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Sterek Social Media AU:

Stiles Stilinski, social media nerd extraordinaire, met the man of his dreams during a drunken night out with his friends in New York. The catch here - because there’s always a catch in Stiles’ life - is that the morning after the best day in Stiles’ existence (the BEST) the man is gone, leaving no way for Stiles to contact him and only a piece of paper with his name: Derek Hale. Stiles sets on a mad search through his beloved online platforms but comes out of the other side with a bruised heart and no man. He decides, then, to enlist the help of the people he knows he can count on: his followers and friends.


Oh shit.

And Kuroo finds himself falling in love all over again.


Orlais presents a veneer of opulence, but the aristocracy are committed to a system of social one-upmanship they call the game. Sprawling receptions delight friend and foe, while bards strike from shadow with insinuation, larceny, and assassination, often to the strange delight of their targets. Control of these auteur agents is yet another layer of the game.The Orlesian Game of Intrigue (click to enlarge)

1993 - FOREVER


Top Star News’ Weibo wrote the funniest captions to go with EXO’s Gimpo airport news pics today.

Chanyeol: large-eyed adorable baby is going to Japan

Kyungsoo: bearing the heavy burden of the penguin kingdom to earn money

Yixing: Changsha’s pride who can’t give up on lazy people’s shoes

Baekhyun: Appa is taking big steps forward

Sehun: Biyak is going to Japan (btw this is biyak)

Suho: the prince, his royal highness who is flaunting his white jade like skin

Minseok: I thought I saw an angel for an instance when the face mask was off

Chen: the air is flowing with handsomeness

Kai: it’s a rare occasion to see Nini with eyes this wide open at the airport

Also, when Chinese EXO-Ls asked what the heck is going on at Top Star news, they just replied with shrug emojis LMAO.


I wanted for a long time to make some cute pattern to use on my tumblr, and since I had a little problem with my old theme and had to change it, I had the perfect excuse to do this!!! 

Have a cute YOI pattern!!! You’re free to use it in your tumblr too or whenever you want, just don’t erase my signature (And if you want to give credits to me I will be even more happy, it’s not necessary tho)!

(You may want to reduze the image before using it, since I drew it too big and didn’t notice it lmao Sorry, it’s my first try at patterns)

Commission me!

Kind of stuck on inspiration, so I’m taking pallette challenge thingies 👌👌👌 

Only doing char busts atm, feel free to ask for OCS. No nsfw shit tho.

(I should clarify, if you want an OC, please include a ref? U can put a link if there are spaces. Not your thing? Send me a message on good ole tumble, or leave a comment on the po s t.)