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DR3 Despair Arc is only an animation made by Ryota. |Theory|

Ryota Mitarai, the Ultimate Animator is the “mastermind” behind DR3 Despair Arc whole animation.

Now, before you call me crazy hear me out here.

I’m sure this isn’t your first time hearing this theory (or you wishing it’d be true, because it’s only an  AU) 

Anyway, we all know from Episode 5 of Despair Arc that Ryota loves animating and wants to save people with his own anime. That’s his character.

This theory is a bit weird and complex, but that’s how all conspiracy theories go. Anyway, I have a couple of reasons to why I think DR3 was animated by Ryota.

Reason 1. 

Storyboards of scenes we already have seen in the previous episodes of Despair Arc have been found in Mitarai’s room. 

Here’s the tumblr post where I found this info if you want to check it it out:

But basically, it’s only showing scenes from Episode 4 of Despair Arc where Komaeda tries to do blow up the gym and give everyone laxatives and ruin friendships.

What’s weird is that it looks like he was already working on it, so I wonder what kind of anime was he trying to make with those storyboards alone.

My thinking is that he was trying to make an anime depicting the high school life of Hope’s Peak Academy students, or something along those lines.

But you maybe thinking “Could it be an Easter egg from the animators themselves and Kodaka?”

Well, to be honest, I thought so too at first and here’s where I my 2nd reason stands.

Reason 2. 

After the dub for Despair Arc has come out, I have been re watching episode 1 a bunch of times to make a funny video and what I noticed at the beginning after Chisa reacts to her death and pretty much gives her monologue (and I’ll talk about this later too). When the scene shifts to Hope’s Peak it looks like someone is drawing it and coloring it.

Here’s some pictures.

While it could be just the style of opening the real animators chose to do, what’s weird about this though is that it’s only used once and it’s weird one to use too if you think about it.

So, what I think they’re trying to show us is how Mitarai draws the events and then animates them. (Which would make it looks like he’s showing us that he’s the one who animated this.)

But, one question you might be asking is that, “If he’s the one who animated DR3 Despair Arc, then how does he know of Chisa’s death?”

The answer is simple. I think Ryota survived the events of DR3 Future Arc and made this anime. Don’t ask me for the motives, because I have no idea and that’s make this a conspiracy theory, but that’s only logical explanation. 

What differentiates Future Arc and Despair is their color of blood. 

In Future Arc the blood is red.

While in Despair Arc the blood is pink.

Which makes me think that Ryota chose the color of pink for all of his animations. That includes DR1 too.

I just don’t buy the fact that Kodaka just decided to change the blood color from the traditional pink to red all of a sudden. I don’t think he did that just pull a prank on us by making us think that Asahina had “died” in the second episode of Future Arc.

 So, that explains DR3, but what about DR1?

Well, since I’m guessing here, I think that, like Great Gozu and Munakata, he alos watched the broadcast of the mutual killing of the 78th class and he decided to make an anime depicting the events of that. 

Again, don’t ask me what his motives are, as I have no clue.

And I don’t want to think it’s something as he fell to despair and made that anime for the sake of despair or something.

But anyway, another question is that if the’s blood is pink and not real (for some reason) and we think that the color of the blood in DR Universe in reality is red, then what makes this of the games? 

They also have pink blood. DR1, DR2, DRAE and hell even in NDR3V the blood is pink.

I have no clue. Simple explanation is that there’s an Ultimate Game Designer who loves to see the despair of his players. *cough*Kodaka*cough*

Anyway, that’s all there is to this theory. Don’t forget that this is a conspiracy theory and you shouldn’t take it seriously. That is all.

ultimate-impostxr  asked:


His brother always talked about him, the boy he was impersonating. The SHSL Animator,  a frail and sickly boy working himself half to death by drawing anime every waking hour of the day. Who had to depend on Daremo to make sure he didn’t die of overworking, and only got fresh air when he had no choice but to go buy food from the convenience store…

With that time of the month steadily approaching, Byakuya had considered him the perfect target.

And in what was a near miraculous stroke of chance,  the day that the luckster was close to bursting was the exact same time Mitarai decided to go for a twilight shopping run. It wasn’t hard to follow him through the back roads of the school, even if he was close to delirium  from excess blood. Or even to grab a hold of his body, physique too frail to struggle against him as he finally manages to pierce his fangs into his neck.

…Despite the action, he always feel this to be a moment of calm. To hear the steady beating of the human heart synchronize with the blood pulsing into their veins, the only other noise he can focus on being the faint wing flapping of his sibling’s bats, ready to erase a memory…

…Wait, he didn’t just hear the bats. Were those…footsteps?  Slowly, the lids of his eyes begin to open…

Just in time for their blood red irises to meet the face of his older brother.