suit is seamless, the patterns are discernible as webs. It’s a work of art, and Peter feels proud - actually, properly proud - of being Spider-Man. He stands taller. He moves differently. He loves this suit, not just because of how useful it is, but for how it makes him feel on the inside. He feels less like he’s playing dress up.
  • The suit also moves with him instead of fighting against him for once. He fights better in it. He’s more graceful, less awkward.
  • He doesn’t have much time to actually work out all the gadgets Tony stuffed into his suit, though. There wasn’t much time between the suit being shoved at him, the battle taking place, and Peter being shuffled back to NYC to do his homework to really explore it or discuss it with Tony. Hence the after credits scene with him exploring his web shooters and stumbling upon a cool feature. You can bet he’s going to be discovering new features for months after CACW.