5 people said "Goodnight!"

Kira wasn’t surprised people were here, though she was surprised that people wanted to say hi in the first place.

She decided to approach them, putting on the familiar, warm persona of SHSL Investigator.

“Hello.” she said, smiling. “I’m Renzoku Kira - it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Akito is convinced he's Sora or Aqua from Kingdom Hearts

Akito knew that wasn’t the place, nor the time but he had to tell his friends his secret. He left notes under their doorsteps and told them to come to his room because it was important.

He felt selfish, but maybe, all his secrets boiled down to that.

He left notes to Takumi, Mic, Hideki, Suzume and Athena. But if any of them were too upset, he wouldn’t tell them and would try to cheer them up instead.


Ok, so I find the stupid singer… Again. And I guess I should say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. I mean… Yeah, no, not really. I think he likes me! Look at his mad and awkward face! Just… look at it! 

Fucking perfect. Someone died. Get a salad, you prick. ]

“Singer. Look. I’m not sorry at all, but let’s do Athena’s thing here. I’m sorry for punching you in the face… It was bad. So here.”

I hand the salad to him. ]

“Take it, buddy! It’s yours. I know you just LOVE salad, so, just take it! Best pals forever, right? No?”

If he cries to Athena, I’m going to punch him in the face again. But I guess I’ll have to get another salad, and I don’t want to. ]

Huh... Well, he can wait, right? (gifts!)

That horrific dinner called for a change of plans. It’s not like he’d die anytime soon, right? But that bad feeling he got refused to go away.

He bought… Quite a lot of stuff. But these people deserved it, right? Well… he was sort of a dick to Chiemi, even if she was kind of cruel first, she was just scared


  • Ultima Underworld: the Stygian Abyss for Takumi
  • Monokuma plush for target practice for Mic,
  • Jellybeans for Athena
  • Tea for Hideki
  • Comic book for Suzume
  • Feather clip for Chiemi
love song

Why I am at the singer’s door? I just had this sudden urge to visit it, somehow. It’s weird - it’s like I have this feeling on my throat, just… dry and dead, every time I pass by here. So, I don’t believe in ghosts or any of this crap, that’s bullshit. But… I don’t know, nobody is watching it, right? Just a dumbass starring at a door, that’s it. And even if ghosts exist, they can read minds, right? Whatever. Let’s just… talk.

I hated you. I hated you so much, singer. No one ever supported me, I was abandoned all the time. Nobody wanted to be friends with “the blue-haired weirdo” and my parents… well, what can I say? Abandoned me too. But you, singer. You? Never. You had everything in your hand.

One day, in seventh grade, I think… Nobody noticed me at all. Until one day, I broke my own arm on purpose, so I could get at least a bit of attention from everyone. And I got 18 cards, that I keep under my bed until this very day.

But still… I think it was not hatred I felt for you, but yes, jealously. I wanted to be like you, but in the end, all turned into hate when you did that murder.  I understand your point of view, you were scared, but still. I would be okay if you just murdered someone and confessed, but you lied.

But even though. My respect for you, which was… a lot, just went all away at the trial. I respected you a lot, singer. You were my inspiration, and I just felt so betrayed

But in the end, does it matter? Does it matter that I feel this way? I… honestly don’t know.

Sigh. I probably look like a stupid fuck starring at a door, just thinking… Whatever. I’ll just leave. ]