the entire point of my post was to talk about how caste doesn’t have to be referred to explicitly within diaspora communities for it to actually exist and manifest itself in disgusting ways. people don’t actually have to open their mouths and say things like, “oh shudras have no culture.” in order for casteism to exist within diaspora communities.

what DOES need to exist are the very specific, very strange ways in which communities form within the diaspora. your local group of aunties who dress up and do pujas every week and have sahasranamam get togethers don’t EVER have to talk about caste explicitly. but look at what they do and who they become friends with. are you ever going to see your local brahmin aunty with a nine-yards sari become friends with and form groups to recite the devi mahatmayam with someone who didn’t follow those very specific, very savarna rituals? no. they wouldn’t even speak to them. it wouldn’t matter if they spoke the same language, were from the same town, and were both hindus. heck, those aunties would even cross cultural lines within the diaspora first (and then brag about how ‘open-minded they are’) before they’d deign to form inter-caste friendships, even in a foreign country. 

and the kicker is that you don’t have to say the word “caste” once for this shit to take place. our communities are designed purposefully to be insular in the worst possible ways. what they call “preservation of culture” is just another type of savarna elitism and NOBODY has to even bring the word “caste” into the conversation for that to happen. it’s insidious by virtue of what people do and how they align themselves.

and if you choose to ignore this and say shit like, “oh but nobody talks about caste where i’m from” well again, you’re both ignorant and complacent as fuck.

My ancestors - Omprakash Valmiki

You said

Service is the duty of the Shudra

They did not ask

What will you give for it?

You were happy

You now had slaves

They were happy too

Happy for you

They had put all their power

In your hands.

The body unclothed

The stomach unfed

Hurt, and yet

They smiled

For they saw you smiled.

They did not know

How to loot

The weak and the innocent!

Did not know

That murder

Is the badge of courage

That robbery is not a crime

It is but culture.

How innocent they were

My ancestors


Yet untouchable.