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(askmoonbatmom) Cinderella: would you like to exchange flowers? I love how confident you are when dancing...

OH! Ohoh, I’d love to! Admittedly, I’m on a mission to dance with as many ‘mon as possible, so if you don’t mind me stealing a quick spin - Ooo! Your dress is so pretty! ❤

Aw shucks, I don’t know if it’s confidence so much as just letting loose and having fun! After all, that’s what we’re all here for - to have a good time!


This 7 foot tall (on its hind legs) hound skeleton was unearthed in May of 2014 at the ruins of the Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, England. Veterinarians estimate that the massive canine would weigh minimum of 200lbs. Some people believe this ancient skeleton to be the body of the legendary Hellhound, Black Shuck. To put the size into perspective, the current World’s Tallest Dog, Rocko the Great Dane, is 7 feet tall, however, he only weighs 167 lbs compared to the skeleton’s estimated 200. 

As of the time of this post, proper results of the carbon dating taken on the skeleton cannot be found in public records.

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"Extra needy for affection" eh? Well getting it shouldn't be that hard, you look "extra approachable" at the moment.

[The Omega stares at you with a frown, then shakes his head, giggling and waving a paw]

* Aw, shucks pal. I know I look nice an’ sweet enough to cuddle, but you LITERALLY CAN’T SEE ME RIGHT NOW, SO HOW WOULD YA KNOW, HUH?

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You know I'm nearly thirty and I follow this blog mostly to serve as a reminder that I'm okay despite my depression and anxiety surrounding my ADHD. I thought I understood myself but seeing the "rejection sensitive dysphoria" explains so much of my social anxiety. I've developed a set amount of coping skills but learning more about others with ADHD helps me understand myself better and helps me improve my lot in life. Self improvement beings with self awareness and mindfulness. Thank you.

I’m glad we’re helpful!

when i was playing ovw like 3 ppl asked me if i was male or female and i just laughed every time and eventually they stopped asking
on one hand im proud that my voice is right in that middle ground but on the other hand yall realize strangers genders arent rly ur business and also fuck the gender binary


*Requested: Y/N and Newt get into a ‘fight’ and Newt loses his chill and yells hardcore at her. She gets scared and can’t help herself and cries, and Newt sees this and realizes what he has done.*

Newt was lecturing you again. You crossed your arms and looked at your boyfriend, not understanding why he was so upset. It wasn’t a big deal that you didn’t finish tying all the vines, but Newt thought it was the most important thing at the moment.

“You have a job, Y/N. No matter how much I love you, you have to do the job or else we’ll throw off the balance in the Glade and the whole system will fall apart. You know the number one rule. Each Glader has a part and you have to follow that rule.” he said seriously and you just looked at him.

“Y/N.” he said, making sure you were listening.

“So I’ll finish tying them while the rest of you go ahead and eat. I’ll be done quickly.” you said and walked towards the vines on the ground. Newt grabbed your arm and you saw a look in his eyes that you had never seen before. Your stomach dropped out of fear and your mouth went dry.

“I don’t think you understand.” he growled and you felt the strength go out of your legs. His hand was still gripping your arm and you just looked at it. Your breathing was becoming heavier.

“I don’t know what you mean by that.” you said and knew your voice was shaking. You didn’t know why you were so scared; Newt had never hurt you before. But there was something inside of you, growing.

“I’m trying to get out of this shuck place. I don’t know about the rest of the people here, but this place makes me sick. The people who put us here make me sick!” he yelled and you could see in the way his mouth moved and the way his forehead crinkled that he was REALLY angry.

“I tried to kill myself in there, Y/N!” he motioned towards the Maze. “I’m not about to sit here and watch as a bunch of lazy people slack off and do all the klunk they want and then get away with it! I’m not about to spend the rest of my life here! I can’t let you do that to me and I don’t care if you want to stay here or you like it here or what!” he shouted and you felt his breath on your face with every word he yelled at you. You could see some Gladers had gathered around and were watching Newt yell at you.

You were frozen. That’s the thing about true fear; it leaves you immobile. You hated the place just as much as Newt did. You didn’t tell him about the late nights you spent crying and wishing you were somewhere else, the days you wish you could just close your eyes and never wake up again; but you woke up every morning with a smile on your face because you knew that the boys needed it. You knew that you were trapped here probably against your will. Everyone probably was. But you weren’t going to let that ruin your life.

But Newt didn’t know. He thought you were just shucking around and being a slinthead with the other Gladers and you didn’t care. He thought you were being lazy when really, you just didn’t want to have to think about the situation you were in.

Thoughts were running in your head and you couldn’t breathe all of a sudden. Correction, you were breathing but something was wrong. You were inhaling a lot of air but exhaling almost none of it.

“Y/N?” you heard but couldn’t move or speak. All you were doing was freaking out and inhaling more than you could exhale. You felt arms grab you and you snapped out of the trance you were in while staring at Newt’s angry face and walked away.

You felt tears pour out as Chuck sat you down and handed you a glass of water. It soon turned to sobbing and you clenched the glass so hard you heard it crack. You looked at Chuck and your breathing returned to normalcy.

“What’s wrong?” Chuck asked as if he hadn’t just seen or heard any of what Newt said.

“I don’t like it here, Chuck. I like hanging out with you and the boys and Newt, but I hate it here so much. And I never tell anyone because I don’t want them to lose hope, and I want them to be happy and forget about the fact that we’re stuck here and that it makes them sad and helpless. Newt thinks I don’t care, but Chuck, oh Chuck, I care so much.” you said, your body shaking from the violent sobbing and Chuck sat there and rubbed your back for you. You felt ashamed of not being able to tell Newt and you wished no one had seen him yell at you like that.

Your back suddenly felt cold and you heard Chuck stand up and walk away. You looked up in confusion and saw Newt standing a few feet in front of you. His hard look had softened and normally you would smile, or chirp a “hello” or act like everything was okay, but this time, you didn’t care. You sat there and felt the tears still coming out of the corners of your eyes and you let them spill out. He had never seen you like this but you didn’t care. 

“Y/N…” he said gently but didn’t move for fear of scaring you again.

You didn’t answer him but just looked at him. You wished he would just understand that you weren’t here to just have fun.

“Y/N.” he said again and you just stared at him, again.

“Don’t.” you said and watched as he stood there, frozen like you had been before, and struggled to find the right words. He walked slowly over and sat in a chair next to you and you just stared at the empty space that now filled where he was standing before.

“I didn’t mean to scare you. I heard what you said to Chuck. And I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do or say to make this better but I just want you to know I’m sorry.” he said and took your smaller hand in his bigger one, rubbing your hand with his thumb.

“I’m not here to mess around and stay forever. I want to get out of here just as much as you do.” you said and looked over at Newt, finally. You could tell he was upset, but not the same kind of upset as before.

“I know that now. I just get scared. Scared that something awful is going to happen or we won’t get out. I was so unsure that I became blind to what’s important.” he said and you looked at him intently.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” he said and pulled you in for a hug. You gladly hugged him back and felt the tears drying on your face, your skin tightening.

“I love you.” you mumbled and he kissed your lips, salty from the tears you had cried.

“I think I love you more.” he said.

“Help me, you shucks”

requests:  readers top gets stuck in the maze doors, therefore having to take her top off. all the boys holla ect & newt gets really defensive over them :) whatever ending you want

pairing: newt x reader

warning: smUT


Being a runner was no damn joke. Especially for me, discovering new places in the Maze always give me an exhilarating feeling. Which of course, will result me loosing track of time and bolt my way back to the doors before anything bad would happen.
I almost lost my job because of all of this. But not once did I get closed in the doors, at least that’s good. But today, was not much of a lucky today for me.

“You be careful today, ‘kay?” Newt reminded, his daily memo for me each morning before I go into the maze 
“Come back early, this time” He requested. I smiled at him. Because of the height difference, I had to stand on my tippy toes to kiss him on his soft pink lips, 
“No promises, Newt” He gave me a stern look in return, 
“I promise I won’t do anything bad, have a lil faith in me” I smiled at him, 
“I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you” He frowned, making me kiss his lips again. 
“Alright shucks, time to go Y/N” I saw Minho waiting in front of the doors, waiting for me. 
“Alright, I’ll see you later, okay?” I told Newt, giving him one last peck which I heard Minho chuckle. 

