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Hi, so let me just start with saying how much I love your blog!! It's prefect really, especially the way you explain everything so good. I recently got more into astrology and even got my flatmates into it shshs. But I also have a question, do you know how to make the best first impression on them based on their signs? Also thank you for the astrology help tag, it's so useful!! Keep up the great work!! : ))))

how to make a good first impression? hmm. i think i’d look to their venus signs

jin: be competent?? LOL i’m not sure how much sense that makes but i’ll explain. capricorn venus men like people who are ambitious and look like they can get shit done. i don’t think he’d mind someone who makes a move on him first , you know how much he loves to be called handsome

yoongi: him. he has an aries venus and rising, which means he’s attracted to people who exhibit similar traits as him, that makes him feel comfortable. he even once stated that he’d like to be with someone who also likes music, and who speaks the same language etc. kinda copy his mannerisms and vibe. basically: be a yoongi clone. 

hoseok: be passionate. idk why but i think he’d love someone who is completely dedicated to a hobby/activity/craft. his aquarius brain needs to stay stimulated so someone who can teach him about a topic he’s not familiar with would really intrigue him

namjoon: be real. this boy (being a virgo with a scorpio rising) sees right through fake smiles and attitudes so just keep it one hundred. call people (including him) out on their bullshit if you spot it, it’d definitely make him laugh. be a lil savage, it’d have him whipped instantly

jimin: be..mysterious? that sounds like total cliche because of his scorpio venus/mars but really, don’t reveal too much. he needs a partner with lots of depth and intensity. keep him wanting more

taehyung: stand out! his aquarius venus wants someone who’ll leave such a strong impression he’ll be thinking about you for days after. be yourself and be unique. also, don’t fall into his charms too easily, play hard to get

jungkook: be kind. this is a bit hard to explain, but this boy is always observing from afar before making a move (that analytic virgo sun) i think if he sees someone being polite others, helping those in need or cleaning up, it’d make him really see them in a good light and open up a bit easier. first impressions have a strong impact on him so just try your best to make it positive!


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a good post is on its way my dudes and here u have it. the many reasons why ryan hawley should win his tv choice award:

1. his wide variety of impressions ranging from that of a police (which if u heard it on its own without visual evidence u would not realize it is, in fact, the character of robert sugden) to that of eric pollard and his breakfast banter 😌 the depth and accuracy provided to his impressions makes him an even better contender for this award

2. his micro expressions where his face goes from neutral to worried in a split second. if u look closely during a great deal of scenes where someone he loves is involved in something horrific, u can see the change in his face as his worry is so so evident. let’s take the moment where chas reveals to robert that aaron has received a 12 month prison sentence. you can identify the exact moment where his forehead creases upwards and his face turns into one of utter worry. to me, that is so astounding??? and his micro expressions are also so evident during the most recent scenes where u can see his scheming face soften in the presence of either vic or aaron as he feels guilty for lying to the two people who matter most to him.

3. his improvement especially in terms of emotional scenes: we all know ryan has always been so good with any sort of scene he’s been given throughout these 3 years, however during the past year or so, his performances have gained even more depth and emotion than before, which i didn’t even think was possible??? (considering how amazing his performances were even prior to this year!!) the emotions experienced by robert are so palpable and real and ryan’s portrayal is what provides them with this tangibility.

4. his (and danny’s) ability to turn a shitty storyline into something tremendous. it’s no surprise that danny and ryan’s acting ability extends so far and this is exhibited in the fact that they still manage to elicit some form of emotion from the viewers, despite the negative turn of the storyline and the lack of coherence & consistency present within diverse parts of the same storyline.

5. and last but not least, let us all remember how ryan replaced an actor (karl davies) who was highly praised for his portrayal of the infamous robert sugden, so he had some big shoes to fill. the pressure was definitely on and all eyes were on him and on how he would end up portraying such a well known and beloved character, so many years after his exit from emmerdale. and if anyone takes a look at him now, it’s evident how truly he portrays robert and how well he knows him. the fact that ryan is literally the polar opposite of robert contributes even further to why he deserves this award so much!!!

and these are just a few of the reasons why ryan hawley should win the tv choice award (this also applies to danny and john but the lanky giraffe deserved a lil post of his own since he needs to be hyped up a bit more!!!) and thank u for ur time xox

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What's it about Gordon Ramsay that's sexy?

It’s not exactly that he’s your typical sexy, but he has a charm somehow. Yes, we know the rude ass screaming at everyone, but I love how he melts into a marshmallow when he works with kids. Please also remember when he started crying over pigs that had to be slaughtered and didn’t want them to go (having a harder time than his kids). Him constantly swearing on the tonight show and Jimmy just going “you can’t say that! you can’t say that either!!” but also laughing and gordon just hopping up and down in excitement and constantly apologizing, those are good things okay. ALSO he once apologized and was like “please i wish you wouldve told me sooner so i wouldnt have upset you” when a name was triggering for someone and is always thoughtful when needed and never oversteps his line and that should be remembered.


