Alright kids listen up. You know who this motherfucker is? This beast from holy hell is Escavalier, the spawn of death in Pokemon Black and White. Why is this motherfucker so terrifying? Well it’s got the highest attack of ALL the bug and steel pokemon to date and only ONE fucking weakness. On top of all the it’s got fucking megahorn which has 120 ATTACK ON TOP OF A GARGANTUAN BASE 135 ATTACK. NOT EVEN COUNTING SAME TYPE ATTACK BONUS. That’s enough to send motherfucking Mewtwo running like your little sister. Think you can use fucking fire punch? HELL NO. This armored monster has base 105 defenses. AND ON TOP OF THAT HE’LL JUST USE IRON DEFENSE TO WALL YOU EVEN MORE. YOU KNOW HOW HE EVOLVES? HE FUCKING RIPS THE EXOSKELETON OFF A SMALLER ANIMAL AND USES IT AS BODY ARMOR. LOOK AT HIM. HE HAS FUCKING LANCES FOR ARMS. That means everytime this boss shakes someones hand their getting a fucking lance through the hand and a great feeling of stigmata. Who cares if he only has base 20 speed. This SOB could have base 1 speed and kick all the ass he needs. SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE. YOU SHOULD BE PLANNING WHAT  EV’S TO PUT ON YOUR TEAM OF SIX MOTHERFUCKING ESCAVALIERS.