But now, here I am - running for my dear life as I was sprinted through all the walls, making my way back to the Glade. A few more sharp turns and I finally saw the doors to the Glade. What I also saw was Minho, Thomas, Chuck, Teresa, Alby, Newt, and a few more waiting for me at the other side. I could hear the door start to me as they scream at me to run faster and faster.
“Come on, Y/N!”
“Run faster you shuck!”
“What took you so long!? Hurry!”
“Pick it up Y/N!!”
I can feel my legs getting sore as I finally slipped through the - now - small opening of the doors. I was manage to be lucky, again, to get out of the Maze before I get locked inside. 
“What happened, Y/N?! I told you to never let this happened again!” Alby shouted, I felt my heart race up. Newt walked towards me as he took me in his arms, a sigh coming out of him.
 “I’m really sorry, Alby. I lost track of t-”
“How many time do I have to get it through that thick shuck of yours!” 
I didn’t know what to say other than sorry. I know Alby is just looking out for the gladers, including me. I just looked down on my feet as he said “Never let this happen again, do you hear me?” Alby said, I nodded my head “Yeah”
I started to walk forward but I got pulled back, making my back hit the doors “What the shuck?!” I let out, making me turn around and see that my shirt got caught in between the walls, making me stuck. 
“Uh oh, someone’s stuck” I heard Minho tease, cocky bastard he is.
“Help me, you shucks” I struggled to release my top off as Newt helped me.
“Just take your top off and get it over with” Minho smirked, making me want to punch that grin off his face. 
“No!” I heard Newt scream from behind me as he tried to pull my shirt free.
“It’s either that or she’ll spend the night here until the door open in the morning, your choice” Minho added. I felt all eyes on me as some held cocky smirks and some actually felt concerned for me. 

I let out a huge sigh as I started to remove my arm from the shirt and soon, my shirt was dangling off the walls of the maze. I felt way too exposed as I felt the cold breeze hit my upper body.
Wolf whistles and cheers started filling my ears as these shucks won’t take their eyes off of me.
“Shut up you immature shucks!” Newt screamed, taking off his top and making me wear it as everyone snickered at him, “Were just teasing, Newt” One of ‘em said
“Yeah, well may I remind you that this is my girlfriend you’re looking at” Newt huffed and dragged me away from all of them and into one of the private coffins,
He pushed me down gently on one of the tables as he whispered in my ear

“I’ll show them who can only do that to you” 

That sent chills running down my spine and into my core, this isn’t the first time me and Newt have been intimate but I honestly love this sight of him. His eyes because a shade of dark brown and it was filled with lust. He took my top off and started to work down his way to my sweet spot, “Tomorrow you won’t be able to walk because of this so that you don’t pull anything like that again” He left wet kisses down my torso as he removed my pants and knickers at the same time in rapid pace. I’ve never seen Newt so eager but honestly this is such a turn on and I’m positive I’m already dripping wet. He started kissing my inner thighs as I let out a whimper, tugging at his hair “Newt, Please” I begged, making him press his lips on my heat, hard. He immediately started sucking and licking, making me let out a loud moan. “Oh fuck, Newt!” He kept on sucking as I felt his fingers making circles making me a moaning mess underneath him, “Fuck Newt, please I need you!” I shouted, moaning in the process. I felt his soft lips left one last long lick on my clit and stood up, also taking off his pant.
I’m not gonna lie, Newt was big. Before I can even say anything, he started ramming into me, hard and fast. making me yell out and moan. “Oh f-f-uck Newt!” Soon enough, he started hitting my sweet spot, making me run down my nails on his back and I started thrashing and moaning. “Oh fuck, Newt! I-i’m gonna c-cum!” He leaned down and he whispered in my ear “Let it go, love. Fuck cum all over my cock” And that hit me. I orgasmed all over him as I felt his slip out of me and stroked himself which made him cum all over my stomach. We were both panting as we both wore our clothes again, I held Newt’s hands and kissed him long and gently on his warm lips. “Thanks for standing up to me earlier” I smiled at him, seeing him glow. 
“Well, that’ll teach them a lesson, won’t it?” He chuckled and smirked, and once we both went out. Everyone was staring at us with flushed cheeks as Newt chuckled, tugging my arm away.

“That sure did”


first ever smut holy shit i need holy water !!1!11 

i hope u enjoyed! mwa ily guys

"Just focus on staying alive please."

A/N: Wow this is scary, first time ever posting my writing online for someone other than myself to read. Sorry if you think it’s terrible I just like writing these and I kinda like this one. If you like it (or maybe if you don’t) leave some feedback or maybe submit a request!

“This bloody heat, I swear it’s going to be the buggin’death of me.” Your boyfriend Newt huffed to you from under your shared sheet as you trudged through the blazing hot desert.

You were currently on phase two of the trials, which had begun in a pitch black hallway. The hallway eventually led you out to where you were now. A dry, bright, and horribly hot desert. Thankfully, it wasn’t just miles upon miles of flat sand, you could make out a cluster of buildings in the distance and had set it as your goal.

“We should be at the city in a few hours, we just got to hang on until then.” you tried to sound optimistic, but in reality you had no idea what would happen at this city. It could turn out to be crank infested and everyone could end up dead.

“You’re full of klunk, (Y/N).” He said, but he was smiling, his lips slightly chapped from the heat and dehydration.

You smiled back and elbowed him in the side playfully.

Before he could react, your foot caught on something and sent you sprawling to the floor. You let out a groan of embarrassment at your clumsiness – you had ripped the sheet off of Newt and were now tangled up in it. You heard Newt, and a few of the other gladers who had noticed, laugh at you. Your feet were still tangled in whatever had caused your fall, but before you could attempt to untangle yourself, you felt it move and you let out a shriek. You scrambled to pull the sheet off so you could see what it was, and to your horror saw a terrifying black snake slithering across your feet.

A hush fell over everybody as they all gaped at the scene.

“(Y/N), do not move. If you move you could startle it and it will bite you. Just please hold still.” Newt’s voice instructed, surprisingly calm.

“Screw that,” Minho said, “let’s kill it with a stick or something.”

“That’s got to be about the worst plan I’ve ever heard, slinthead.” Thomas snapped.

Meanwhile, your heart was hammering in your chest and you were almost hyperventilating. You were absolutely terrified of snakes.

“G-guys it’s getting closer.” You stammered.

“It can sense your fear! Calm down, (Y/N), please.” Newt tried to make his voice sound calm to comfort me, but you could hear the strain in it.

It’s bright yellow eyes met with yours and you tried your best to seem confident as you stared at each other. For a second you thought you had won, but then you blinked and it hissed, opened its mouth and it’s fangs sank into your leg.

You scream and the gladers burst into action, throwing stones at the thing until it released you and slithered away. You stared at the wound in shock, the two holes were dribbling with blood.

Newt was at your side in seconds, “(Y/N)! Was it poisonous? Do you feel sick? Are you okay?” His eyes frantically searched your face for signs of pain.

Before you could answer, your whole body got weak and you collapse, your back slamming against the sandy ground – hard and painfully.

“(Y/N)!” Newt exclaimed, instantly trying to prop you back up to your previous sitting position, but your body was now like a ragdoll and he was unsuccessful.

“She is so shucking white right now this cannot be good.” Minho said, peering down at you, his voice traced with worry.

“No shit, shuckface.” Thomas hissed. You hear the sound of him hitting Minho.

Shuck,” was Newt was able to say. You wonder what it looked like, but there was no way you had the strength to sit up and check. “W-what do we do?”

“I don’t know man,” Thomas said. “I’ve never seen wound look like that before.”

“Do not let her lose consciousness,” Minho ordered, switching into leader mode. “This is obviously really bad and we don’t know if she’ll come to if she goes, just keep her holding on until we get to the city. Maybe they’ll have something for her there.”

“Yeah you’re right okay,” Newt took a deep breath to steady himself, “(Y/N)? Love, can you hear me?”

You could hear and you tried to answer, but all the came out was unintelligent mumbling.

“(Y/N),” Newt said, firmer this time, “You need to wake up now.”

Instead of answering him, you turned your head and vomited.

“Shuck me, buggin’ shuck me, she’s getting worse.”

You felt his hands slide under you and lift you up, “Come on, we need to get going now.”

They were running as fast as they could in the heat, with the added load of carrying supplies and now you.

“Talk to me, (Y/N)!” He shouted. “Please! I know you can do this, do not slip away from me.”

