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Talent swaps for fun!!! A lil mini series where i’ll switch the talents from sdr2 and the talents from dr and assign them to different characters!!
Naegi as the SHSL Animal Breeder, Kirigiri as Reserve Course, Hagakure as the SHSL Chef, Asahina as the SHSL Mechanic, Togami as SHSL Yakuza, Fukawa as SHSL Nurse, Enoshima as SHSL Light Music Club Member, Ikusaba as SHSL Gamer, and Oogami as SHSL Princess!

I made a talentswap au between the sdr2 cast and ndrv3 cast

Peko - Kirumi  (shsl swordswoman - shsl maid)

Fuyuhiko - Hoshi (shsl gangster - shsl tennis player) 

Komaeda - Amami (shsl lucky student - shsl ???)

Chiaki - Kaede (shsl gamer - shsl pianist) 

Hajime - Saihara (shsl ???/ reserve course student - shsl detective)

Nekomaru - Kiibo (shsl team manager - shsl robot)

Gundham - Korekiyo (shsl animal breeder - shsl anthropologist)

Hiyoko - Himiko (shsl tradional dancer - shsl magician)

Mahiru - Tenko (shsl photographer - shsl aikido master)

Akane - Miu (shsl gymnast - shsl inventor)

Ibuki - Angie (shsl light music club member - shsl art club member)

Twogami - Shirogane (shsl impostor - shsl cosplayer)

Mikan - Ouma (shsl nurse - shsl dictator)

Sonia - Gonta (shsl princess -shsl entomologist) 

Souda - Kaito (shsl mechanic - shsl astronaut)

Teruteru - Maki (shsl cook - shsl caregiver)

"Night Stalker"

Fandom: Super Dangan Ronpa Two
AU: Pre-despair/ no despair, also Gundam is a vampire
Characters: Gundam Tanaka, Hajime Hinata
Warning:  Chapter 4 spoilers
Wordcount: 1420
Summary: Friendship. There was a kink meme prompt request that piqued my interest because picturing Gundam of all people as a vampire? Poor kid doesn’t even like to touch anyone. Hinata is a little less prickly than he is in the game, due to (spoilery) situational stuff.

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well, to be fair, i have to say that it all started with a post by imagineyourotp (i didn’t stick to it strictly, just took the vague idea), and i ship komahina, so it’s gonna be here too BUT ANYWAY IT’S NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST


i haven’t decide about it’s name yet, maybe “kibougamine gakuen”? because all of the members hold the shsl titles, but in this universe they’re their stage names (i.e. they introduce owari as “super high-school level gymnast”, but not becaue she really is a professional gymnast here)

alright, moving on

(i’ll put little drawings, because plain text is boring)

this is junko enoshima. the founder, the leader, the idol. she’s the frontwoman of the band and a spokesperson. due to her neverending charisma and special ability to charm people, she’s the focus of media’s and fans’ attention. however, she puts the other members through different forms of psychological abuse (don’t want it to sound too harsh; but much like in the canon, junko loves despair and inflicting it onto others). her sister mukuro is a high-class soldier and obeys her every order, that’s why junko is also really powerful. as for her role in the band - she’s a singer, she doesn’t play any instruments. junko invented monokuma, the band’s mascot, and she also designs outfits.

a few words abouth the others in general - they don’t realise that they’re oppressed, not being able to express themselves seems like something natural to them.

*btw, is there an ibuki’s hair fandom somewhere?*

ibuki mioda is the most talented, “natural” musician among them, and was given the title “shsl music club member”. she is a lead guitarist and backing vocalist if needed.

gundam tanaka is “shsl animal breeder”, and although he gets along with animals better than with people, it’s still just a hobby for him. gundam takes his hamsters everywhere with him, even when they’re travelling around the world. he plays bass guitar and also creates scenarios for music videos (and gives them to koizumi, who is the director). refuses to sing even when asked.

akane owari is a drummer and “shsl gymnast”, she can also play the trumpet and she does backing vocal sometimes. owari came up with the idea of giving titles. she is really good at ideas - for songs, tunes, etc., that the others can turn into something more specific.

nagito komaeda plays synthesizer and holds the title “shsl good luck”, though he considers himself a “bad luck”. he’s usually the first step of creating a new song - he writes the lyrics and gives them to other guys to write music. sometimes komaeda plays guitar too.

as for the style - i think they would sound kinda like skillet

that’s enough for this post, thank you for reading, and, if you’re interested, stay tuned and i’ll tell you about a bunch of other characters from this au!


The Junko AI had brought Padraig to Jabberwock island as revenge for him escaping with the other’s. He had been let leave Monokuma rock and was arrived at the hotel when suddenly he felt weak and everything was going black.

“This happened….before I…entered….Hope’s…..Peaaaaaaaaaaakkk……” He collapsed to the ground with a hard thud.