shuckleberry finn

in which i feel obligated to do this because i know i’m going to regret it in 24 hours if i dont and so many of my friends have done this so i might as well.

bffs 4 lyfe are italicized even though every single one of you brings a wonderful presence to my dashboard

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (because im lazy as hell). 

radical-quadratics sato-mobile 50shadesofzukoshonor polysymorous highschoolau batchofkrazycupcakes nostanleysteamer kubrickfanclub rnetalbend davejaded sallyjackson technij annabethchasy miinza sexualnico avatarung annabethfanclub femslashvevo frazelnut voguedemigod starlord-finally gaymercutio margaretpcarter detectiverobomonkey reddisk deerhooves rnechanicreyes mugnu hows jasongracist mootiness korrasarnis athtena gaythalia sugarlantern santabethchase romangod herhmione petsohp the-bloodofolympus bisexualjo perseass virska artemistletoe mercydean hiccuphadock jasohgrace shuckleberry-finn 

and im sorry if i forget some of you y'all just change your blogs so quickly i cant even remember who you are and i just did this in ike 20 mins