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Above prompt 2. Hinata loses his ahoge because of Nagito and no one recognizes him, not even Nagito. Bonus points if Kuzuryuu tries to interrogate him cause he's worried for Hinata and doesn't want to admit it.

A/N Naegi version is here

Hinata Loses His Ahoge and Everyone Loses Their Shit

“So? Who the fuck are you supposed to be?”

An awkward wave of silence passed.

Until Hinata groaned and looked at them exasperatedly. “Are you guys serious??”

Earlier that day…

Hinata was just about to enter the restaurant and meet up with the others for the usual morning breakfast when a sawblade flew by dangerously close at him–

And consequently, it cut his ahoge off.

“What the?!” Hinata ducked, already too late as his hand reflexively went to his head as he checked if it was still there. He gave out a sigh of relief when he felt his hair in tact and no bleeding occuring. Well, mostly in tact. His ahoge got cut off but it’s not enough to make him mad about it.

But still, what the hell just happened?

“Ah, sorry! Sorry!” A person ran out to check up on him.

And of course, it just had to be Komaeda. Why else would there be flying sawblades in the morning coming from a restaurant? Only Komaeda could pull off such a stunt whether intentionally or not.

“What the hell did you do this time, Komaeda?”

Komaeda just chuckled. “Ahaha! Well the funny thing is–” He stopped in the middle of the sentence once he opened his eyes and saw Hinata. He just stared at him for a long time in thought.

“What? Quit staring, you’re creeping me out!” Hinata sneered at him.

“Excuse me but…” He paused and then smiled curtly. “Who are you?”

“The fuck?” He swore as he stopped himself from punching Komaeda right then and there.

And thus began Hinata’s identity crisis.

“Oya! Oyaaa! A new student!” Ibuki cheered as she bounced around him excitedly. “A transfer student in the middle of an island trip! Talk about dedication to the trope!”

As if he was a new student! And who the hell transfers during a field trip??

“New student?!” Mikan jumped in fear as she wailed. “P-Please don’t bully me!”

No, it’s actually the other way around. It’s the transfer kid that gets bullied and at this rate he might as well be.

“Eh? Which hellhole did you crawl from?” Saionji asked with her usual “You look suspicious and stupid.”

Okay, he doubted he looked like any of those adjectives but he wasn’t going to argue with the kid who had a track record of just adding more insults to injury.

“While I agree that he does seem suspicious, maybe we shouldn’t try to talk him down just yet.” Koizumi stepped in and placated her friend. “He might be dangerous after all and it’s always best to be civil at first.”

He doesn’t know if dangerous is better than suspicious for his credibility.

“Danger?” Owari piped up from her meal and then stared at him wildly. “You strong one, stranger? Let’s fight!”

Shit! He won’t survive if she took him on.

“AHAHAHAHA!” Nidai bellowed. “Don’t go getting into fights without me! I want to see what this new guy’s made of!”

He’s made of flesh. Weak and vulnerable flesh that would not last even a second if these two monsters came at him.

“Me too!” Teruteru grinned maliciously. “I want to see just what he’s made of as well. He looks toned~”

No. Just. NO.

“What’s with all this commotion?” Twogami sighed as he crossed his arms. “You commoners fuss too much over other commoners.”

Ouch? Sorry for being born ordinary.

And are we still ignoring the fact that either he’s getting shsl pranked or he’s surrounded by a bunch of idiots who couldn’t recognize him all because he lost his fucking ahoge.

“There is something familiar that I sense in him however…” Pekoyama tentatively held her sword. “I do not remember his face.”

It’s just an ahoge, guys! Quit acting like it’s his only defining character trait!

“So? Who the fuck are you supposed to be?” Kuzuryuu grunted at him.

An awkward wave of silence passed.

Until Hinata groaned and looked at them exasperatedly. “Are you guys serious??”

Seriously? These guys weren’t joking?? Not at all?? What the fuck???

“Fool! You have tresprassed sacred grounds and dare mock us??” Gundam dramatically shouted at him with a scowl. “The least you can do is reveal yourself to us, you fiend!”

He doesn’t even have the strength to translate that.

“Yes, it is what he said. For you see this is the first time we’ve ever had any other… guests.” Sonia commented warily.

