Why we hate Eragon Movie:

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When the movie starts with the narrative of the stories from the pre- inheritance cycle:

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But then a few scenes after you see saphira suddenly becoming an adult, an you start to question the quality of the movie:

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An after that you see the Galbatorix talking with Durza, and you remember that he ONLY appers in the last book. What a hell are you doing here Galbie???

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But hey, it’s the movie of your fav book and you decide to take it easy, right? Nooooo, after a really few trainings, almost nothing, they decide to practice the ridding, and it gets cool… Until Saphira says that a true dragon rider, could ride in the dragon’s tail…

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And then a wierd, not elfic at all, version of Arya shows up, and if she hadn’t said her name I wouldn’t have known that it was her…

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By that point the movie was already bad, but it had some highlights like Brom’s sword Zar'roc, Brom’s actor, Brom’s fighting, and of course the best scene of the movie, Brom’s grave.

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And then we have MURTAGH… YES MURTAGH!!

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After a really bad fighting scene against the Urgals, Blonde Eragon and his gang, get inside… furthen dur? I have no Ideia where they were… And what about that people, were they Dwarves? If yes, I don’t think the director understands the concept of a dwarf.

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They show us Ajihad and Nasuada, the only too people that actually look like their characters in the book! And them there is a battle, with a very bad fighting coreography, and a smoke kind dragon that it doesn’t not exists in the book, and the only way to defeat Durza and it, was riding in Saphira’s tail… I mean… WHO CAME UP WITH THIS???

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 The movie ends with Eragon talking to Arya which is leaving to Ellesmera, WITHOUT Eragon… But wait there is a final scene with Galbatorix, reaping out a map(?) and showing us Shruiken… It’s funny because they really thought that a second movie would happen, after this shit??

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PS: Joss Stone as a not even close, Angela

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I am not even mentioning the characters appearance, cuz that would make this post very long…

Modern AU

Alagaesia is a HUGE city. It has boroughs, but at its center is Uru'baen, where resides the “elected” mayor Galbatorix. Eragon lives out at the rural edge of the city in a trailer park, with his cousin and uncle, and goes to a podunk high school and generally thinks his life stinks but will never change. Brom is his history teacher. Sapphira is a rare and valuable A.I. that only opens for the genetic match she is pre-determined to work best with–Eragon–and is delivered to him almost by accident, but mostly fate. The plot of Eragon ensues with the changes, Garrow dying, and Eragon leaving his trailer park for the “safety” of the street-gang The Varden, Galbatorix’s only opposition. Brom, Sapphira, and Eragon have to take it slow to avoid Galbatorix’s Enforcer Durza, running across an Uru'baen young adult–Murtagh– who is willing to help them, and one of Durza’s kidnapped victims, a Du Weldenvarden heiress–Arya– who has been drugged and abused and generally needs the help that only The Varden can supply. The rest of Eragon continues up to the point that they find The Varden in “the Beor Mountains,” which are more a cluster of skyscrapers in disrepair, their base of operation being Fathern Dur, a large building, and perhaps the biggest skyscraper of the bunch. Arya “recovers” with help and methadone, proving that while she’s the prettiest girl Eragon’s ever seen, she’s also the most haughty. Murtagh is discovered to be the son of Galbatorix’s dead right-hand-man Morzan, and thrown in The Varden’s “jail,” visited everyday by Ajihad’s–The Varden leader–daughter Nasuada, a no-nonsense feminist that enjoys the intellectual equivalence of their “prisoner.” Sapphira matures at a quick rate, her ability to hack comptuer systems incomparable. It comes to light that Galbatorix’s way of staying in power is his own stolen A.I., Shruiken, who can rig elections every two years, keeping him mayor indefinitely. Now, Eragon knows what The Varden have planned for him and Sapphira, and though he may not like it, he is Alagaesia’s only hope of change for the better. He can only hope they’re ready when the time comes to spring into action.

fic: vigil of the loved

title: vigil of the loved
characters: Uchiha family, past and present
word count: 1,071
summary: Sarada’s home is full of ghosts. The dead do their best to love the living.
author’s notes: I still have a great affection for Sasuke’s family. And I still like writing fic about ghosts. And some days I realize that my tastes haven’t changed much at all. Took forever to reword, not sure I’m completely satisfied with it, but we’ll see.

Their house is new and built just for them, but it has ghosts all the same.

Not many ghosts: only three.

Sarada does not fear them, for she has known them all her life. They are nothing like the ghosts in Uncle Naruto’s scary stories.

They are family.

Papa’s family.

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Naruto is the kind of dad who will go along with whatever his kids are doing. If Boruto is chasing a squirrel across Konoha, you bet your life Naruto is running with him with a net! If Himawari thinks there’s a monster under her bed, you bet your ass Naruto is gonna army-crawl under there and fight those bullies with a shruiken! If Boruto is underneath his father’s desk because he was teased at school, you bet your bottom dollar Naruto will crawl under there and hang out with his son! If Himawari wants to play fairy princess…

Guess who’s the lucky fucker wearing the glitter wings?

