Some SWARD Side notes pertaining to fire emblem:

  • Xander’s Siegbfried resembles a giant Scottish Dirk. Why? Idk man
  • The Exalts’ “falchion” isn’t actually a falchion.
  • It’s interesting spears are more effective against swords in the fates weapon triangle, spears and pikes were usually used against the cavalry, which is probably why we have “beast killers” be a lance user item.
  • Items like shruikens and daggers are hard to stick and use to instantly kill someone. They were usually to distract or scratch them. Rocks are easier and less of a waste for the same purpose, Good job Fredrick.
  • Don’t stick your sword int eh fucking ground. Like WHY. You’re messing up the blade
  • Axes are very common combat tool. The Hero class is probably a very typical medieval fighter.
  • Great swords were used against pike users. Which is why the weapon triangle is weird. Also it’s easier to hack someone with an axe than swing a sword but easier to defend other sword users with swords.

I’m not an expert just someone who reads a lot about swords when they should be doing homework.

Feel free to add more sward facts

Naruto is the kind of dad who will go along with whatever his kids are doing. If Boruto is chasing a squirrel across Konoha, you bet your life Naruto is running with him with a net! If Himawari thinks there’s a monster under her bed, you bet your ass Naruto is gonna army-crawl under there and fight those bullies with a shruiken! If Boruto is underneath his father’s desk because he was teased at school, you bet your bottom dollar Naruto will crawl under there and hang out with his son! If Himawari wants to play fairy princess…

Guess who’s the lucky fucker wearing the glitter wings?