shsl critic


Shuichiroh Lucida, SHSL Comedian, as played by @mrcometdown

Mirum Ricci, SHSL Game Master, as played by @captain-doofus

Hibiki Matsumoto, SHSL Kotoist, as played by @waywayponponpon

Wakana Aramaki, SHSL Talk Show Host, as played by @uwahs

Daichi Karoshi, SHSL Mortician, as played by @fire-charged-twinkies

Rydia Kemp, SHSL Knight, as played by @princelywire

Motoi Narisawa, SHSL Diver, as played by @royalguard

Adelaide Ryder, SHSL Heiress, as played by @dragonerous

Jomei Imamura, SHSL Marksman, as played by @caramelconcept

Rinze Utsonomiya, SHSL Therapist, as played by @madarai

Mickey Wynters, SHSL Poet, as played by @foreststranger

Asaka Kinjo, SHSL Embalmer, as played by @windy-ace

Isamu Wakahisa, SHSL Private Investigator, as played by @danellesepthon

Kiku Takahashi, SHSL Food Critic, as played by @rankannko

Asahiko Akahoshi, SHSL Astrophysicist, as played by @superukyasutaa

Hau Haberle, SHSL Antique Hunter, as played by @ayleoyo

Each and every one of you is bound to bring something stellar to this test of ours! I’m incredibly excited; prepare your things and get ready; for this next part will hopefully get very, very interesting

Class Roster for Torinoko-Ronpa

Thank you for your patience! The official roster for Torinoko is…

Liyana Fatina Hammad - SHSL Nail Artist
Shouko Kurosaki - SHSL Librarian
Haruka Daigo - SHSL Discoverer
Daniel Trench - SHSL Boy Band Member
Sabrina Eve Quang - SHSL Tea Sommelier
Clara Rosalinda Montes - SHSL Botanist
Umi Mizumiko - SHSL Fisherman
Kohaku Tachibana - SHSL Utau P
Nime ver Captionem - SHSL Let’s Player
Pion - SHSL ???
Otoha Ueha - SHSL Pâtissière
Ren Harada - SHSL Horse Trainer
Tatsumi Miyako - SHSL Critic
Ringo Rollick - SHSL Prank Caller
Gaho Goto - SHSL Crime Scene Cleaner
Crystal Waters - SHSL Lawyet
Jayu - SHSL Hacktivist
Jotaro Kujo - SHSL Marine Biologist
Eri Sotomura - SHSL Linguist
Norman Poe - SHSL Tombstone Tourist

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I did just kind of okay I think!!

Super High School Level Critic Brandy Rider

She’s from North Dakota. Became well known through her internet reviews because she rarely gives out positive reviews. Art film directors hold Brandy’s opinions in very high regard. Claims the white hair is natural and that she got it because of how frustrated she got with how horrible most of the movies she watched are. Has a huge vendetta against romantic comedies, calling them the lowest common demoninator when it comes to entertainment. Criticises everyone’s talents and all murders and executions she witnesses.
Gets along with Venti since he doesn’t mind her criticizing his work, Isabella because they both hate all the songs Isabella has written and Aedan even though she claims that she hates him (he hits on her constantly and she doesn’t know how to respond to it).

A young teen stared blankly at the loudspeakers as the raspy broadcast trailed off, leaving her in silence once again.  Despite haven woken up 30 minutes ago, Nikushi refused to leave the room until some problems were sorted out.  She’d already rearranged the medicine cabinets in alphabetical order and scrubbed all of the counter tops till they shined.  Nikushi took a few steps back to admire her work. She silently nodded, marking it now as only the second shittiest hospital she'as been to.  Now alone with her thoughts, Nikushi calmly analysed her current position.

“I’ve seem to have landed in a difficult situation.  Not only is the hospital wing completely awful, but Hope’s Peak’s announcer is down right terrible and unprofessional.  Using vulgar language to address students?  Simply unacceptable.”  

Having too much to say, Nikushi decided to hold back on her tongue lashing and bottled up her emotions once more.  She didn’t want another room ruined due to careless fits of rage.  Even if it was deserved.

She slowly made her was toward the newly organized shelves and scanned its contents, hoping to find what she needed.  Locating a rather small stack of pain killers, Nikushi silently pocketed them, knowing that they come in handy later on if the other rooms were even half as bad as this one.  Coincidentally her eyes passed over the section of poisons, all lined innocently in a straight row.  An idea raced though her head.

  “…if what that sorry excuse for a doctor or announcer said was true, than would imply that there are more people in this cursed place.  All who might be a potential killer or victim.  I have to think ahead if I want to stay safe.”

Nikushi quickly pocketed the strongest and weakest poisons on the shelves.  Both the poisons and the pain killers weighted down her pockets, but not enough to the point of suspicion.  She knew that she had to be prepared for anything.   

After a finally scan of the room, Nikushi decided it was finally time to exit and explore her current prison.  After entering the halls, her normally quiet footsteps echoed softly thought the empty corridor.  Once again, her mind could only supply her with one response.

“I hate this tacky wall paper." 

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