You tried to open your mouth to say something, but you physically could not bring yourself to.

“(Y/N), you slinthead! Open you’re shucking eyes I know you’re in there!” you hear Minho shout.

“Newt?” you muttered weakly.

“Oh thank god,” He muttered, before addressing you. “Yes, love?”

“I’m tired, I want to go to sleep. Everything hurts.” You whined, still unable to open your eyes.

“I know you do, babe, but you can’t. Do you hear me? You cannot go to sleep, you’re too ill. Please open your eyes.”

You wanted to comply, but your fatigue was so great and you were so weak that it felt impossible. You had used every ounce of energy you had left to speak to him.

“(Y/N)!” Newt shouted, “Don’t you go to sleep! Don’t you bloody do it!”

Your eyelids continued to feel as if they were glued shut, but he had one last tactic up his sleeve. He leaned down and kissed you with such passion, that despite the feverish chills running through your body, a fiery warmth swept through you. Your eyelids fluttered open and focused on Newt’s face, which was peering down at you with a concerned furrowed brow.

Despite everything going on there was only one thought floating around in your mind, “I probably tasted like vomit.”

A wave of relief washed over his face and he couldn’t suppress a laugh at your comment, “I’m not going to lie to you, (Y/N), it wasn’t one of our best kisses.”

You smiled weakly, “My blood is pulsing with snake venom, what’s you’re excuse?”

He tried to suppress a smile, “Bloody hell, (Y/N), just focus on staying alive please.”

The Maze Runner - Minho: You Read My Mind;  Literally

Request: Thank you again) And again and again and again, I LOVE your blog) Another request?..) Telepathy one. Y/N can hear Minho’s thoughts (especially about herself), Minho doesn’t know. Once they have a casual conversation, and at the same time Y/N hears Minhos’s “You’re so shucking beautiful”, “Wanna be with you”, “I like you, Y/N” and etc. And at some point Y/N blurts smth like “I like you too” in real conversation. Minho’s shock, embarrassment, kiss, happy dating and many mind conversations. Thanks! - karinas97


You wake before Minho does which you’re immediately grateful for. This means that you can spend an hour or two with Minho before he leaves the Glade and tackles the Maze for another day, you hate waiting all day just to say ‘Hi’ and then go to sleep. It’s probably more than that, but to you it feels very little.

After you get dressed in plain dark shorts and a slightly over-sized blue shirt, you race down to the Kitchen and pick up some food from Frypan who had set it out: already knowing you’d be up early to eat it. Then you meet Minho at his usual spot on one of the picnic tables by an old looking tree. “Mornin’ Minho.” You say as you take a seat across from him. You nod a good morning at Thomas, who’s beside Minho, and he replies with a sleepy yawn mixed in with a barely noticeable nod.

Minho smiles with amusement, “Got up this early just to see me?” You sure wish; shank.

“What?” You ask, confused. You swear you heard him say something else… but it sounded weird. It didn’t sound the same as when someone spoke aloud… it sounded closer, but really like there was no sound at all. You definitely knew it must have come from Minho but you don’t remember his lips moving, maybe you need more sleep.

“I said: got up this early just to see me?” He chuckles, “Maybe you should go back to bed.”

“You shake your head, “Nah, who’d want to use that much effort to see you?” You make it clear that you’re joking, and you both laugh.

“She’s hanging out with you too much, Minho.” Thomas says as he finishes his food, “I can already see the sass.”

“I’m already sassy.” You spit back, no way would you let Minho take the credit for that. “Look, maybe I’m just out here because I consider you two my friends and I’m trying to make an effort at being a good friend.” You admit.

“Oh.” Minho says, evidently a little bit surprised. “Thanks.” Thanks? Really Minho, you could have said something better than that!

You furrow your brows, “Sorry?”

Minho only chuckles, “I think you need to get your ears checked.” And with that, he leaves the Glade, Thomas too, and you wait until his return by hanging out with Newt and occasionally helping out with the Builders as you’re supposed to.


It’s just after dinner by the time you spot Minho: looking clean and fresh. His hair is slicked back, obviously wet from the shower he just had. You run over to him to greet him and ask how he’s going after spending yet another day out in the Maze.

Why does she even look gorgeous after a whole day’s of work? I probably look like a slinthead. “Yeah, I’m alright. The Maze was the same, like always.” He says as we take a seat off to the side of the bonfire.

“You don’t look like a slinthead.” You say casually, as if he’d think that? He’s the most attractive human being you’ve ever laid eyes on; no doubt about that.

“I –how?” He starts but then shakes it off. “How about your day?”

“It was alright. I snuck away from helping out with the Builders because Gally was pissing me off, kept saying that I couldn’t do my job properly; that shank. So I just hung out with Newt all day.” It’s true, Gally is always harsher on you than any of the other Gladers and you’re pretty sure it’s because you’re a girl. You got chosen to be a Builder for a reason, obviously you can do it correctly.

“Sounds like that shank needs to be told a few things…” He starts while glaring over at Gally.

“No…” You say, placing your hand on his arm closest to you, “Its’ okay. Really. I can handle a slinthead like him.”

“Alright…” Of course she can defend herself, she’s Y/N. The strongest, toughest, beautiful girl I’ve ever seen; considering I’ve only seen one that I remember, but still. No way could I feel like this about every girl I meet.

Wait… what? Did you hear Minho correctly? You open your mouth to say something but then change your mind and close it again. It was like he was talking to himself, and there was no way you could have mistaken that his lips weren’t moving. Because they definitely didn’t. He only said one word, well, that matched his lips.

I wish I could kiss her. Minho’s head turns towards the bonfire, the fiery flames reflect their flickering in his gorgeous eyes. You could stare at him forever if he’d let you. Wait a second…

I wish I could just grab her right now and kiss her, hug her; hold her. Call her mine…

Where is this voice coming from? No… it’s not really a voice… it’s more of a knowing. Like the words just pop up in your head and form a sentence. Someone is somehow communicating in your mind and you can’t figure out how… All you know is that someone is Minho. Again, you’re not exactly sure how you know that; it’s just a knowing. Every word brings Minho into mind. Brings his presence. But how, and why?

I like her so damn much… why can’t I just admit it to her? Am I that scared of rejection? For shucks sake, I face the Maze every damn day of my life; so why is this so hard to do?

“I…” Your voice fades but you can feel Minho looking at you, confused. “I like you too… Like, a lot.”

How did she? “You –you like me?” His voice sounds surprised. “How did you know that I like you?”

You sigh, maybe you’re going mad; maybe not. “You told me.”

“No… No I didn’t.” He says as he looks at you, very confused. “I was thinking about it, yes. But I never said a word.”

I know. You say this in your mind as you think of Minho, and you hope to klunk it works.

“What the…” He shakes his head in disbelief, “I just heard your… your thoughts?”


This time, it’s Minho. Well at least we can talk dirty to each other whenever we want.

“Minho!” You say as you slap his arm, “you’re a pervert.” You laugh and so does he; of course he’d want to use this… telepathy skill in that way.

Sorry. There’s a long pause before Minho continues, can I kiss you?

You wait a moment, savouring every second of the suspension; the feeling of someone wanting to kiss you. Hell yeah.

He slides in closer to you and brings his hand up to cup the side of your jaw. He stares longingly onto your lips before he gently presses his onto yours, filling you with a sweet sensation. His lips move in sync with yours as you both satisfy each other’s needs; wants. Your hand moves to press against his chest, not to push him away but to feel his heart race. Then you slide it up to hold onto his shoulder as you both deepen the kiss.

Then you both pull back and take a breath, lips only centimetres away.

Holy shuck.

You giggle, I know; I’m pretty good, right?

Slim it. You can almost hear the growl in his voice as he utters those words.

You look up from his mouth to his eyes which stare lovingly back into yours, he blinks and then slowly whispers, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to kiss you like that, Y/N.” His lips brush against yours as he speaks, his eyes never looking away from yours.

“Oh,” You say; a little above a whisper. “I know.”

A/N: Hello! This was fun to write, so thank you for requesting. Apologies for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Thank you advanced for liking and reblogging my imagines; you’re all incredibly awesome! I really hope you all enjoyed this imagine as much as I did. 

Keep requesting!

“Oh really?”

Request:  Can I have a really cute fluffy number 14 “you’re jealous” with Newt! Thanks sweetie! Also I’m in love with your imagines! They’re amazing

Pairing:Newt x Reader


A/N:Thank you so much that means a lot love!