“You’ve a taste for interesting faces, eh, Rex?” said the King, casting a glance towards Anne, who quickly averted her eyes. Harry rankled at the King’s favorite pet name for himself. Since the tourney, it was all François seemed inclined to call him. He rankled at the insinuation (mostly because it was true). But most of all, he rankled at the obvious glance towards Anne. “It is a very great mystery, I’m afraid,” continued the King of France. “One the maestro took to his grave, sadly, but he always called her the Mona Lisa. A most enigmatic lady, is she not?” 

Wild For To Hold – by @quillington


mm-hmm…“twas judging everything, from the shoulder-touch to taking a phone call, as an amateur power move.

tbh he probably would’ve left within one minute of him not returning had uh…something else. It happened 😉

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game time! you're a casting director now! cast 10 people you follow as various historical figures and then send this to 5 people anonymously!

mmm okay (i won’t be sending it to anyone else because im petty shshs no but i’m…only using this blog to answer asks rn, anyWAY):

@gulltown as catherine of braganza

@lucreziaborgia as elizabeth woodville

@beau–brummell as nell gwyn

@charlottemarney as louise de kérouaille

@gablehood as oscar wilde

@cerseilannisterr as anne boleyn

@theqveenofiron as elisabeth of bavaria

@lifeandeathbrigade as the girl with the pearl earring subject

@marxistbarbie as herodias, subject of herodias

@lordlykisses as the lady caroline lamb


I was a fifth grader in elementary school. I was a brat, and my best friend Kiyoshi was no better. We were always getting into trouble for the pranks we set up.

One day in the middle of summer, Kiyoshi got ripped a new one after he pissed his parents off too much. He suggested that we run away together. I was hungry for an adventure, and this was just too much for me to pass up.

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Together (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: It’s a request, I am so sorry it took so long :(( To be perfectly honest I’m not too fond of this one as in I dont think I did my best but I dont know how I could improve that…. I am so sorry, hope you’ll still like it though…! Love you guys and stay safe!

Request: May yo do a Barry’s imagine based on the first season in the episode 18 maybe i don’t remember well, it’s when he thinks Caitlin and Cisco are working with Dr. Wells, and the reader is his girlfriend and she’s is also part of the team and something happens in one of his misions (like in the episode) and he starts to distrust of her too, and when she realizes that he’s avoiding her and acting weird around her she confronts him?

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: Spoilers for up to 1x18!

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         I was spinning in my chair bored out of my mind. Everyone had some task to do. Cisco was helping Ray with his suit, Barry was talking with Felicity, standing a little too close for my comfort, Dr Wells was nowhere to be seen and Caitlyn was checking something on her tablet.

           I wanted to be social and talk with them, but I was having so much fun spinning in this chair. I sometimes thought I was just a decoration for the team and damsel in distress at times, but then I reprimanded myself for thinking like that. I was a rock for Barry whenever he felt down or out of balance and I was a valid member of the team. I wasn’t doing much at the moment, but I needed to stop feeling so useless.

           I looked at Barry who was explaining something to Felicity in a hushed tone and felt pang of jealousy. I knew they used to have a thing, but I was also aware they were friends. I wasn’t going to be one of the obsessed, jealous girlfriends cause that just wasn’t me. Although, Barry did became distant lately… I decided not to dwell on it too much, since I was sure that when the right time came, he was going to talk to me about it.

‘Y/N, what are you doing?’ Caitlyn said looking disapprovingly at my chair.

‘Having a time of my life, honestly’ I replied, staring at the ceiling which was spinning.

           I heard footsteps and saw Barry looking at me, he smiled, but it never reached his eyes. What in hell was going on? I stopped the chair and looked straight at him, questioningly. His lips turned into a thin line and he kissed my forehead.

‘I’m gonna be late for work’ he said ‘Are we on for dinner?’

           I nodded, looking after him when he ran out of the Cortex. He was acting strangely and I just knew Cisco and Caitlyn noticed it as well. I knew, I decided not to bother him with it, but it was starting to affect how he acted towards everyone else. And normally I would just blame it on his stress but that was something more. Something bigger was bothering him and I just knew that he needed to let it out.

‘I’m gonna talk to him later’ I sighed, leaving the lab.


‘Y/N, Barry’s in trouble’ were the first words that came through the phone when I picked it up.

           Joe was worried. And he was a cop. If he was worried something seriously messed up was happening. My heart started pounding loudly and I felt light-headed.