He’s not a guest, he’s they’re fucking classmate!

“Yeah! Go away you side character!” Souda yelled at him.

Oh, like he’s one to talk.

“No, no, let him

“Pardon me.” A soft and familiar voice spoke as the owner of it tapped him lightly on his shoulder.

It was none other than Nanami. That’s it! Finally, someone who could end his suffering. Despite her tendency to zone out, Nanami was actually sharp. She’s definitely smarter than the rest of them so surely she’d recognize him, right?

“Nanami!” He smiled gratefully to her with tears in his eyes.

She tilted her head. “Oh? You already know my name? Well then that makes my introduction shorter… I think.”


“I figured that if you knew who we were, then you’d more likely open up to us as to who you are… probably.” She finished thoughtfully.

…What is this fresh hell he woke up to?

Hinata had enough dealing with this bullshit so he fucking walked away.

Alone, he tried not to think too hard about what happened today and about the possibility that his talent may have been SHSL Ahoge.


【超級彈丸論破1+2】RONPAAAAAA!! - (Part 1) (Part 3)

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Prompt: how did Komaru acquire her ahoge, and therefore DR protangonist status? And why, if applicable. And does she suffer from the ahoge curse now :^)

A/N because we’re all thinking about this

From Side Character to Protagonist - aka how Komaru got her ahoge

Komaru used to be a completely normal high school girl.

Her life wasn’t always like this– a life full of heart-pounding action and dangerous struggles. A life where she’s a hero who wields a megaphone to fight against armies of monokumas. A life where everyone had high expectations of her and she had become the center of attention. A life where she was more than just a normal high school girl.

Komaru used to have a more peaceful life.

She missed those days where she didn’t have to worry about monokumas rampaging across the city and where she didn’t have to be the one to clean up the mess. She missed those peaceful days where she was just an ordinary little sister with an ordinary-turned-talented big brother. Sure, her brother leveled up and she was still ordinary but she was okay with that.

She was okay with being just a side character. Just someone plan and average and no different than ther rest.

But then one day, their house got ransacked and she got separated from her family or perhaps the more accurate term was kidnapped. She was kidnapped and imprisoned in an apartment. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a feeling of dread grew inside her as the days went by.

Along with the dread, something else grew– literally.

At first she paid no attention to it. She pretended that if she ignored it, it’ll just go away. Yeah, right. Look at what good that did. She should have cut it off when it first sprouted but nooo, she just haad to let it grow for those one and a half years. Now it was too late for her.

Now she had a ahoge.

And come next day when the door was clawed open by a monokuma, knew that this was it.

Komaru had become a protagonist.

Just like any cursed protagonist, she was immediately thrust into a plot. All at once she got forced into a game and they kept treating her as a player. Not just any player but the main player, the one that mattered. To make matters worse, it seemed like the plot she was maining in didn’t seem to be the lighthearted kind. What did she ever do to deserve this fate? In hindsight, maybe she shouldn’t have set up the flag by doing her own internal monologue.

And thus, this became her world and her daily life now.

Komaru’s life hasn’t always been this abnormal and she blames the ahoge.


Edited to say Kiibo instead of Keebo

Now with the new Famitsu peek, we’ve gotten 5 more people’s names and some talents. Now of course, I’m going to address my favorite’s name Keebo

That’s the name for Robo Ahoge “Kii-bo”. Now this is just a rough translation of his name so nothing’s really confirmed but it does seem like that name would be the least easy to mess up. Many of you by now probably know that Kiibo is suspiciously very close to kibou,japanese for hope, in both spelling and pronunciation, just robotized. This in it of itself suggests that he’s gonna die, and really early too. You know to prove that despair always prevails over hope or some crap like that

But I have an objection!(gotta make the joke) This could be some sort of weird double fakeout. Having us think he’s gonna die cuz he seems too prominent only for that not to happen, at least not really early. Why’s that? Because the theme of V3 is Truth vs Lies not Hope vs Despair. We have no idea if the mastermind in V3 even gives any shits about Hope or Despair. Sure using Monokuma seems to suggest it but who knows, Monokuma could just be representing Lies rather than Despair this time.(or you know Spike Chunsoft not wanting to change mascots)

I know I’m reaching but I really want my fav to live. You guys understand right? Right?