shsl hate

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I like Chishimondo, but I don’t like it when they infantilise Chihiro. Chihiro is a teenager just like Ishimaru and Mondo are, not a small child. If it wasn’t for our SHSL Programmer, Naegi wouldn’t have made it and a lot of SDR2 would have been much harder. I know people can like whatever they want, but I feel people seriously underestimate how smart Chihiro actually is.

Back at it again with the Amami theory

Ok so the demo pre trial was translated!! Apparently 2 kids had to sit out because they weren’t the culprit. Those kids being Kiibo and Amami. When Amami wasn’t participating with the trial he still said he wanted to be in it to put his input along with kiibo. He asked monokuma if they can make a deal. Monokuma easily accepted though which is not really monokuma. Usually he’s more strict and playful, but when it comes to Amami asking that favor he just easily went along with it. I think Amami’s talent is a bit scary for monokuma or even a threat. Let me just put this pic of Amami’s face when he said it was unfair to not let him participate:

scary right? Amami has a talent that Monokuma is afraid of, Monokuma is reminded of someone when he looks or hears Amami talks. That person could be Komaeda or Naegi since Monokuma and Junko hated shsl lucky students.

Kaede even becomes more suspicious of Amami and wonders of his talent near the end of the pre trial she says :

 As in my other theory post, I think Amami and Saihara will play a huge part in drv3.

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I hate how the fandom has turned Komaeda into a total joke. All he is to them is a crazy hope junkie with no regard for the safety of anyone. And the trash jokes, hope jokes, and luck jokes? They’ve never been funny.

It’s sad that people are so simple-minded they can’t handle having a complex, multifaceted character without ruining them in every way possible. 

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I despise that ‘aho’ and 'weenie’ are so commonly associated with Leon. I get it, in the first trial he goes on the whole 'aho’ rant/tantrum but people make it out as the only thing we got from Leon and it clogs up the tags with dumb shit no one cares about. Don’t even get me started on the whole 'weenie’ characterization. He is so much more then a fucking 'weenie’ and the fact he’s so commonly known as just that is disgusting.