I was in the Glade just going on with my day.The new Greenie showed up, tried to run into the maze! That shuck, but he’ll learn. He says his name is Thomas. Chuck has been showing him around and everything. I was making some soup for the boys, I let Frypan take a break. 

As all the boys started to pile in, they formed a line as I gave them a couple scoops of soup. It finally came to the Greenie, by his side was Newt my boyfriend, I send him a smile which he returns. I decided to talk to the Greenie because knowing the other Gladers were giving him a rough time.

“Hey Greenie, I’m Y/N, got a name?” I asked, he looked up and his eyes seem to get brighter because someone was actually talking to him. The corners of his lips curved upwards a little.

“Thomas” He said, I nodded giving him a reassuring smile. “Well Thomas its nice to meet you, I’ll see you at the bonfire” I said as I gave him a scoop of soup, he smiled and nodded. 

Newt kind of gave a glare at Thomas but smiled at me knowing that this is what I do to all the new Greenies. “I’ll see you tonight babe” I said giving him a scoop of soup. He nodded, “See you there love” I felt my heart flutter at his nickname for me, saying it with his cute little accent.

Time flew by because I found myself already walking to the middle of the Glade about to get ready for the bonfire.Everyone was there, I grabbed a cup of Gally’s special juice and just started talking to some people. I noticed Newt and Thomas sitting on a long a couple feet away nut decided I’ll talk to them later.

-Newts POV-(tell me if you like me doing different pov and I’ll do it more)

I was sitting with Tommy leaning against a log. He didn’t seem like he was having that much fun. He was looking around with a questionable look. I saw him looking a Gally, “That’s Gally he can be a real git” I said explaining to him.

He pointed at Minho, “Who’s that?” 

“Mister tough guy, that’s Minho, keeper of the Runners”

He wasn’t talking that much so I looked over at him, something had caught his eye. I turned to see he was staring at Y/N, I clenched my jaw used t this happening with all the new Greenies. “Tommy” I said getting his attention, “Yeah?”

“What are you looking at?” I question. He looked back at Y/n keeping his gaze, “Y/N…is she the only girl?”

I couldn’t take it and I snapped. “Okay you see her right there” I said pointing at her.

“You don’t go near her, don’t look at her, don’t talk to her, She’s off limits you hear me mate?”

“Why?” He asked

“Because I said so” I said and he seemed to drop it and I didn’t see him glance again at her, I smirked kind of, satisfied.

-Readers POV-

I was back in the kitchens. Last night was really fun. I didn’t see much of the Greenie. Alby walked into the kitchen, “Hey Y/n, the Greenies gonna start here for today”

“Okay!” I said as Thomas walked towards me, and Ably left. “Alright Thomas, we are going to make lunch for everybody, we are gonna just start off simple and make some sandwiches” I said which he nodded to.

He followed all the steps I showed him, he was pretty good at it. But he didn’t speak one word, I didn’t know why. I stopped doing what I was doing and leaned against the wood and looked at him, he didn’t notice though.

“Thomas” I stated, he didn’t answer, “Thomas stop” I said making him stop, his body turned to face me,but his head was looking at the ground. “Thomas look at me” He did as I told him.

“Look I understand, it hard to process about being here and everything-” He cut me off.

“It’s not that”He said, I was a little taken back,”Okay then what is it then?”I ask.

“Newt said I couldn’t talk to you..or look at you.” He said, I crossed my arms over my chest, “Oh really?”I say. He nodded his head, “Alright take a break I’ll be back” 

I think I saw a little bit of fear in his eyes so he didn’t say anything. I stormed my way to the gardens and looked for Newt. I finally found that shuck face. 

“You are a complete bloody shuck face ,you know?” I said as I shoved his shoulder.

“Did you just say bloody?”He questioned.

“Newt, did you tell Thomas not to talk to me?” I asked arms crossed. He got silent and looked down. Right then I knew he was guilty.

“Why’d you do that?”I ask

“He was looking at you and asking about you and you can tell he wanted to talk to you” He explained.

“Oh my gosh! Your jealous!”I shout. His face got all red and it was so adorable!

“Well maybe, I don’t like how the gladers look at you”

“Oh my gosh you so cute, Newt don’t worry about that. I love you” I said wrapping my arms around his neck. he placed his large hands on my hips smiling. I bring him into a hug after a couple secound I let out a breath. I form a fist, him not noticing. I lean close to his ear,

“But if you ever to that again, I’ll rip your balls off, get it?” I asked as I hit him in the gut, he doubles over out of breathe.

“Got it” he said out of breathe, “Good” I said nodding my head. And I start to walk off swaying my hips with a smirk plastered on my face.

“I love you!” He shouts, “Love you too!” I shout back not even looking back.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed! I really liked how this turned out and I loved writing it!


Anon request: can you pretty please do a second part to “imagine Newt and You being competitive towards each other and everyone in the glade know why”? it could be about Minho and Thomas calling him a chicken and jokingly saying they were gonna ask Y/N out before he did an Newt get so annoyed with the two that he just storms over to Y/N all confident and ready to ask her out but ends up stuttering and fumbling with his fingers and Y/N saves him from embarrassment by saying yes because she likes him to. (A/N: I’m going to assume you mean 3rd part) ~ Part 1 ~ Part 2

Newt blushed when Y/N sat across from him at Breakfast. She acted like nothing happened, but he was still floating on cloud 9 since the kiss.

He hated to admit it that a girl made him feel this happy, in fear that the other boys would make fun of him.

Even then, Thomas and Minho made fun of him enough for the whole Glade.

A few days after the kiss, Newt and Y/N were hanging out, doing your usual stupid competitions. She laughed while trying to talk normally, “Newt, no way is that possible.”

He rose his eyebrows playfully. “Are you questioning my abilities?”

“Yeah, I am,” she provoked teasingly.

“Hey, Y/N?” Clint asked, “Sorry, but Jack just came in with a pretty nasty slice and I could really use an extra hand.”

Y/N held up both hands. “Well, you’re lucky that I’ve got two.” She waved goodbye to Newt and left with the MedJack.

“Aw, where’s Y/N going?” Minho came from behind and scared Newt. “Leaving Newtie all by his lonesome.”

“Stop calling me that,” he warned.

Thomas cut in, “Then why can Y/N call you that?”

“Because she kisses him,” he answered, “If you want to call him Newtie, all he requires is a kiss.”

“Please don’t,” Newt huffed which made the other boys laugh. “Besides, it was only a kiss.”

He said, “Newt, I mean this in the nicest way possible. You’re a shucking chicken.”

“You know, I can feel the kindness oozing from that sentence.”

Minho held his hands up in defense. “I’m just saying, Y/N could be yours right now, but you’re too scared.”

“Other Gladers might try to ask her out,” he added.

“Ok, shanks,” Newt scoffed.

“Well, I’m off then to ask out Y/N,” Minho announced, “Thomas, come along.”

“What?” He demanded and grabbed their arms, “What are you doing?”

He continued, “I mean, she’s single. We’re single. Y/N’s bound to like one of us.” Thomas shifted uncomfortably.

“Oh really?” Newt glared at them.

“Yeah,” Minho provoked, “She’s gotta be into confident guys, right? I mean, you don’t have a chance, Newt. You’re too much of a chicken.”

Newt looked like he was going to kill him for saying that. “Chicken, huh?” He said mockingly, “Well, this chicken is about to go ask out Y/N.” Minho and Thomas smiled at each other and lead the confident boy to where Y/N was.

She had just finished helping out the MedJacks and looked up to see Newt being led by Minho and Thomas. He saw her and smiled. Y/N smiled back. Newt came up to her, very sure of himself. “Y/N, I want to talk to you.”

“Sure, Newt,” she replied, “What’s up?”

The moment that Y/N looked at him, Newt could feel his confidence diminish. The nerves returned, but his mind was still trying to ask her out. “Uh,” he stumbled, “There’s something that I need to ask you?” The end of the sentence rose like a question.

Y/N looked at the stuttering boy and almost smiled. She had some idea what Newt was trying to do. “Fire away, Newtie.”

“Newtie. Yeah, well, the reason I let you call me that,” he paused, “Although Minho has started calling me that and I don’t let him call me that for the same reason. That would be odd and we’re just friends, in case you-.” Newt cringed at just how off topic he was getting and took a quick breath. “Never mind. I just need to tell you something.”

