Day 2

I couldn’t post for Day 2, so…

This one is dedicated to @pandahuugs because of her b-day in June 3rd! @juridp your b-day gift is coming along too! So wait a bit more. If ya have any b-days in June, like me (13), juri(10), darkasdicksies (8), or pandahuugs(3), let me know. I’ll cook something for ya!!

Day 2: Partners in Crime: Thieves/Undercover AU

This, Uchiha Sasuke thought as he flexed his numbed fingers, was starting to get old. 

Perceptive eyes studied the shallow symbols carved above the entrance of the abandoned mansion with deadpanned disbelief. Those were symbols he recognized, and symbols he’d honestly never expected to see out of old books. Father was really taking things too far with this one, and to Sasuke’s misfortune, it wouldn’t be the first (or last) time it happened. 

Not only had he been ordered to travel from Nagasaki, Japan to Russia, but he was expected to make his way unnoticed from the first stop in Khabarovsk all the way to Yakutsk in Siberia. 

That in itself wasn’t a big deal. Sasuke was used to blend in with the shadows when in solo missions, striking looks aside. He could deal with this assignment just fine.

Or so he’d thought. 

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