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Dangan Ronpa Stage Play

A/N inspired by @holy-shit-dangan-ronpa ’s post and this post

*sigh* if only this was true… Hope you enjoy my deny deny denial.

Dangan Stage Play - what if dr1 was all just a play?

“Upupu… if you want to graduate so badly then you have to kill for it!”

And so the curtains arose to this story of hope versus despair.

Welcome to the VIP access of the behind the scenes of Class 78th’s reknowned performance entitled Dangan Ronpa! (*DISCLAIMER: No characters were actually harmed in the making of this stage play.)

“Oh, but you already know. Sayaka Maizono was killed by one of you!” Enoshima spoke through the microphone with all the dramatic flair she could muster.

Behind the stage was Maizono who was changing her bloodstained clothes. (*NOTE: The blood is pepto-bismol pink because Naegi had accidentally spilled some during one practice and it just kind of stuck.)

“Activating summoning spell. Save me, Spears of Gungnir!” Monokuma yelled and just like that, the form of “Enoshima” was grotesquely stabbed right before the audience. After the scene change, Ikusaba quickly joined Maizono in preparing the setup for the next scene. There’s no rest for the “dead” because there’s also a lot of work going on behind the curtains.

In case you were wondering how they decided on the play and on the roles, here’s what happened while they were brainstorming.

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Title up to change, but tl;dr I’m writing a dating sim where you play as Junko Enoshima attempting to bring the 78th class to despair.

It’s a monstrously big project and even though I already have a route done and am working on the next ones, I need some extra help to bring it to fruition. I am willing to pay people for their work, either an upfront fee or a cut of potential earnings once it’s done, but keep in mind that I really don’t have much. I’m doing a massive share of the work and I’m not getting paid. What’s needed:

  • Programmer - I’ve been doing my best to build the game in Ren’Py, but unfortunately I’m over my head. I’m looking for someone that can implement some python into the game to ensure that the routes happen in the order they’re supposed to with a few extra twists. If you choose to keep the game’s programming in Ren’Py, I can continue doing basic programming, but if you have a platform you’re more comfortable in and I can’t figure it out, I’ll have to just send you raw scripts.
  • Secondary artist - I’d like to potentially attach a small fee to downloading the game once it’s finished considering the amount of labor involved, so for that reason I’m hoping to have it feature completely original art. I have an artist onboard already, but I’d like to lessen the load on him as there’s a lot to do. Specifically, I need someone to do backgrounds. So far there’s only two, but my main artist isn’t comfortable enough with them.
  • Character experts - Do you think you know more about a SDR2 character than anyone? Talk to me. I know many of the characters pretty well, but it’s always helpful to have an expert onboard to consult with as I write. This is not a paid position, but you will feature prominently in the game’s credits.
  • Anyone else? - If this project sounds like it’s up your alley but I haven’t listed something you can do, contact me anyway. Maybe we can work something out, I’d love to see what you can do.

Lastly, if you think this is a worthwhile project but don’t want to help, please please signal boost! The more eyes that see it the more likely it’ll be seen by someone that can help make this happen.