“I thought you were going to ask me something,” she teased.

“Uh, I am,” he agreed, “Then, tell you something. I don’t blame you if you say no. I mean, I wouldn’t care.” Newt looked confused about his own word choice. “I mean, I would care, but I…wouldn’t care?” Thomas and Minho were covering their eyes because of the train wreck, but opened them when they heard Y/N laughing a bit.

“Newt, I’d love to,” she interrupted his rambling.

He looked at you with confusion. “Love to what?” Y/N looked at him expectedly. “Oh. Oh! Yes, great, brilliant!” Newt whispered, “We’re talking about the same thing, right?”

“You were just asking me out, weren’t you?” Y/N was certain that he was.

“Yes!” Newt cleared his throat. “I mean, right, yes.” She smiled at him and kissed him again.

When Y/N pulled away, Newt looked completely shocked. “I’ll see you at Dinner, ok?” She said, “And don’t think that just because I like you that I’m going to go easy on you.”

When she left, Minho and Thomas congratulated him and slapped his back. “That had to be the most awkward thing I have ever seen,” Minho decided, “Why would Y/N like you after that train wreck?”

“That’s not the point,” Thomas insisted, “You’re dating Y/N!” The boys nudged him a tiny bit painfully. “What’s it like?”

He laughed. “I literally just started, you shanks.”

“And hopefully you don’t screw it up, Newtie.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Yeah,” he mocked, “When were you going to tell me that we were just friends? Because this is new to me.”

“I hate you both.”

“You don’t mean it,” Thomas stated, “Without us, you wouldn’t be dating Y/N!”

The Maze Runner: Gally - Let Me Love You

Thank you anonymous for sending in this request, I appreciate it heaps! Apologies for it being so late, I was sort of on a break to study for exams and do the exams, so thank you for your patience. It was fun writing one for Gally again, I love writing about him –he’s very interesting to write for. 

Thanks again, hope you enjoy!

“Hey, Y/N, can I talk to you for a quick sec?” Alby beckons you over with a small wave of his hand. You know that whenever Alby does this it means no good will come of it. To be completely honest with yourself, he does intimidate you. And you worry he knows that.


“I heard you and Gally last night.” He says seriously, a frown turning his usual smile upside down. “You two were awfully loud.”

You are only just able to supress the blush, “We were arguing.”

Alby eyes you off for a moment, “I… know that…? What were you implying?”


He stares at you for one more moment before shaking his head, “Anyway, like I said, you two were loud. So loud that I had to block my ears with my own shuck-pillow. I know you don’t get along with Gally, not many people do, but you need to grow up. Get over whatever he does or says to piss you off because I need my beauty sleep and so does every other shank in this place, got me?”

You look to your feet shyly and mumble, “I can’t help that he angers me so much… Every time he opens his damn mouth I want to smack him right in the middle of his face!”

“But you wouldn’t do that, now, would you? Don’t want to break any of the rules we have here.”

“Of course Alby… I was just… never mind.” Alby turns to go but you quickly catch him before it’s too late, “I try to get along with Gally, I really do, but he doesn’t make it easy for me either.”

“I already had this chat with him this morning so I expect better behaviour from the both of you.” He heads towards the Homestead as soon as he finishes the conversation, leaving you feeling a little down about your situation. Ever since… If Gally wasn’t such an ass to you on your first day in the Glade then maybe things would be different.

“Hey, you know what I want to see?” A boy near Gally and the rest of his awful Builder gang says with a wicked smile and challenging eyes. He looks over at you for a split second and then back to Gally, you try to ignore them and continue eating your lunch on a picnic table beside their fighting ring, but you are suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of regret on sitting here and you fight the urge to think negatively about yourself. “I want to see Y/N fight Gally.”

You immediately drop your fork onto your plate and stare up at the unknown boy, maybe his name was Trent, but you don’t really care. You’re not astonished, not even the slightest bit surprised, you’re just irritated. Irritated already and you haven’t even said a word to Gally since earlier in the afternoon. “You’re kidding me right?”

“What, you’re scared to fight this beast?”

“Well, he definitely is a beast, monstrous at that. You’ve always been this ugly?” You smile quite rudely over at Gally who rolls his eyes in reply. No witty comeback like usual?

“You’re always fighting each other verbally, how about you settle it once and for all?” The kid presses, his blue eyes excitedly lighting up at the idea.

Gally puts a hand on the kid’s shoulder, “Look Trent, it wouldn’t be fair…”

You jump up from your seat, your arms crossed over your chest. You stare at Gally, and he stares back. A slight confusion reflecting in his eyes, but his stare soon becomes a glare. “You think I can’t fight you?”

Gally mimics your manner, your tone, “You think you can?”

You rush into the roughly drawn circle, and as soon as you do the Builders rush out of it –surrounding you in a ring of war. Other Gladers from lunch start to wander over to, obviously entertained by the commotion.

Gally’s arms drop from his chest as he sighs heavily, he spreads his legs slightly and drops his weight –lifting his hands in front of his chest. “Alright girlie, hit me with your best shot.”

You shake out your hands, and the battle begins. Both of you trace the outer circle, walking slowly –waiting to slip in a shot. Gally’s eyes don’t leave yours, their cold and hard colour piercing your very soul. His arms tighten, his veins pop with the colour of purple. You can see his swollen muscles stretch through his shirt, you suddenly feel very small compared to him.  

A burst of courage however, from the pits of your stomach, causes you to leap at him. You manage to take him down into the dirt with heavy pressed hands on his shoulders. But within less than a second he manages to pin you down onto the ground. You feel his weight over you and push with much effort but he doesn’t budge. This was a bad idea.

“Give up yet, shank?”

You squirm underneath his hold, and suddenly kick your foot out at his leg. His knee buckles and he collapses onto you completely so you take this opportunity to roll out from underneath. As you stand up again, you quickly brush the dirt from your clothes. Gally jumps up in no time and you’re ready to pounce at him again but this time he leaps at you. He twists your arms behind your back and pushes you step-by-step over the edge of the circle. Gally’s body pressed against yours flushes heat through your cheeks, but thankfully most of your hair is able to cover your embarrassment.

As you are just about to be pushed over the edge of the circle however, you stomp on his foot and jump the other way. He turns around and you can see anger in those lonesome eyes, “You’re a squirmy one, aren’t ya?”

You prepare yourself for another tackle but a loud voice reaches out over the wrestling match. The crowd stops hooting and cat-calling as the voice speaks, “Gally. Y/N. Come with me. Now.”

You glance at Gally who suddenly becomes slightly worried and also pissed off. You already know who the voice belongs to, so you don’t blame him. Especially when Alby literally just told you this morning that he wanted better behaviour from both of you. You worry that you’ve crossed a line and all sorts of thoughts rush through your head. Would he Banish you?

“Alright you damn slintheads, what did I just tell you?” Alby stares threateningly at the both of you, and when none of you reply he repeats himself, “I said, what did I just buggin’ tell you, slintheads?”

Gally’s voice comes out quietly, “To get along with each other…”

“And what have you gone and done?” Silence lingers in the air for a few seconds before he continues on, “Try to kill each other, that’s what.”

“I wasn’t going to hurt her.”

“I’m not talking about you Gally.” His eyes skim over yours accusingly. “I just can’t believe you two, honestly. Why do you have to make things so difficult? You’re not five anymore, it’s time to grow up. If you don’t start getting along I will take serious action, and I’m not just saying this –I promise I will punish you.”

Both of you nod solemnly before Alby takes a deep breath and leaves the both of you –attending to the over-hyped ground that watched your fight go down.

You can’t just let Gally go however, it’s his fault and his friends that got you into trouble! They were the ones to provoke the stupid fight! “If you’re stupid bone-head friends didn’t piss me off like that then maybe I wouldn’t have fought you, and Alby wouldn’t be mad at us.”

“Oh come off it, Y/N. It’s your fault just as much as it is mine.”

You step closer to him, the colour of angry red colouring your cheeks, “You know what Gally?  I’m sick of you! At least I actually try to make this work between us!”

Gally rolls his eyes, “Oh yeah, so coming over to fight me was you trying to make it work? I definitely see it now!”

Your eyes light up with heated anger, “Coming from you beast-boy, you stupid, whiny, son of a-

Suddenly one of his hands reaches around the back of your head, his other on your neck. Before you know it, his lips tangle with yours. The faint taste of liquor and salt erupts in your mouth and you feel yourself reaching for more; wanting more. Your hands wrap around his torso as you pull yourself in closer, both of your bodies pressed against one another. An explosion of heat startles your stomach –is this really happening right now?

