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Elizabeth Mitchell, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Sarah Paulson, Miriam Shor, and Julianna Margulies (requested by shemadehimwaffles) + Must Get Out by Maroon 5

Since she was a little girl, Julie (Paulson) has dreamed of getting out of her small home town. Now studying art history in a graduate program and traveling every chance she gets, Julie is fulfilling her dream and loving her life. That is, until she gets the phone call telling her that her estranged mother has passed away. Forced to go home and deal with her mother’s estate, she heads back to the town she never wanted to see again.

The short trip home that Julie had imagined turns into months as she wades through taking care of her childhood home, and it only grows more complicated when her only remaining relative, her troubled sister, April (Morrison) returns home, too. In a familiar scenario, April has come looking for money to pay off her drug and gambling debts. Out of work and dealing with her own school loans and the leftover mortgage on the house, Julie is in need of funds herself, and low on ideas.

That is, until April proposes something crazy: they steal from a museum and sell the artwork. Julie knows her sister has lost it, until April fills her in on the rest of the players: Nat (Parrilla), April’s almost-girlfriend bartender-slash-computer whiz; Sam (Mitchell), Nat’s ex-girlfriend that owns a pawn shop (and has a number of shady business contacts), and Claire (Margulies), Sam’s best friend that has recently lost her job as a high-profile attorney. 

Julie thinks they can almost pull it off, until the group realizes they need one more person: an art forger, to replace the paintings they’ll be stealing. Almost ready to give up their insane scheme, Julie runs into their reclusive neighbor, Megan (Shor), a talented artist she’d known vaguely in high school and a woman who is desperate for a little bit of adventure in her life. 

With their cast complete, the women set out to enact their mission and cash in on a payday big enough free them all. But with so many complex relationships, and decades-old secrets coming to light, the heist may not be the biggest challenge they face before they can all get out of town. 

Requested by scream-crucio 

One Day I’ll Fly Away

(Moulin Rouge)

Genre; Drama, Romance.

Starring; Tom Felton (Alex), Daniel Radcliffe (Zachary), Rupert Grint (Cameron)

Alex (Felton), Zach (Radcliffe) and Cameron (Grint), decide that now they’ve finished university in England, the West coast of Australia could be a nice place to be. What they had girlfriends, but because of the trip, they decided to break up. What will these boys learn about themselves and each other, as they discover this beautiful land.

starring darren criss, dianna agron, emily browning, & emma stone (asked by anon)

Too high, can’t come down
It’s in the air and it’s all around
Do you feel me now? 
- “toxic” by britany spears

Special Agent Clyde Davenport (Criss) is considered one of the best agents that the CIA has to offer. So, after an assassination attempt on the president of the United States, it comes to no surprise when he’s given the biggest mission of his life: to protect the president’s daughter, Sophia (Agron). Things are complicated from the get go. With a rival agent (Stone) who’s determined to see the end of Clyde’s career and steal his thunder, a Russian assassin (Browning) hot on his trail - and not to mention Sophia’s apparent crush on him - Clyde finds himself face-to-face with the biggest mission he’s ever had to tackle (let’s hope he can handle it).

SISTERS | for beautyandtalent
Starring ✧ Mila Kunis, Anna Paquin, Kristin Bauer, Megan Fox
Shuffle songStupid Girl by Garbage

When threatened to loose her scholarship, Riley (Kunis) is forced to pledge Theta Pi. To her surprise, she quickly finds herself being the center of attention and many of the sisters awe. Within a few weeks a fellow sister, Harper (Paquin) is found beaten and bloody in the driveway to the sorority, and it sends the girls into a panicked state. But when the housemother Elizabeth Connor (Bauer) mysteriously disappears and Taylor (Fox) finds a dead rat in her mail, Riley begins to think the life of a sorority girl might not be so dull after all.