           This was not happening. This couldn’t be happening.

           I quickly got the details from him and jumped onto my bike. I was over every possible speed limit and quite possibly broke every law there was.

           I jumped off the bike, leaving it on the street and running towards the building. I saw my boyfriend getting attacked by a bunch of bees in the window. My heart squeezed painfully. Few seconds later he was on the ground without a heartbeat.

           I literally had no thoughts. I kneeled by him, putting my hands on his chest and starting CPR. The tears started to blur my vision, when I couldn’t feel his pulse.

           It couldn’t end like this. He didn’t deserve to die, not like this. Not by being stung by a bunch of bees. That wasn’t a death worthy of him. A sob rocked my body, but I never stopped. I was blindly pushing his chest, feeling my heart breaking.

‘Y/N…’ Joe grabbed my shoulders taking me back. ‘Cisco’s gonna help him, okay? But we need to take a step back.’

           Joe’s arms enveloped me in a tight hug and I hid my face in his chest, feeling another wave of tears. Joe was whispering something to my ear, most probably trying to reassure himself.

            He can’t die. Please, don’t let him die.

           The sound of electric shocks and body hitting the pavement, made me sick. But then, the most wonderful sound escaped his lips. He gasped. Which meant he was alive. My Barry was alive.

           I let go of Joe and ran to him.

‘You’re okay’ I sobbed, crushing him in a hug ‘You are okay’

           We loaded him into the car and sped to S.T.A.R. labs.      

           He was going to be okay.


‘Barry? I think we need to talk’ I said, walking out of the lab right behind him.

           I knew he just had a rough afternoon with him almost dying and all. But the moment he accused Cisco of trying to kill him, he stepped over the line. I needed to know, he needed someone to tell him how paranoid and overall ridiculous he sounded. And as his girlfriend, I was going to be that person. Cisco was our friend, he helped us so many times, he saved his life today for Pete’s sake.

‘Please not now, Y/N’ he said annoyed angrily, pushing the buttons of the elevator.

‘Barry. Now.’ I hissed standing right in front of him.

           He looked at me his eyes scanning me for any sign of weakness. I wasn’t backing down, till he talked to me and something in my eyes must’ve told him that. Seeing that my mind was set, he sighed dramatically and motioned for me to follow him. Normally I would get annoyed at that behaviour, but whatever was troubling him was really taking its toll.

           We were on the roof of S.T.A.R labs, it was a quiet evening and I knew that we had this dinner reservation. Even more motivation for him to hurry it up. Good. He was gonna spill the beans and we could go and have civil dinner.

‘Barry, something is wrong.’ I said touching his arm lightly. ‘Talk to me.’

‘He led me the wrong way, Y/N’ he shouted, taking few steps away from me.

           His hand was massaging the back of his head, which meant that something was seriously wrong. It really bothered him.

‘Cisco made a mistake, Barry…’ I whispered, taking his head in my hands ‘Deathly one, but still a mistake. He didn’t mean that.’

‘How can I know that?’ he asked ‘How can I know that you are not trying to cover for him?! How can I trust you?’

           I took a step back, feeling as if he just slapped me. Did he just say that? Did he mean that or was he just upset? I was really hoping that it was the second one, because I couldn’t be with someone that I loved with my whole heart, could not trust me.

‘Excuse me? Barry what are you talking about?’ I whispered, looking at him, tears stinging my eyes ‘How can you say that? The whole team stood by you, through thick and thin, and you are questioning MY trust?!’

           He looked at me for few seconds, tears appearing in his eyes. I resisted the urge to come up to him and hug the tears away. I was going to be mad at him. He looked like he was considering something for few seconds and I saw it in his eyes when he made a decision.

‘Y/N… Wells… I think Wells killed my mum’ he whispered, looking at his sneakers.

           My hand wandered to my mouth, all my anger gone in an instant. I stepped towards him, enveloping him in my arms. My heart clenched from the pain for him. I knew what that meant, the person he trusted was a villain. And with that he lost the trust in the rest of us. I couldn’t really blame him. I wasn’t going to. I wanted only to make him feel better.

‘I am so sorry, Barry’ I said, kissing his forehead ‘I didn’t… I had no idea. Oh god, Barry, I am so sorry.’

           He was quiet for few seconds, accepting my comfort. I felt him trembling in my arms and felt anger towards Wells. He was going to pay for what he did to him, I swore it.

‘I’m sorry, that for a second I thought you might be involved in that… I’m sorry I doubted you, Y/N’

           I shook my head.

‘Shsh, it’s already forgotten’ I whispered.

           He looked in my eyes and sighed quietly. He embraced me in a tight hug, reassuring me that we were going to be okay. We were going to be okay once we’ll deal with Wells. And we would do it together.


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