But the kiss abruptly stops, and as it does he immediately pushes himself away from you. There is no words between the both of you, nothing to explain his actions or yours. Nothing to bring you to understand how you felt that and why you felt that. He just looks away, vaguely embarrassed before leaving you to drown in your own thoughts.

You thought the fight today was the final straw, but that was nothing compared to what Gally’s Builder friends decided to do to you. It started at lunch the next day, they pushed you around and threw insults at you whenever they could.

But right now, you want more than anything in the world to curl up into a ball and disappear for good. About ten minutes ago you had entered the shower block to take a shower, and usually Newt is around to make sure you’re okay and keep a watch out for lurking Gladers, but something must have happened because now you’re stuck in the shower block with nothing but this skimpy, tiny white towel to cover your wet, naked body.

The damn Builders took your clothes.

You stand in the shower for a moment or two, feeling the annoyance and the anger rush through you. How could this have happened? But would you just let them take your clothes like that? Let them win? Hell no.

You leave the shower block, no sign of Newt of course. They must have distracted him. You scan the Glade for the same stupid, smirked faces that have been tormenting you ever since you got Gally into trouble. And soon you spot them, nearby a patch of trees. They’re holding your clothes, laughing and talking. You spot Gally in the group as well and a sudden rage takes control over your mind.

You rush up to them, their stunned faces giving you the strength to shout at them. “You pile of slintheads, you think you can humiliate me?” You stare them down, “I don’t care that you’ve taken my clothes, but I would appreciate it if you give them back.” You struggle to hold the towel around your body, and when you see Gally staring at you, you feel your cheeks flush.

“Oh, so you don’t care? Guess you won’t be needing these.” Trent, the shank from yesterday laughs in your face while holding your underwear in one hand.

“Mind if we take a peek?”

“Give us a show, come on!”

Gally immediately stands up, “Alright, alright, lads, I think we’ve teased her enough.”

“Aw but-

“I said that it’s enough, got me shank?” He almost growls, and you see the fear flash over Trent and his friend’s eyes.

“Yeah, we got you Gally.”

You shake away Gally’s protection and push your way through the boys to stand directly in front of him, “So? This all your idea?”

He swallows a lump in his throat, “No, not really.”

“Oh whatever, just get me my clothes back.”

“What is that, some kind of order?”

“Oh for goodness sake Gally, I’m standing here in my damn towel!”

Gally proceeds to look over you but stops abruptly as he realises what he’s doing, to hide his embarrassment he snatches your clothes off the other boys and pulls you away from the crowd. “Go get dressed then, and next time, don’t prance around in your towel. Don’t you have any other clothes?”

You frown, “Maybe, but I didn’t want your friends to think they could just push me around like that.” You sigh, “I can put up with you Gally but since when did this constant fighting involve your stupid friends?”

“Would you stop calling them stupid?”

You throw your hands up in frustration, “Ugh! You’re so… so…” You drop your arms by your side and look at the boy who has confused you since the very beginning. Feelings and memories start flooding in from last night when he kissed you like that, what the hell was that all about anyway?

“You finished?” He asks, his eyes tired.

“No, actually, I’m not. When are you going to explain to me about what happened last night?”

Gally shakes his head, “Oh forget it.”

He turns to go but you immediately grab a hold of his arm, “Wait, Gally, you can’t just kiss me and expect all of that to go away without any kind of explanation!” As you speak, he turns around.

“Look, it’s honestly nothing, just go and… go, alright?”

“Tell me what the hell it was all about!”

“I –oh for shuck’s sake, isn’t it obvious?” The way he looks at you makes your heart flutter before rising in pace.

“But I thought you hated me.”

He immediately shakes his head and rushes over to you, his hands cupping your face to direct your line of sight. “No, no, no, Y/N. I… I don’t hate you. I never could hate you.” He lets go of your face, “You confuse me! Ever since you came up in that shuck-Box, I don’t know whether I’m angry at you or totally in love!”

“I…” You’re unsure how to reply.

Gally looks to his feet, “You can’t say that you don’t feel anything either… because damn; that kiss.” He looks up at you and smiles cheekily and you just shake your head while trying to hold in your laughter. Gally smiles softly, you’ve never really seen him smile much before and you’re happy that it is you who can make him smile like that. “You do feel something for me… right?”

You pull Gally in close to you and lean in for another kiss, your lips brush against his gently; softly at first. You feel his hands glide over your skin to the small of your back in effort to deepen the kiss. Your hands slip and shake as you try to keep your towel on with effort as both your bodies move with one another. But your hands keep fidgeting with the towel and it disrupts any kind of flow you two could have so he pulls away again, like last night, but this time he doesn’t walk away, instead he keeps you close but whispers croakily, “How about you go put these clothes on first…”

You stare at the bundle of material in his hand, “Yeah… might be a good idea.”

A/N: Hope you all enjoyed, the next lot of one-shots will be up sometime soon, thank you for all of your patience –as you may know already it’s been a pretty hectic month for me but I just finished school for the rest of this year so I’m pretty happy! 

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Can’t Sleep (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Can’t Sleep

Warning: Little spoiler of the first book of the Maze Runner saga.

Summary: It’s a stressful day in the Glade, so during the night Y/N can’t really bring herself to fall asleep. Even if she weren’t so nervous and worried, she knew she wouldn’t have fallen asleep. Luckily, Newt is awake too and will keep her company.

When it got late, I went to sleep even if I knew I wouldn’t sleep any. The boys snored around me, and I wondered if I should ask for a place to rest where I wouldn’t be surrounded by boys everywhere. But it would sound too preppy.

The worries of the life in the Glade filled my head and haunted sleep away from me, as I had imagined.

I softly sighed and lied on my back. The hammock swayed as I moved.

“Y/N?” A voice called me, which I recognized instantly.


“Can’t sleep either?”

“Won’t do”

I heard someone noticeably stir in his hammock and figured it must be him. It sounded in front of me, a bit to the right.

It actually surprised me that he was sleeping with the rest of us out here. Didn’t the Keepers -as well as the leader and second in command - have their own beds inside the Homestead?

I forced my eyesight to look around the half-lit place, as the stars were the only light, for his slim figure and soon spotted him.

“Come’re” He asked me in a whisper.

“What, why?”

Even if Newt was one of the boys I got along with best, we weren’t really that close.

I was still the Greenie, and would be for a few weeks more, and Newt was the nicest one out there. Most of the boys didn’t really pay much attention to me at all, but he of all of them was the kindest and who worried about my wellbeing the most.

I really liked Newt. I appreciated him and enjoyed his company, and to be honest a smile broke in my face everytime I heard his husky voice calling me ‘love’ to get my attention towards him. Shuck, I think I had a crush on him, but what girl wouldn’t? With that British accent of his and those piercing warm brown eyes and that charming and caring personality.

I heard a light chuckle that brought me back to reality.

“Will you bloody come already, love?”

I tried to hide the smile that wanted to break in my mouth when he called me ‘love’ again. I complied and awkwardly walked to his hammock. I stood there, looking at him, and he grinned.

I was glad of the slight light, because I probably blushed when I saw that gorgeous smile.

“Come” He held his arms open, inviting me to sit with him.

I shyly obliged and carefully sat in the hammock, trying my best not to make it sway much so we wouldn’t end up in the ground.

He scooted over to make room for me. Still, the hammock was really small and we were really close to each other, our sides brushing.

“Decided anything yet?” I whispered, trying to make conversation.

Alby, Minho and Thomas were stuck in the Maze overnight. That meant that it was most likely that, sadly, they wouldn’t make it. And since Alby was the leader, they had to make up their minds about choosing someone to take his place.

“You could say that” He answered, not giving any further details.

I sensed reluctance in his voice. He didn’t really want to talk about it, and I understood why. I had spent less than a month in there and I got attached to everyone and was fearing for their lifes, so Newt had more reasons than anyone to feel sad and worried about it all.

“Shuck…” I breathed, not knowing what else to say. We were feeling very  gloomy.

Newt heavily sighed one of those sighs that feel like you let all your worries go even if you know they’re still there, locked in your chest.

He then lied down, causing the hammock to rock from side to side. I looked at him, trying to make out his face and his blond hair in the semidarkness. It seemed disheveled and messy, even more than usual.

