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AU plot:

In Hope’s Peak Academy a student is a writer (I was thinking maybe Kisaragi Karen). And she wants to write somethings about the history of Hamilton because she read a copy of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, and wants to do it for the exams (because in the exams they have to show they talent and stuff)
And, when she is thinking who could be in his cast of all the students who are actors, she across with Ishimaru who is with his class and she finds that he is perfect for the rol of Alexander Hamilton.  She observes him and the rest of his class and she find that all of them are perfect for the cast.
Then, she thinks that would be great if her could do a musical theatre realise with some students that don’t have the talent of act. But they could make it, she observed them and with help and practice they could make it. But then she relice that she has to have the consented for doing that and she just go down.
But then other student of the council students (Kashiki Suzuko maybe?) notice that she is sad, she ask her why and when she knows she offers her help.
This girl, after a long debate with the student council, obtain there help too (because all of them have to do the exam, but they can show they talent participating in that show. Not acting but with the music, clothes or other thinks)
Then just have to talk with the 78th class. They have problems first but after they more about what have to do they accept.
So all the 78th class at a lot more students  have to show they talents in Hamilton the musical.
(I have to add, in this AU, Junko is just shsl model, she have her “particular” personality but doesn’t end the world because despair. Non despair AU folks)


Alexander Hamilton: Kitotaka Ishimaru
Aaroon Burr: Leon Kuwata
Angelica Schuyler: Celestia Ludemberg
Eliza Schuyler: Sayaka Maizono
Peggy Schuyler: Aoi Asahina
John Laurens: Mondo Oowada
Hércules Mulligan: Sakura Oogami
La Fayette: Yasuhiro Hagakure
George Washington: Kyoko Kirigiri
Samuel Seabury: Nagito Komaeda
King Jorge III: Junko Enoshima
Charles Lee: Hifumi Yamada
Philip Hamilton: Chihiro Fujisaki
George Eacker: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Thomas Jefferson: Byakuya Togami
James Madison: Makoto Naegi
Maria Reynolds: Mukuro Ikusaba
James Reynolds: Ryouta Mitarai (Twogami)
William P. Van Ness: Kazuichi Souda
Nathaniel Pendleton: Gundham Tanaka
Doctor: Mikan Tsumiki
(Yep, extras of sdr2 cast and Fukawa doesn’t want to show up, she decided helping in the dressing and stuff )


Once you’ve stepped into the mirror you must never look back. The world you knew is gone, and all that remains is what you hold dear to your heart.
You shouldn’t ever let it go…do you understand?

Welcome, the cast of Regalis Caveat!

Adara Chaikin - SHSL Polyglot
Akihito Toujou - SHSL Net Idol
Ayako Itou - SHSL Visual Novel Artist
Ayame Yoshida - SHSL Bonsai Gardener
Daishin Tanaguchi - SHSL Dollmaker
Hanasuke Hisamatsu - SHSL Scoubidou Maker
Haruaki Usami - SHSL Caretaker
Hinata Fukumoto - SHSL Clay Sculptor 
Janet Lynn - SHSL Windsurfer
Kabu - SHSL Werewolf 
Kami Okurimono - SHSL Winemaker
Katsunosuke Matsubayashi - SHSL Ikebana Artist
Katsurou Kon - SHSL Fan Maker
Kuroi Kuroki - SHSL Nihonga Artist
Lily Love - SHSL Talk Radio Host
Sumire - SHSL Horror Novelist
Mari Kanou - SHSL Amekaji Model 
Masaharu Nakai - SHSL Teuthologist
Naythan Shirokage - SHSL Airsoft Player
Noriko Suzuki - SHSL Gossip Columnist
Sachiko Mori - SHSL Badminton Player
Seiki Chiba - SHSL Tea Ceremony Practitioner 
Si-hoo Lee - SHSL Biographer
Tobio Sinohara - SHSL Ocularist
Ume Mori - SHSL Recording Artist
Yoshiya Moon - SHSL Folklorist
Yukitoshi Nishimura - SHSL Internet Historian

Thank you all so much for applying! Please have your blogs ready as soon as possible!

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Ouma came from a very homophobic past. Once he enrolled in the academy, he tries hiding his sexuality, thinks everyone is straight, and believes everyone will hate him if they know he is attracted to the same gender.

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Safe To Be Me

Something was… odd, her at the academy. And no, it wasn’t the fact that he was forced into a killing game by some weird monochrome bear and its kids, no, that, strangely enough, wasn’t odd in the least. What was odd… was… how… gay everyone was.

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                        Junko Enoshima Heroine or villain?

Another article about Dangan Ronpa and before I begin a big thank you to the Tumblr DR fan artists never stop doing what you do. Sorry for the caps but to avoid offense PLEASE ONLY READ THIS IF YOU HAVE FINISHED DR 1 AND 2 AS WELL AS DR ZERO THE LIGHT NOVEL.

Now I know what you are thinking that I must be off my rocker to even type such a thing and that Junko is clearly a villain and she revels in the misery that she causes others or could it be something deeper than that? Imagine if the villain you had painted all along wasn’t actually as bad as she appears to be. Let’s break it down what our Perfect, despair, loving, super human has achieved in the series so far.

1.Born into the world as the SHSL Analyst a talent that can take any talent and make it their own what Hope’s peak has been looking for all along the closest being to perfection and the greatest talent.

2.Possibly killed the previous/true SHSL model assumed the personality of a typical model and infiltrates Hope’s peak recruits the cast of DR 2 and many of her loyal fans to create the SHSL despair group and then laid waste to the modern world.

