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6 Chinese Models Share Their Hometown Beauty Secrets

Liu Wen: Raw egg whites directly as face masks.  I love to boil the fruits of the Chinese soap-pod locust tree in water and use that as shampoo. You can also boil wormwood plants in water and use it as soap for the skin; it helps reduce irritation and rashes. And whenever I go back to China, I buy a lot of red dates and goji berries. They’re great to put in water, tea, or congee to drink or eat. The result helps your skin stay healthy and glowing.

Sun Fei Fei:  Healthy eating was emphasized because my parents love vegetables so much. We ate light meals prepared with less salt and oil. My mother cooked red date soup for me once a week, with walnuts, brown sugar, goji, longan meat, and red bean. My hometown has a tradition of cooking this soup because it’s really good for skin and health.

Xiao Wen Ju:  [Growing up,] my mom didn’t want me to wear any makeup. She just wanted me to have really good skin. In the summertime, she said, “Don’t go into the sun. You need an umbrella!” And she asked me to go to sleep earlier and eat healthily—fruits, vegetables. It’s all about the inside health. In my hometown, we don’t care about makeup. The only thing we really like are masks to help your skin. I use a clay mask, and also the white of the egg. I do it three times a week.

Shu Pei Qin:  I buy a lot of pu’erh tea to take to New York City. It’s a Chinese tea, produced in the Yunnan province. It cleanses the body.

Luping Wang:  My mom loves cleansing and moisturizing. She taught me to keep my skin clean, eat lots of fruit, and drink plenty of water, which is essential to keep the skin moisturized. Growing up, we had a very healthy diet and regular exercise. My mother and I still like to take long walks when I am home.

Jing Wen: My mother and grandmother would often have to remind me to keep my nails very short and neat. They believed food for cosmetic effect is better than beauty products—for example, some soup with red dates. Being influenced by mom and grandma, I will often drink some good-for-the-skin soup or herbal tea.

From #MarcoPolo creator #JohnFusco: “I wrote this scene in my first draft years ago, inspired by the true story of the concubine who betrayed Jia Sidao and was therefore instructed to commit suicide. I wanted it to be a powerful, operatic death dance in the style of Tai Chi sword forms. @oonshuan trained with a masterful teacher and did such an amazing job. John Maybury directed it so beautifully.” (x)

In Akihabara event, i met Takumi and Kojima, Director and Producer of one of my favourite video-game series, “Phoenix Wright”.
And what kind of fan i am if i miss this chance to give an artwork as present!

I don`t have much time so i created this simple pop-up card consist of my favourite character from all the series! grin emoticon
Crafted this thing until the last minute, and it still smells like glue when i gave it to him. haha..

Why Gumshoe in the front you say? Cause he`s ADORABLE!