(Sorry for the sucktastic graphic.)

shuffle synopsis meme | cast: david tennant, paul mcgann, billie piper (for effwordfrequency)

song: trouble blues,” sam cooke
synopsis: Charlie Todd (Tennant) gets the break of his life when he is hired by legendary newspaper man Silas “Si” Sweetie (McGann) to work as a crime correspondent at a British newspaper in Paris. His scoop is an instant sensation. And as an impressed Si pulls Todd closer and closer under his wing, Todd meets Si’s glamorous, extravagant young wife, Jane (Piper). The two become close friends, but lines are never crossed - until Si becomes witness to a crime that leaves a dent in his soul, and Jane, frightened and exasperated at this change in her husband, turns to an eager Todd for comfort. What starts as a desperate gasp at intimacy quickly evolves into something more, and it will end in more trouble than any of them could have ever imagined…

Shuffle SynopsisMisha Collins, Alexander Skarsgard & Karen Gillian requested by erickripkes

Talk | Coldplay

Siblings Fiona (GILLIAN) and Robert (SKARSGARD) haven’t talked in over 15 years since Fiona left for college. One day out of the blue 15 years later, Fiona gets a call from Robert with tragic news – their mother is dead.

In order to inherit her part of the will, Fiona has to travel across the states from one side to the other in order to be present for the reading, and along the way meets a quirky stranger named Colin (COLLINS) when they accidentally switch phones after bumping into each other at a gas station.

In a race against time to make it to the reading, Fiona promises to mail Colin back his phone as soon as she reaches home – but in the mean time falls in the love with the person on the other end of the line.


Blasphemous Rumors (2013) - Shuffle Synopsis || requested by anonymous

“I don’t want to start any blasphemous Rumors but I think that God’s got a sick sense of humor - Depeche Mode

Father Kellan O'Reilly (O'Donoghue) has tried to run fast from his Irish Mob family but when his sister Ava (Lawless), the only one he is still in loose contact with, begs him to hide an Irish girl and her, Kellan feels his calling, urging him to say yes. But upon Kira’s (Bolger) arrival, things turn eerie in the sleepy New England town where Kellan tends to his small parrish. 

The shadows in his house seem to be coming alive and suddenly he feels like everyone is watching him and his house guests. Janey Conner (Parilla), the town’s chief of Police, is wary of his past and doesn’t buy Kira’s cover story. Nelson (Mensah), a voodoo priest and close friend, suddenly refuses to step into Kellan’s house - and there’s a strange man (Elba) in town who’s no one seen before and who seems very interested in Kira. But then again, Kellan himself is more interested in the girl than he should be - and in ways his faith should shield him from but doesn’t.

When things heat up on every front and it seems like both the ghosts of his past and the ghosts Kira’s spiritual side seem to have dragged along are closing in on them, Kellan needs to decide just how much he is willing to sacrifice to save her. 

shuffle+synopsis challenge: anon asked Demi Lovato and Munro Chambers
song: Oh Mandy by The Spinto Band
MANDY  - Dylan (Chambers) is at the end of his wits. He has done everything to get Mandy’s (Lovato) attention. Mandy is the cool, confident, smart girl who looks like she has it all together. In reality however, she is falling apart. Her family puts on a facade, her friends don’t get her, no one does. So she runs away to live with her aunt for the summer in Chicago. Turns out Dylan just happens to be working for an internship in Chicago. Mandy might have finally found someone who truly gets her.

Miss Everything
Starring: Nina Dobrev, Matt Bomer, Charlie Hunnam and Naya Rivera

“And as I watch you disappear into the ground
My one mistake was that I never let you down
So I’ll waste my time and I’ll burn my mind
I’m Miss Nothing, I’m Miss Everything”
Miss Nothing – The Pretty Reckless

Milly Radcliffe (Dobrev) thought she had everything figured out – until her parent’s sudden death leaves her re-evaluating her life. Dropping out of law school she decides to trek across the country in pursuit of the fun and adventure she’s been missing her entire life. Along the way, she runs into best friends and con-artists, Lea (Rivera), Tyler (Hunnam) and James (Bomer), who show her that breaking the law, can be the most fun you ever have. An action packed comedy of self discovery where you learn that friends who lie together, stay together.

LITTLE HELL | Supernatural spin-off featuring Castiel and Crowley (drawing by Shauna)

Forced out of the life of the Winchesters by way of deceit, Castiel is desperate for help– and will do anything to get it.

