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That's amazing! How do you have that much time to read? I'm only on my 18th book of the year.

I don’t have time–I make time. I read fast and I don’t sleep. I read in lines at the grocery store and on the bus and in waiting rooms and while I’m eating lunch. I take a book everywhere because you never know when you’re going to have five free minutes and eventually all those little chunks of five minutes add up.

As much as I love Khadgar I think they kind of missed something w/ him in WoD? Like, in Wrathion’s legendary quests, we got to see Wrathion’s personal side with the Celestials, as well as his view of the world, his wants, his need to save Azeroth. We got to know him, y’know? But with Khadgar, we didn’t really get any personal stuff about him, just is why I’m not as attached to this legendary questline. He’s funny and one of the best characters in the expac, but the quest itself feels flat.

I felt like they tried to, though? He was OBSESSED with finding Gul’dan to the point of pretty much mind-torturing Garona, and only stopped with Cordana snapped at him. I think they could have expanded on this b/c Gul’dan was in cahoots with Medivh in our timeline, and thus the Gul’dan here really preyed on Khadgar’s fears. But this was only very vaguely hinted at, and only one of the things they could have done.

Idk. All of it felt very impersonal.

Child, your hair is not a ladder.
It never should have been. 

Your voice belongs to a girl
and not a songbird.
Your home does not live
in your mother’s ribcage
no matter what she says.

You are home—
your feet on the ground,
your hair like a bird’s nest.
You can pick it up
and take it with you
when you go.

—  ejl.

haha have some gay blueberrylime rocks (๑ Ỡ ◡͐ Ỡ๑)ノ♡

(sneak peak of a lapidot flipnote that im still finishing up asdfasdf this isnt even the actual song for the flipnote woops)

  • Lil Bro:I love Garnet! I'm totally Garnet.
  • Lil Bro:What's my birthstone, then?
  • Mom:Your little sister's birthstone is sapphire. Is there a sapphire on your show?
  • Me:OMFG YE S
  • Me:Oh, and you're evil, Cy. Your birthstone is Diamond.
  • Lil Bro:
  • Lil Bro:It explains everything.