3. Assumes the role of possibly her original identity considering she is actually a SHSL analyst not a SHSL model. As Ryoko Otonashi she is tricked by a childhood friend who brainwashes her when Ryoko loses her memories and possibly returns to how Yasuke Matsuda thinks she really is or wants her to be. Ryoko finds out the truth and kills Matsuda revealing that he was nothing but a cog in the grand mechanism of her plan. She then proceeds with School Life of Mutual Killing by killing the former principle of Hope’s Peak.

4.The events of the first game take place and Junko Enoshima is supposedly killed at the end of her execution however later information could possibly indicate she is not dead.

5.The events of the spin off game take place???? We will have to wait to find out.

6.The events of the 2nd game takes place and AI Junko is deleted and some of the former SHSL despair members want to work hard to redeem the damage they have done to the world.

A very brief summary of everything Junko Enoshima has achieved now if we look at that at face value it can’t seem anything but the actions of a villain. If we look at it from another angle we might realise something else.

1.Okay there is a problem here Junko claims she was in despair from birth but why exactly is she in despair? Most fans would claim boredom and her actions do seem to verify this but what if she was in despair because the world was spiraling in the wrong direction? I will go on to explain with the next point.

2. Any fan who has played both games and read Zero would know something is seriously wrong with the Hope’s peak academy ideology the school council are just evil bigots that support the prejudice of those who lack talent. They are at the core of the problem now according to Junko she wanted to target Hope’s peak academy specifically because they are apparently the greatest beacon of Hope.

Or could it be that because they are the root cause of a poisonous ideology that we the fans are not too sure how far this mind frame has spread. Maybe by taking this out and Junko being the talent they were trying to cultivate this whole time would be the perfect thing to hammer home just how wrong they were. Not to mention she reached out to others who were already in despair because of this ideology impacting on their lives.

¾. Setting up the school life of mutual killings again might seem without question evil. Most would claim that Junko killing Mukuro near the start had no justification or it could be used to implicate how sick she is of the sheep like attitude of the masses that allowed the Hope’s peak ideology to take root. Mukuro often knew Junko was morally wrong but wanted to please her sister instead of calling her out on it.

Also any female viewers reading this must be able to relate to Ryoko killing Matsuda because he was an asshole that never really loved Junko only the aspect of her that appealed to him the most. This point applies to both genders you should love everything that your partner is not just parts of them because that is selfish and entitled. Not to mention the fact that Matsuda brain washed her which is a really cowardly thing to do.

Back to her classmates since she lived with them it assumed she did this to them in particular because she wanted them to feel despair as their friend. However considering her behaviour as the MonoKuma persona it would seem to indicate otherwise. Basically at the start of the game with Naegi he basically tells the players just how happy he is to go to Hope’s peak and how special he is forgetting the fact that his joy crushes the hopes and dreams of those without talent. Junko as Monokuma constantly mocks the so called superior talented beings and puts them in a situation where their moral high ground would truly be put to the test.

They failed completely at first not only did they kill for very typical reasons that even Junko was surprised that they did but they were completely pointless as well proving that the hope for the future were no better than anyone else. It also would make sense why Junko was so happy at the prospect of her ‘death’ because they finally defied the imposing insane regime she had created for her classmates and in some ways it could be her reaching out to them in a figurative sense.

5. My guess is that they reveal in the spin off game that Junko isn’t actually dead which would explain some things that don’t add up in the 2nd game.

6. Now this is where my point becomes a little more difficult to argue but it does tie in with what I said about Mukuro as once the 2nd cast were in despair they followed her blindly seeing her as a beacon of their own hope while not really questioning the morality of what they were doing at the time. However I would argue that AI Junko was once again being critical of humans still alive as Naegi and Future foundation ultimately wasted precious resources and electricity to try and rehabilitate the surviving members.

This is of course a noble cause at face value but it ignores the very important fact that they are currently in a post apocalyptic world where resources are crucial. Do a bunch of mass murderers really deserve this treatment after what they have done could you really believe that considering your own reactions to every murderer you read about in the news? I know the tumblr feminists certainly wouldn’t.

I think this point is reinforced by the fact that those who truly grew as characters and then became the most moral people as well as overcoming all obstacles that AI Junko threw at them. I believe this signifies her allowing those who had truly changed to leave and once more contribute to a world that desperately needs them right now.

Before I forget the points that seem like plot holes currently that I am referencing from the 2nd game is when the players are told what happened after Junko’s death the SHSL despair self destructs and members took parts of her body. This should be impossible because her body was crushed and it can’t be Mukuro because someone took an eyeball is this an indication that Junko can create actual clones and she isn’t dead?


A lot of what I have written above makes me feel that Junko is what I refer to as a martyr type heroine where she has changed a corrupted world full of prejudice and segregation to one where people can be freed from that. She has lost family and friends and those closest to her but they along with the many that admired her never understood her. Murder is never a good stance to take and in some ways I feel she is punishing herself for taking this path and the fact the world can become a better place if she becomes a scapegoat for all the world’s anger allowing a much more hopeful world to emerge.

Unfortunately a hopeful world doesn’t suit Junko Enoshima who was born in despair but she will have been the one to bring it not Naegi. As much as Naegi has helped the rest the cast there is one problem he is still clearly favouring the talented over the average person which is root of all the problems of DR in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Naegi is an unintentional villain by the end of it.

Of course a lot of what is written above depends on how the rest of the world behaved towards the Hope’s peak ideology this is just a theory based on the knowledge of the Dangan Ronpa series so far. While it may seem a stretch and reading pretty deep into things I feel that Dangan Ronpa has a knack for turning common perception on its head and while I think its unlikely I wouldn’t be surprised if Junko was a heroine at the end of it.

Thanks to everyone that actually read this miniature essay regarding Junko I tried to keep it simple and avoid ramblings so more people can read it so sorry if I went on too long. This is just a conclusion I reached by talking to multiple fans about the series and I did rush over a few things to keep it simple and easy to read.