Eragon did defeat Galbatorix, but was wounded by him in their final battle—a wound that doesn’t heal with conventional magic or healing treatments. He lies in a bed in the castle and is proclaimed King, despite not being conscious or consenting. Several months pass, and laws are passed under his name, one of which frees every slave in the country. One of the slaves freed comes to the castle to work as a servant instead of seeking an entirely new life and profession. They meet Murtagh, who has stayed instead of leaving, and make some sort of impression on him. They are asked to come and help take care of the wounded King. Upon seeing Eragon, who is as close to dying as one can come to it without stepping into the grave, the servant is told what the rest of the country has not been—that the King will never recover, because the wound does not heal and does not get worse. It remains the same because it is a curse meant to keep Eragon from living, despite surviving. Feeling as though they owe him a debt of gratitude—because, despite the law not coming from him, Eragon had wanted to end the practice of slavery—the servant asks to be allowed to take care of him.

A week or thereabouts passes, during which the servant meets the likes of Arya, Shruiken (who never went “mad” so much as was a slave to Galbatorix, and who’s bond with him was not true, thus leaving him alive), Roran, Orik, Nasuada, and even Angela. The servant is most unsettled by Angela, who says some cryptic things about the servant’s “bond” to the King. At the end of a week, the servant gets their answer as to what “bond” the fortune teller was speaking of.

Alagaësia, in lieu of a direct explanation, is a country with Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, and all other manner of supernatural creatures. It does not house, however, Fae. They have their own realm, parallel, and adjacent to, the world of Alagaësia. They do not normally cross the boundaries.

The servant, alone aside from the company of the comatose King, sees a pinpoint of light without source or attachment, which becomes bigger and brighter until something passes through: a faery, intensely beautiful, but with a malevolence that sets a chill in the bones of the servant. It speaks, but does not, using the servant’s voice instead, distorting it and meshing together more than one timbre, to make the servant hear it ask if they wished to save the King.

The servant, still feeling that debt to the King, answers in the affirmative. The faery, therefore, says that its kind can heal the King, but not without the sacrifice of the servant. The servant’s life had little meaning to them, so they hesitate little at this. If there is a way to save the King, let their life be forfeit. The servant is asked to put both hands on the cursed wound, and they do so, gently. The servant is told, then, that their’s and Eragon’s lives are to be bonded, the price of removing the curse on the wound. Fainting, the servant awakes later to the yelling of Murtagh and Eragon. Murtagh for help, Eragon out of pain.

Days pass, with several interrogations and an investigation as to what happened. Ergaon convalesces, his wound freed from the curse but not healed. He appoints Nasuada as the country’s executive power and revokes the decree that made him King. He also cannot go for more than an hour without having to have the servant explain again to him what it is that they think happened to him. The servant explains, and does not leave out their “bond” except when others are in the room. They have changed in just a few days, much like Eragon had changed after the Blood-Oath Celebration.

Not totally healed, Eragon decides he must leave only another week after the first few days awake. The servant cannot let him leave Alagaësia without them. Desperate, the servant seeks the assistance of an unlikely ally: Shruiken. The giant black dragon is the only unbonded dragon, he assumes, in the entire world, but wonders if he wouldn’t be able to find another somewhere. The servant has the means to leave after Eragon, but the ex-monarch makes that unnecessary. He never had any intention of leaving them behind. The bond is something that even Sapphira (recently revived from her own coma) can feel, though it doesn’t affect hers with her Rider’s.

Eragon leaves Alagaësia with the servant, Sapphira—having met and mated with Fírnen— and Shruiken. Murtagh and Thorn leave, though not with the air of finality that Eragon did, and the rest of the story commences in its canon version, except that the servant remains with Eragon until his death, much, much later in life, having pioneered the new Riders together, and lived as companions. The servant, and Sapphira, expire as Eragon does. Eragon is given a Rider’s burial, much like Brom’s, and Sapphira has a dragon’s funeral, but the servant’s body is gone. The only evidence that they have even been alive is an iridescent powder heaped in the bed next to Eragon, patterned like a body. The powder is buried and burned with the two others. When they sing songs of Eragon and Sapphira, the bards are compelled to share the story of Eragon’s servant, because even in death, the bond remains.

notes: a father’s day fic

Sarada doesn’t forgive him, not yet. 

Sasuke would not blame her if she never did. 

But Sakura insists that this is only a temporary state of affairs; that Sarada is happy to have her papa back in her life and has no interest in holding a grudge. 

Just give it time, she says. Keep giving her time and space, the way you have been. You’ll see.

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Hey Raph, just curious. i Know that the sai are your main weapon. What is a second type of weapon you like to use? P.s. Thanks for be my first follower. You rock.

I like to use Shruiken Stars, 

Tanto Blades

Smoke Bombs

And My Fists!