Along comes Crowley, a devious and scheming demon whom Castiel would never trust under different circumstances. However, Castiel begs Crowley for his help and, seeing an opprotunity, Crowley agrees. Crowley convinces Castiel to do some of the “dirty work” and together they create a ragtag, terrible twosome that commit infamous crimes and petty pranks. 

HELL HATH NO FURY | for fullonswayzeed
Starring ✧ Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danneel Ackles, Amber Heard
Shuffle songHighway to Hell by ACDC

In Euphium there are only two ways to spend your eternity. One, live your life on earth while being hunted down by a demon’s best friend - a hellhound. Two, give in and let the beasts collect your soul and serve your time in hell where you slowly but surely evolve into a demon.

For the guntoting, hunting trio Belle (Ackles), Sassy (Gellar) and Monster (Heard), the choice was easy. If you’re gonna go down, you better go down fighting. But their way of living, or surviving, becomes difficult when a close ally gets snatched by a hellhound during a hunt. Without a second thought, the gang loads up the truck and begin their journey to hell on a rescue mission unlike any other.

Shuffle Synopsis - For Good - Wicked Soundtrack
(Requested by Maximoffs)

Jay (Wesley) was the all work and no play kind of guy. Always had been– he was raised that way. Like father like son. That was until he hired a new assistant– the quirky Kristen. (Michele) Her resume had been damn near perfect, and he thought she’d make his life a hell of a lot easier. Wrong. She was an annoying, but sweet little ball of energy that could talk his ear off from the moment she walked in until the minute he left the office. One night she invited him over for dinner, and he couldn’t bring himself to say no. Turns out she was playing matchmaker. As soon as Jay met her just-as-quirky roomate Jon, (Badgley) he fell hard and fast. Will his judgement get the better of him, or will this little run-in with destiny change him for good?

Shuffle Synopsis (requested by dancinginthebluebox)

David Tennant and Matthew Gray Gubler

All The Same | Sick Puppies

Go ahead and tell me you’ll leave again
You’ll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It’s all the same
And I’ll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
And do it all over again
It’s all the same

In this romantic drama, Lucas (Tennant) and Dominic (Gubler) are in love. However, scared of the commitment of their deepening relationship, Dominic runs. Everyone tells Lucas to give up, to let go, but he refuses. He will wait for his one love.

Shuffle Synopsis | Emma Stone, Darren Criss, Zoe Kravitz → asked by pacolionheart.
┗ Song: Miley Cyrus - “Who Owns My Heart”


Liam Hunt (Darren Criss), a 24 year old who has been unlucky in the love department. When a past girlfirend Jenna King (Emma Stone) comes forth with news that shakes his whole world and a new beau Madison Stinton (Zoe Kravitz) who he keeps bumping into, his life becomes a whirlwind of ups and downs. In the end, will Liam find who owns his heart?

starring ✧ katie cassidy, nathan fillion, lea michele, christian kane (for anonymous)
shuffle song lost, vast

in a post-apocalyptic world where the only people you normally run into are rotting corpses on the side of the road, vincent granger (nathan fillion) and his gun-toting girlfriend nikki andrews (katie cassidy) are traveling the highways of america. whilst taking shelter in an abandoned supermarket, the couple finds a young girl (lea michele) with a severe memory loss. in her baggage is a map with two locations marked, one of them simply reading the word “cure” in red ink. convinced that the girl wouldn’t survive another day alone, they decide to take her with them. how could they have known that it would result in lying on the ground, coughing blood and being laughed at by paulo, the butcher (christian kane), only because he wants something from you?

Shuffle synopsis meme

Song: Think of Me - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Cast: Karen Gillan, Bradley James, Rachel McAdams, Andrew Lee Potts.
For: Geilie 

After years of struggling against his illness Arthur (James) dies from leukemia, leaving his sister Amelia (Gillan), fiancée Allie (McAdams) and best friend Connor (Lee Potts) behind. But Arthur soon discovers that his time on earth isn’t over.

He takes it upon himself to guide his living loved ones onto the right path in life, and sends them on a road trip they will never forget. Constantly by their side, unseen but always sensed, he let’s them relive their shared memories as they travel the places they once saw together.

