Inktober Day 29

I wanted to do something with giant/tiny, so this happened!

These are two of my characters, Lisa and Andrew, and getting shrunk/becoming giant actually does happen from time to time in their story (crazy things go down when you are a super-hero). Andrew is a little grumpy about being shrunk because he feels useless, and everyone just keeps calling him “adorable”. He’s even more annoyed by the fact that he kind of likes Lisa carrying him around. 

In the lower picture, he just accomplished a big task and is very proud of himself. Naturally, he wants to kiss his girlfriend in celebration (and she’s trying so HARD not to laugh at how determined he is to still seem big no matter how tiny).

Also; he got shrunk when he was in the middle of changing clothes, which is why he doesn’t have an shoes or socks; those are still regulalr-sized.