I did the same and lied down next to him. We were so close that my shoulder blade rested against his collarbone. Not that he seemed to mind.

“Sorry about being a whiny little baby back there” I mumbled, trying not to wake anyone up. I envied them, really, they could sleep like babies.

I heard him smiling, though.

I wasn’t really proud of my reaction when I saw the Doors closing before the Gladers could get out of the Maze. I freaked out and wanted to go inside myself, and Newt had to hold me back as I screamt and cried like a baby.

“Don’t bloody apologize” He softly shook his head, and I felt the pillow sinking under us. “Tommy used to say you should never be ashamed of crying”

“Thomas…” I didn’t know if I was supposed to say ‘is’ or ‘was’, so I just omitted the verb. “Nice guy”

He noticed and changed the subject.

“Anyways” He lied on his side and looked at me. “You were worrying about them, it wasn’t something stupid”

“I know, but… I’m ashamed of being afraid”

“At least it’s not a selfish fear. You feared for your friends, not for you”

I was amazed how he tried to comfort me although he was probably the one that needed the comfort. He seemed so selfless that it made me admired him even more. He always managed to keep us all together.

I faced him as well and looked into his eyes for a moment before looking away.

“Thanks for everything, Newtie”

“Nloody hell, don’t call me that ever again” I saw him closing his eyes as he cringed and shook his head while making a funny face. “It sounds bloody ridiculous”

I laughed a little and closed my eyes, embracing the closeness and the warmth.

I could feel him staring at me, so I opened my eyes and saw that I was right.

Then Newt wrapped his arms around me and rested his hands in the little of my back. I felt the warm touch through the fabric of my shirt.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, shy but comfortable.

“You mind?”

“N… no, but…”

“Great then” I heard him grinning again.

I looked down and rested my forehead in his collarbone. His warmth amazed me, he felt like a stove.

He smelt like sweat and dirt, but like Newt as well. His scent also reminded me of cocoa, for some reason.

He tightened his grip against my skin and pulled me to him so we couldn’t be any closer.

“Minho mentioned that he was sure that you fancied me” He whispered in my ear, and I could picture a smirk in his lips.

I rested my hands on his chest and shoved him hard. He held onto me tighter to avoid falling off the hammock as it violently wobbled.

“Shut up, Newtie”

His soft and adorable laughter tickled my ear as I felt his breath against my skin.

But Minho’s mention brought us back to reality. 

Maybe we both liked each other and were comfortable lying and cuddling together. But our friends were stuck in that terrifying place and even if we wanted to forget it that was the shuck truth.


I don’t know when I fell asleep.

But I woke up feeling Newt waking up by my side. His arms were around me still. It was so cozy I didn’t want to move.

He carefully let me go trying not to wake me and stood up. I missed his touch as I sleepily shifted.

I wouldn’t know how long it was since he left until he came back. But it felt like just a second.

“Oi, Greenie” Newt shook my shoulder.

I opened one eye and saw him crouching by the bed, right in my nose.

He smiled when he saw I was awake. But it was a restless smile.

“The Doors are about to open”

“Coming” I said, and he left.

No ok imagine Star Wars as a fresh and new “as it’s happening” internet fandom rather than the fandom staple we all know and love

Luke/Leia and Han/Leia shippers worse than Harry/Hermione and Ron/Hermione

Instead of Snape Wives on the Astral Plane we’d have Force Ghost Wives

Someone would call Chewy their boyfriend. Several furries would be involved in this wank

Speaking of furries: Ewoks. Furry Minions. Fuck.


The fucking nuclear option of Luke/Leia being siblings would be the greatest wank of my life.

  • The small subfaction that was like STAR WARS IS DEAD AND YOU KILLED IT. THE TRUE STORY OF STARWARS WAS THE STARCROSSED LOVE STORY OF A FARM BOY AND A PRINCESS nevermind the literal laser swords and space fights
  • the larger group who had vocally said they would ship Han/Leia on their deathbed who is all “WELL SHUCKS Y’ALL I KNOW I SAID I HATED IT BUT THEY DID IT SO WELL”
  • People burning their copies of Star Wars movies over the reveal
  • This becoming a running meme

Ackbar/Rickroll mashups are already a thing but like, fucking imagine

I can’t even deal guys I want it so bad


When Y/N found out that she had feelings for Newt, she broke down at the feeling that she was doing the worst thing ever. Newt on the other hand liked her for as long as he could remember. When something unwanted happened, it resulted to Y/N getting trapped in the Maze.

Requested: Yes

Request:hey is it possible for me to request an imagine with newt? I was thinking Newt could have a major crush on you and everyday he could tell you to be safe in the maze, then one day you come back early but then a greenie runs in and you go in to save him, you then get him out but your stuck and while your in there he breaks down and everyone finds out he loves you and when you get back he just holds and kisses you and you tell him how you were surrounded by a griever and yo killed it

Newt x Reader

Warning: None

The night sky fell across the Glade making every Glader return to his hammock. Y/N walked to her hut, discouraged as ever. What she found out that day just frustrated her so much that it made her break down in her hut. She liked – no – loved Newt. She knew it was wrong. And even if she wanted to like him, getting her hopes up and getting crushed in the end would just make her heart ache grow worse. Why did she have to feel that way about him? She let out a frustrated groan as she slid her back down against the wooden wall.

“Y/N, what are you doing?!” she asked herself, lightly slapping her face repeatedly. Her heart didn’t beat in a steady pace. Fear, love, anger, and frustration battled for dominance over her heart. Every emotion she felt at that moment took over except for love. She was overwhelmed with everything that she felt.

“You can’t like him, you Shank!” she whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek. But I do. I like him… but I fucking can’t!, she thought. Everything confused her at that moment. Her emotions, her mind, and her heart. They just made her hate herself and every buggin thing even more. She never wanted to feel that way about anyone. Ever.

Meanwhile, Newt was with the other boys, sound asleep. His chest rose up every time he took in little breaths. He smiled as Y/N, the only girl in the Glade, appeared in his dream. Newt liked Y/N very much. She made him laugh when he didn’t even want to smile. She was the only one who understood his pain. Her laugh just made his heart flutter ever time. Newt just liked her so much.

_ _ _

The sun rose up waking everyone and forcing them to start working. Y/N groaned as she walked out of the unstable yet functional shower room. She sighed. Last night wasn’t really her ideal thought of having a good night rest. As she headed to the Kitchen to help Frypan with breakfast and of course, to get some food for herself, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She spun around to see the last person she wanted to see, Newt. His bronze locks were messy due to the fact that he just woke up. A smile spread across his face, his hand were on his hips. Y/N smiled, thought her heart beat faster than usual.

“Mornin,” Newt greeted her.

“Morning,” she said with the same tone that he had. They walked to the Kitchen, looking forward to what Frypan had prepared for breakfast. Fry pan greeted them with a huge grin and they sat down. He served them their favourite breakfast food, pancakes. Y/N ate her food slowly, taking time to savour her favourite food while Newt gobbled his food quickly. Y/N chuckled. Is that really the guy I like, she thought. She never really knew why she liked him. He was just a goofball who cared about her – oh. Well that thought didn’t help at all. Newt took glances from Y/N from time to time. She would occasionally catch him and he would look away immediately. There was one time where they made eye contact. It was as if they were staring at each other’s very souls. Newt smiled and Y/N smiled back. They walked out of the Kitchen and Y/N sighed.

“Another day of tiredness and running blah blah blah,” she groaned, making Newt chuckle.

“Well, I can’t blame Minho for making you a Runner. You’re one of the best,” Newt said making Y/N blush. She looked down to hide her red face. Newt felt so weird around her. He knew he liked her but he never really knew how to act around her. He feared that he might trip or say the wrong words. It bugged him so much. Sometimes, he would stuff his face into his pillow and groan. It irked him when that happened.

“Hey, Y/N! Time to run!” They heard Minho’s voice and she rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, alright!” she yelled and turned back to Newt.

“I’m sorry, Newt. I gotta find a way out of this hellhole,” she said and Newt laughed.

“It’s okay. Now go do your job. I gotta do mine.”

She smiled. Before she could run into the Maze, Newt called her once more making her turn around.

“Be careful.”

She nodded with a smile and ran into the ever-changing Maze.

