shuckin' and jivin

the signs as channel orange songs
  • aries: thinkin bout you "a tornado flew around my room..."
  • taurus: super rich kids "this wine we can't pronounce..."
  • gemini: pyramids "set the cheetahs on the loose..."
  • cancer: monks "clean chakra, good karma, one with the water"
  • leo: sweet life "the starshine always kept you warm..."
  • virgo: pink matter "the peaches and the mangoes you could sell for me..."
  • libra: lost "buttercream silk shirt and it's Versace..."
  • scorpio: crack rock "you're shuckin' and jivin', stealin' and robbin'..."
  • saggitarius: pilot jones "the sweetest kiss I've ever known"
  • capricorn: forrest gump "you run my mind boy..."
  • aquarius: sierra leone "her pink skies will keep you warm..."
  • pisces: bad religion "I've got three lives balanced on my head like steak knives..."

You know niggas die for equal pay right?
You know when I work I ain’t ya slave right?

You know I ain’t shuckin and jivin and high fivin. You know this ain’t back in the day right?

Well I can’t tell the way they killed Freddie Gray right? Shot down Mike Brown, how they did Tray right?

Let em continue chokin niggas
We gon turn style, I ain’t ya token nigga.


Jay-Z freestyle


It’s so funny to me how white people will turn up at her concerts and record themselves doing her choreography and scream “YAAAAASSSSS BEY!” just like the rest of us, but the moment she drops something completely representative of herself as a BLACK WOMAN, she’s racist. She decides to speak out on political issues and now she’s “weird”. She’s not shuckin’ and jivin’ for the masses and that’s a problem. For a long time Beyonce “belonged to everybody”. She’s reminded ya’ll that she belongs to her damn self.

And the thing, if Formation dropped without the video, white people would have ate that shit up. They would have been screaming her name at their tv’s during her halftime show, begging to get in line. But the video made it abundantly clear who this song was for. It didn’t give white folks time to misconstrue the lyrics into something that would be more comfortable for them to swallow. Everything is cool and peachy until something is created that they can’t force their way into.

Watch The (Sunburst) Throne

Y’all know why.


She is not surprised when they call her name, when they pull a gilded slip of paper etched with “Vivienne de Ghislain” from the holy miter.

De Ghislain is not her name, nor is De Fer. She lost her birth name when she lost her mother and her mother’s tongue–assuming the lilt and tilt of Orlesian because the only way you eat is when you learn to ask pro-per-ly. Each syllable beaten into the skin until it comes out of the mouth. Her tongue is ripped from her but she still gets to keep the flesh.

Losing her name is of no consequence because she’ll son lose this one too. She is Triumphant over Life and so Victoria will subsume Vivienne until she becomes greater than the sum of her parts. She achieves Divinity at the cost of a simple name.

A small price. Easily paid.

She is not surprised, but she acts that way–shuckin’ and jivin’ for the Game one last time before she makes them all dance to her drum. And Maker–one thing she didn’t lose when she lost her mother and her name and her tongue was the drum. It is in her heartbeat, tattooed against her ribs and on her skin like the marks of the seer she should have been–in her mother’s land where magic gives Sight to the Blind and Queen’s Blood births the leaders of the world.  

She weeps when they call her name, forces the tears from her eyes so she looks humbled by a Maker who she never really cared for until just now. She weeps great heaving sobs that move the crowd with her emotion, her passion, unawares that when she holds her chest it’s to hold back the la-ha-haughter–of a woman grateful to begin her work.

Victoria victorious, she accepts the crown of cloth and gold on her knees, the last time her joints will kiss the earth, the last time a head or a sword or a threat will ever stand above her.

And when she rises from her knees, they fall to theirs and sing Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

And when she rises from her knees she lifts her people with her and it is the last time a head a sword or a threat will ever stand above them.


When she rises, they kneel. The children of dukes, emperors, and kings with legacies ancient are made humble before her whose line began and ended at pair of bloody scissors and the words “It’s a girl!”


They heed her.


They bleed for her.


They carve her name in Light and chant it until the Black City is Gold again.

Hossana! Victoria! Hosanna!

She is not surprised.

Great that the Divas may get a better deal after this #GiveDivasAChance thing with AJ Lee calling Stephanie out and Vince McMahon responding and whatever but niggas are still either shuckin and jivin in the WWE or being kept off TV all together. This is so fucked. And this has been after the issue got some decent coverage a while back and nothing’s changed. Y'all did notice how it’s been Black History Month and they’ve put out a few bullshit vignettes and clips of old school black wrestlers that they recycle every year and have seemingly just let the month run it’s course unnoticed after a while. The New Day’s gimmick is still bullshit and embarrassing with the preach shit and Vine reference(“Do it for the Day” or whatever the fuck they say). Shit, they haven’t been seen much or made any sort of headway since their inception. Prime Time Players are back but it looks like they’ll probably go nowhere too. R-Truth was on RAW on commentary for absolutely no reason besides coonin’ and buffoonin’ like a “Good R-Truth”, so to speak. And Mark Henry too old and frail to be hot in these streets anymore so he ain’t helping matters. Shit is fucked up. 

Shit, if you look at NXT, they got mad folks that are deemed the future of the WWE. Luckily we got Sasha Banks who’s been holding it down but who else is there? That one nigga that was a college wrestler, Angelo Dawkins, they had him be a pure wrestling jobber for a while then turned him into a coonin’ hypebeast jobber with a shitty entrance theme that didn’t make sense, then they ain’t know what else to do with him so they just through him in a tag team that may or may not go anywhere. Sadly, ion see that Jason Jordan nigga ever getting hot too seeing as he got immediately thorwn in a tag team with Tye Dillinger who may still not make it after his second shot at making it in the WWE and that’s a shame. Shit, I’m praying that Uhaa is that “one in a ten thousand” nigga and becomes a superstar in the WWE, I can only hope. I had hope with Willie Mac but sadly WWE cut him loose so quick but I can’t shake the feeling that he would’ve been fucked there anyway. 

Shit is still fucked in the WWE on every conceivable level. Niggas getting disrespected at every turn and everybody tryna turn a blind eye. #GiveDivasAChance? Shit, #GveBrothasAChance too. And don’t get me started on WWE’s problem with Asians………..

Don’t you dare come to me and say “ she did a lot to help the NAACP”
Because there is not a damn thing that that white woman in black face did that an actual black person could not do better
What the hell can a fake black person know more about being black than an actual black person?
Yall really shuckin and jivin and saying anything to justify the actions of that charlatan

I think its crazy when other Black people label Black people who are obviously enjoying themselves in the presence of White people as "Shuckin and Jivin"

Like how dare you look happy when White folks are around.