shu ya


The Chinese text is 故景如旧, meaning something like: Over the years, the scenery hasn’t changed. 

As usual, I need to advertise Nirvana in Fire (HANDS DOWN the best drama I’ve ever seen): Watch it here with Eng Subs

It’s an insanely beautiful historical chinese drama! I didn’t think it was possible for a story to be so ingenius until this came along. Prepare a bucket to cry into

“No mourners,” Jesper said as he tossed his rifle to Rotty.
“No funerals,” the rest of the Dregs murmured in reply. Among them, it passed for “good luck.” 

Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

Currently reading this book and it’s incredibly great! I am enjoying every page and I wonder how The Dregs will pull off this dangerous heist.

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At the time I had thought that my Lin Shu-gege was an invincible young marshall. That he would return soon and be by my side. Wait until I was older and we would marry. I didn’t think that when we parted it would be thirteen years.
In everyone’s eyes when he returned to the capital he had changed into a different person. But in my heart he has always and will be the most radiant boy of Jinling City. 

- Princess Mu Nihuang (Ep 54)

… . . Nirvana in Fire … . .
The drawing and inking was done by the ever so talented Mechinaries (Mechi’s fault that I am addicted to this drama LOL) and I colored it. One of the coolest collaboration I had ever done because Mechi’s inking skill are so beast.