They hear his voice everywhere, sees his face and senses his touch. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that this journey was meant to be. To come to terms with the fact that Arthur made it happen, takes a little more time…

shuffle & synopsis meme | Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel McAdams, Jensen Ackles, Chris Hemsworth asked by virgin–whocantdrive

Read My Mind - The Killers

Valerie (Lawrence) has always been able to tell what people are thinking. She’s lived her life telling herself that it’s a gift, but mostly she longs for silence. She keeps herself locked away from the world just so that her head doesn’t explode. But when, upon pure chance, she happens upon Ashlyn (McAdams) a mind-reader who couldn’t be more at peace with her power she begins to suspect how much of a real gift her power is. With Ashlyn’s help she begins to train her mind, to control it and only then will she be able to let people in. Namely Hal (Hemsworth) who she’s always watched from afar for fear of knowing his true thoughts. In the midst of training and Ashlyn’s wedding to Kyle (Ackles), a man she has discovered is the most honest person she’s ever met, Valerie can finally stop being afraid of people and herself.

starring isla fisher, darren criss, & alex pettyfer (asked by mccoyed)

He must be up to something
What are the chances that it’s more than likely
I’ve got a feeling in my stomach
I want to wonder what his story might be
- “when the sun goes down” by the arctic monkeys

When Veronica McKinley’s (Fisher) husband goes missing without a trace, she enlists the help of a rookie private investigator (Criss) in an effort to track him down. As the two begin their strange journey into the life of Veronica’s missing husband, what they endup finding though is a whole lot more than she ever bargained for: a fake identity, mob bosses, and the step son she never knew she had (Pettyfer).

Sometimes the things we thought we knew the best are the things we really didn’t know at all.

Synopsis Meme [Actor: Munro Chambers, Song: “Starts With Goodbye” by Carrie Underwood, asked by truthislousy]

i know there’s a blue horizon, somwhere up ahead, just waiting for me, getting there means leaving things behind, sometimes life’s so bitter sweet

Movie Synopsis:

When Al Henderson’s (Chambers) little brother was five year old he had promised him that no matter the circumstance, no matter how hard it would be, no matter what he’d have to give up he would always be there to protect him until the very end of his life. He didn’t however, expect his promise to be tested so soon. Henderson’s parents are unjustly convicted of a local murder they didn’t commit and Al’s little brother is at risk of being put in a foster home. In order to keep his promise to his little brother he makes a great sacrifice. He says goodbye to the house he grew up in, his girlfriend he loved dearly and to the only life he had ever known. It’ll be hard but Al was never one to break a promise and he wouldn’t let this be the first time. 

title thistle and weeds
song thistle and weeds » mumford & sons
cast blake lively, shiloh fernandez
requested by mrsrobinsons 

lola (lively) and zachary (fernandez) have been childhood friends all of their lives. they grew up two doors down from one another, went to the same schools, everything. zachary asked lola to prom when no one else would. now, at twenty-odd years of age, they find themselves still stuck in the same sleepy southern town, working deadbeat jobs, each one watching as their life slowly crumbles to the ground. lola’s a nanny, taking care of three kids, all spoiled, all wealthy, all ready to achieve things she’s never dreamed of without, it seems, having to work for it. zachary, for his part, is a badly paid bouncer at the only night club in town, who finds his catharsis every night in picking fights. it’s become routine, the way he fights, calls lola, and crashes in her small apartment. for her part, lola can’t do much more. she’s exhausted, sick of footing his hospital bills and taking care of someone who should be a grown man in charge of his life. but he’s not. and neither is she. the tensions around lola build, growing higher as her life threatens to overwhelm her and soon enough, she caves. she screams. the walls inside of her crash down, and zachary, who had always depended so much on her, finds himself at a loss as he watches his best friend spiral down into what can only be described as pure madness. lola is lost. gone is the soft-spoken jokester he knew. in her place is an unstable, volatile mess, barely human and more animal. for the first time in their lives, lola needs zach – not the other way around. but zachary’s never taken care of anyone, much less himself. so how can he start now?