shuffle is perfect

Hey friends,

I know this is a tough time. There will be good days and there will be bad days. But we have to stay vigilant. We have to work together to get things done, to make sure everyone is safe and protected. We can do this through our cooperation and dedication to each other and through our dedication to the arts.

The past few years in the theatre have been astounding. We’ve seen Fun Home, Hamilton, Next To Normal, In the Heights, Deaf West’s Spring Awakening, The Color Purple, The Scottsboro Boys, Allegiance, Eclipsed, and Shuffle Along. Are they perfect? No, but it’s a start. It shows that we are a diverse and brilliant nation full of artists and we have so much potential. It might not be perfect, but art is a way to heal. A way to escape for a few hours or a way to think critically about our world.

Get out there and let your voice heard through the arts. Sing louder, dancer faster, play harder, draw more forcefully, and write with passion. We can do this together.

One of my favorite theatre quotes is:

“The theater itself is not revolutionary: it is a rehearsal for the revolution.” - Augusto Boal

Through our ideas, we can make a more perfect America. We will have to fight for it and it won’t be pretty. But the community of artists is strong and supportive. We have each other’s backs and our ideas will push forth a revolution. Theatre productions, paintings, novels, and music have caused major protests in the streets. Let’s start that again.

Let’s make art.


14.100 | 7.Jan.17 - 90 days til GRE Math

i was feeling a bit under the weather and wasn’t really up to take pics and posting. just seemed like such a hassle for whatever reason. i still studied but nowhere near as much as i would have liked to. i’m hoping to finish the calculus review by Jan20. time to kick it into high gear. i have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. 

still reviewing flashcards like crazy. still reviewing previous chapter notes. still doing a gazillion practice problems.

i’ve got my (ง'̀-‘́)ง playlist on (that face thing is the name of it. all my playlists are named with faces. this one is nothing but post rock instrumentals. its 878 songs long and i just put it on shuffle while i work. perfect for all nighters and long weekends of studying) and i bought more notebooks so seriously. time to work. 

#nowplaying Famine and the Death of a Mother by Lowercase Noises

Curls - Nate Maloley

A/n: 25 Days of Christmas

“Lil Mama what are you doing?” Nate asks in his husky morning voice. “I’m getting ready” you shout from the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom you shared with Nate. “Already?” You can hear him climbing out of the bed and his feet shuffling against the floor. “Yeah perfection takes time” you smirk focusing your attention on the mirror. “I didn’t realize you were straightening your hair” he says surprised “Yup” you reply mindlessly continuing to glide the flat iron over your wild curls. “But that takes so long. We could still be in bed" Nate whines wrapping his arms around your waist. It catches you by surprise and your arm jerks the iron. “Careful Nate and keep it in your pants”

“Can’t you leave it curly” he asks playing with the unstraightened strands. “eew no I want to look like I’m at least trying when I meet your family” you grimace setting down the iron. You untie another section of hair as Nate sits down on the toilet watching you work. “Plus I’ve already started” 

“They’re so soft and fun” he comments. “You just like the way it tickles when we cuddle” “That too” Nate grins

He sits on the toilet seat in silence mesmerized by the process. 

Nate stands abruptly from his seat and exits the bathroom only to return moments later. 

“Just needed to get a glass of water” he says taking a sip “NATHAN MONTGOMERY, you son of a bitch” you shriek as the water runs down your back drenching your hair and his white button down that you were in. You watch in horror as your hair gradually shrinks up returning back to it’s naturally curly state reversing all of your hard work. 

“I’m not going to have time to fix this” you sigh frustrated running your fingers through your mane. “I know” he replies smugly leaning back admiring his handiwork. “You’re a dick you know that” you say wringing out your wet hair. “You have no idea how much I love it like this” he smiles looking at you in the mirror. “Hope it was worth it because this” you say gesturing to your crotch “is on lockdown” “Dont be like that baby” “What what I can’t hear you I’ve got to dry my hair” you shout over the hair dryer shaping your curls. 


There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean

Tour Journal: 3

So here I am, strolling through Zurich Switzerland, and the sun is out and the leaves are falling and “Beautiful World” by Coldplay came up on shuffle, and I turned this perfect corner down a perfect alleyway, and there was this German lady with crazy hair and a paintbrush in her hand, and she introduced herself, said her name was Anne, and I introduced myself, said I was Scott, from Canada, and she put the paintbrush in my hand and walked me over to some mural that she was working on and she told me to paint something. So I painted “Love From Canada” and she thanked me, and then I kept walking. And I started thinking about the tour, about how tommorow I’ll play my last show in Milan Italy, and how much I’ll miss the beautiful people that have made this experience (my first tour in Europe) the most outrageously fun and hilarious experience I could have asked for. Being an opener can be hard; new faces, new venues, no one knows you. But when you’re surrounded by a team of people that make sure you play the best show possible, not because of self-gain, but because they love music, and they want to see people succeed, it’s a pleasure.

And so since I’ve been living in a postcard for the last month, I have some thank you’s to dish out:

Gianni, Sarah, Giorgio and Luigi: thanks for letting me play with your babies! For the babies, well, thanks playing with me, and making me feel like a kid again, especially when I’m stressing out over some beautiful girl from some strange place that I’ll never see again.

Ryan: thanks for writing songs with me in crusty dressing rooms, and making sure I get back to the bus when I REALLY need help getting back to the bus…

Joel: thanks for making me feel super out of shape with your daily insanity workouts, causing me to buy running shoes and start running (something I have stopped doing already, I’ll have you know).

Taylor: thanks for making my cliché Eiffel Tower moment less cliché. And for letting me touch your beard that one time…

Lee: thanks for teaching me bus etiquette. And Irish Pub etiquette.

Irvy: thanks for teaching me the trumpet!!

Morley: thanks for putting EVERYTHING together, and for watching me get my head accidentally banged into walls.

Herk: thanks for being a legendary lighting guy, and for turning the fan on during Bungalow. It was getting hot.

Dan: thanks for being a legendary sound guy. Also, thanks for sharing your Pinot Grigio with me, even when you’re kinda grumpy, and sharing your Pino Grigio with some punk-ass kid that likes Joy Division more than The Smiths is the last thing you want to do.

James and Theresa: thanks for being the cutest couple of all time. Theresa, thanks for translating German on restaraunt menus. James, from balloons to confetti to everything else, thanks. Also, you have the best laugh EVER.

Zach: thanks for making me sound pretty in my ears.

Melvin: thanks for showing me that Leonard Cohen song.

Rita and Cana: rock and roll nannies from heaven!! Thanks.

Paul: thanks for selling my CD’s, keeping me company at the merch table, and putting up with my terrible Scottish accent.

Chris: thanks for getting all these memories on camera!

Erika: thanks thanks thanks thanks for being the best tour manager EVER. Thanks for picking up my soon-to-be-lost possessions, getting me ready for everything, always telling me how it is, and always making me laugh my ass off.

Everyone in WOTE and on the crew: thanks for having me. The show would not work without every single one of you!!

To everyone at home, or I should say everyone that made it through this painfully long and corny note: thanks for keeping me company while I explore the world. It really is overwhelmingly lovely. And helpful. I’ll see you all soon!!

With much love, all the way from Switzerland,