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You know I'm nearly thirty and I follow this blog mostly to serve as a reminder that I'm okay despite my depression and anxiety surrounding my ADHD. I thought I understood myself but seeing the "rejection sensitive dysphoria" explains so much of my social anxiety. I've developed a set amount of coping skills but learning more about others with ADHD helps me understand myself better and helps me improve my lot in life. Self improvement beings with self awareness and mindfulness. Thank you.

I’m glad we’re helpful!

This 7 foot tall (on its hind legs) hound skeleton was unearthed in May of 2014 at the ruins of the Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, England. Veterinarians estimate that the massive canine would weigh minimum of 200lbs. Some people believe this ancient skeleton to be the body of the legendary Hellhound, Black Shuck. To put the size into perspective, the current World’s Tallest Dog, Rocko the Great Dane, is 7 feet tall, however, he only weighs 167 lbs compared to the skeleton’s estimated 200. 

As of the time of this post, proper results of the carbon dating taken on the skeleton cannot be found in public records.

when i was playing ovw like 3 ppl asked me if i was male or female and i just laughed every time and eventually they stopped asking
on one hand im proud that my voice is right in that middle ground but on the other hand yall realize strangers genders arent rly ur business and also fuck the gender binary


A mom’s job is never done.