_ _ _

Y/N got back from her run half an hour before the Maze Doors closed. It confused Newt so he ran to her. His limp not helping him to reach her. Once he got to her, a smile appeared on Y/N’s face.

“You’re early,” Newt said, shifting his weight on his right leg.

“I had a short route today,” she explained and he nodded. Wind passed them making Y/N’s hair fly across her face. She groaned and swept her hair out of her face. She thought that she triumphed when the wind blew her hair to her face once more. Newt laughed and tucked them behind her ear. Y/N smiled.

“Tommy’s being a buggin pain in the neck,” Newt pointed to the newbie, Thomas. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, her face asked him why.

“He’s been asking a lot of questions. He won’t leave us alone.”

“Well, ya can’t blame the Greenie. He doesn’t remember anything,” she defended the newbie. Newt shrugged.

It was almost time for the Maze Doors when an unwanted happening occurred. Thomas, the Greenie, ran into the Maze Doors out of curiosity. Y/N was the first to see him and she ran after hi. Stupid klunk, she thought. The Gladers saw what happened and they ran to the front of the Maze Doors. Newt was the first to get there.

“Greenie you –“

“My name’s Thomas!” the boy shouted.

“Alright, Thomas. We need to get out of here. It’s shucking dangerous!”

“I want to know what this is!”

Y/N groaned, “It’s a Maze that will crush us if we don’t get out of here, you klunk-for-brains!”

Suddenly, the Maze Doors started to collide. Before Thomas could speak, she grabbed his wrist and they ran. They were only a few feet away when Y/N tripped. Thomas stopped to help but she shouted at him.

“Go on! I know how stand!” Thomas headed for the Glade and Y/N stood up. She continued to run. Newt saw her struggle. He hoped that she was going to make it. She had to make it.

“Come on, Y/N!” the Gladers yelled over and over. Newt wanted to help her but Minho held his wrist to prevent him from doing so. After all, his limp might cause even more bad things to happen. The Doors were only a few feet apart. Y/N felt hopeless.

“Y/N!” Newt screamed making her run faster.

Just when she reached the back of the Maze Doors, they shut right in front of her. Newt stood shocked like all the others were. Thomas was with Chuck perfectly safe and Y/N… she was trapped inside the Maze. The Maze where monstrous Grievers rested. The Maze that no one has survived a night in. The Maze that trapped Y/N. Newt stomped his way to Thomas, enraged. Thomas stared at Newt, nervous.

“Look what you did you bloody idiot!” Newt grabbed Thomas by his shirt. Thomas was in a loss of words. He felt horrible for what he had done. He didn’t know how much Y/N meant to Newt.

“Newt I –“

“Just shut it, Tommy,” Newt sighed, finally calming down. He felt so empty without Y/N. He let go of Thomas’ shirt and headed to the Homestead. He wasn’t in the mood to do anything or to talk. During dinner, he just picked at his food and stared at his plate. In fact, he didn’t even eat. Minho got worried. He went to Newt after eating. He didn’t want to see his friends like that. Minho knew Newt liked Y/N. Newt never told him but he could tell that he had feelings for her.  And now she was trapped in the Maze.

“Hey, Newt,” Minho greeted the glum boy. Newt didn’t reply. He kept his head down, still miserable. Minho sighed, sat down beside him.

“Look, moping around won’t help.”

Newt knitted his eyebrows and shut his eyes. His heart ached badly. He looked up at Minho who had a concerned look on his face. Minho noticed Newt’s eyes were red and puffy.

“Man, you make me sad,” Minho whispered shaking his head.

“You don’t get it Min,” Newt sighed straightening up. All he could think of was Y/N. If she was fine, starving, or even dead. His heart hurt even more at those thoughts.

“Yes I do New –“

“No you don’t!”

That was it. He couldn’t take it anymore. He let his sadness take over him and he broke down, right there, in front of Minho. His friend couldn’t do anything but stare at him feeling pitiful. Tears flowed from Newt’s face. He hiccuped from time to time.

“Minho, you don’t get it!”

Minho sat on Newt’s hammock, silent. He knew that protesting wouldn’t do anything. He just listened because that’s all he needed to do.

“Y/N is out there with fucking Grievers! For all we could know, she could be starving! She could be fighting Grievers or she might even be…” Newt didn’t want to continue his sentence. The thought of Y/N just didn’t help him at all.

“Dead?” Minho continued his sentence. Newt nodded.

“Minho, she’s out there! She’s not fine! Why did this have to fucking happen?!” Newt yelled. He just felt like jumping off the Maze walls again. He never wanted any of that happened. He never wanted to be seen crying. He never wanted to break down because of his depression. He never wanted Y/N to be trapped in the Maze. He never wanted any of those.

“I can’t see her again because she’s inside that fucking Maze! I can’t take it anymore! She means so much to me and I never told her! The way she laughs, smiles, just everything she does makes me happy. And now she’s fucking gone! I – I can’t anymore! It hurts Minho! Why does it have to hurt?”

Newt felt absolutely helpless. His heart was crushed. He couldn’t do anything. He felt nothing but misery.

“I don’t know, buddy. It just does,” Minho sighed.

Newt looked down. He wiped his tears. He couldn’t believe that he just broke down. His throat hurt from all his screaming and so did his eyes from all his crying.

“Look, Minho. I’m gonna tell you something I’ve never told anyone before.” Newt sat beside Minho. His friend nodded.

“I like Y/N. I like her very much.”

“I knew it!” Minho cheered making Newt confused.


“Newt, I knew you liked Y/N. The way you act around her and klunk. You ain’t normal when you’re with her.”

Newt sighed. Yeah, he’s right, he thought.

“I don’t know anymore, dude. I’m shucked.”

Minho put his hand on Newt’s back.

“You’ll be fine.”

He gave Newt a smile before leaving his hammock.

“Yeah,” Newt shut his eyes and lay on his hammock.

“I’ll be fine.”

_ _ _

Newt woke up more irked than he was yesterday. He didn’t talk to anyone as he ate his breakfast and lunch or even during work. Some people would come up to him and talk; he would just shrug. Alby tried to talk to him but he just pushed him away. He wasn’t himself at all. He missed Y/N. He missed her smile, her laugh. He got disappointed that morning when he remembered that she wasn’t there to greet him with her ‘Mornin’ and her smile. She wasn’t there.

It was time for the Runners to get back in the Glade and Newt waited for them. He brushed off the dirt off his track pants when he heard a scream coming from the Maze. He stood up almost immediately. Two figures walked limply out of the Maze and he ran to them. As he got closer, he couldn’t believe what he saw. Minho struggled to walk as he helped Y/N walk. Y/N, her name echoed inside Newt’s head. Minho had her shoulder around him. She was covered in dirt and her clothes were tattered. Y/N breathed heavily as she limped. She looked up, trying to find Newt. Sadly, she didn’t. She looked back down, discouraged.                                                                                                                                     “Y/N!”        

Her head snapped up and she saw what she wanted. Newt. She broke into a run and headed to him. Newt wasted o time running to her. He felt absolutely overwhelmed. He caught her in his arms and hugged her tight. Tears streamed down their cheeks. They felt like no one was around. Y/N felt protected in Newt’s embrace. It was like nothing could harm them.

“Y/N, are you alright? Are you hurt?” Newt asked, brushing Y/N’s hair out of her face so that he could see her clearly.

She shook her head, “No. I’m fine. I just missed you.”

“Did you see a Griever? What… how…” Newt couldn’t talk to her properly. He was too worried about her.

“Yeah, I-I did,” she said and took in a deep breath.

“Did it do anything to you?” he squeezed her arm lightly. She sighed.

“No, I killed it.”

What, Newt thought. She killed a Griever?

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did, Newt. I even have a scar to prove it –“

Y/N was cut off by Newt’s soft lips. She instantly kissed him back without hesitation. Newt longed for that moment and so did Y/N. What they felt at that moment was beyond ecstasy. They pulled apart, staring into each others eyes. They never felt so happy.

“I love you,” said Y/N with the feeling that she might get pushed away. She almost regretted her confession when Newt spoke.

“Y/N,” Newt sighed and she looked up with a glum look.

This is it, Y/N thought. I’m gonna get rejected and I

“You have no idea how much I wanted to hear that.”

Y/N smiled. Newt closed the gap between their lips once more and the feeling of contentment and delight filled them.

“I love you, so much,” Newt said making her heart burst. She embraced him tightly and smiled.

“I love you, too.”