shsl model

Oumami blessings from Panda

(This was inspired by Amami’s bonus mode profile)

● Amami and Ouma never talked to each other
● Unbeknownst Ouma is curious of Amami
● Mostly about his talent and he kept on pestering both Kaede and Saihara about this
● “SHSL ??? Meaning there’s another student hiding in this building entitled as the SHSL !!!, SHSL …, SHSL ::: ? ”
● Saihara and Kaede can only facepalm at his question
● And Ouma laughed saying he’s only kidding
● They suggested Ouma for him to talk to Amami by himself instead through them
● But Ouma refused saying he was too busy to chat with Amami
● When he’s at his dorm, on the whiteboard with a picture of everyone, he drew vast of arrows pointing at Amami saying
● “SHSL Navigator coz the print on his shirt ?” “SHSL Delinquent coz… Piercings ?” “SHSL Model well his looks says it” “SHSL Amnesia Boy”
● “Amnesia boy…”
● After repeating those words at him for a few times, he drew another arrow with, “SHSL Good boy” at the end
● Kaede saw this lately by accident resulting for Ouma to lie about some sort of stuffs to confused the pianist’s mind, enough for her to forget what was written on the whiteboard
● Next few days, Ouma spilled his panta all over the table whilst they’re helding the usual morning meeting at the cafetria
● The liquid reached Amami, staining his shirt
● Tojou immediately stands up, cleaning the mess fast as sanic
● Ouma begin to laugh saying Amami smelled like Grape Panta now
● Amami chuckled, agreeing with Ouma before excusing himself to change his clothes
● As Amami left the cafeteria, Ouma sat there dumbfounded
● ’… … . I got to talk to him with just like that ?!’
● Later on, both Amami and Ouma are seen together by Hoshi in the library preparing a pail of water on the door, a prank reserved just for Momota

“To me, despair isn’t goal or a cause or a way of life or an instinct… It’s what defines me as Junko Enoshima! The most important thing is that i was made that way! That’s how i can devote myself purely to pursuing despair!”

So I was playing around with one of my wigs today and ended up as Junko. I got some pictures so I thought I’d share one with y'all!