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Shadowhunters Ships: Clizzy

Billie Marten - Bird:

Hope is a distance Unreached
Ink on her skin incomplete
And the faint sound of friends
As she neared to the end she had peace

Nobody’s watching
Drowning in words so sweet
Mild is the water
Caught as a bird once free

megaphanielthespaniel  asked:

you know me but not well so why not. im isaac or m and im a trans boy that's slowly crippling. i play piano and love drawing, writing and math. i am obsessed with dogs and i like whales. i depend on music a little too much but that's okay, i have no morals whatsoever and don't care as long as you're happy. i like both boys and girls yet don't classify my self as bisexual or pansexual :)

shsh i love doggos and whales