Naruto is the kind of dad who will go along with whatever his kids are doing. If Boruto is chasing a squirrel across Konoha, you bet your life Naruto is running with him with a net! If Himawari thinks there’s a monster under her bed, you bet your ass Naruto is gonna army-crawl under there and fight those bullies with a shruiken! If Boruto is underneath his father’s desk because he was teased at school, you bet your bottom dollar Naruto will crawl under there and hang out with his son! If Himawari wants to play fairy princess…

Guess who’s the lucky fucker wearing the glitter wings?

avengernomore  asked:

"I almost forgot it was your birthday... Here." Sasuke passed her a small box, a set of small, silver earrings in the shape of a shruiken inside.

“Well, this is unexpected…” Ino said looking at the gift Sasuke gave her. “Thank you Sasuke. This is really nice of you.”