the year is 2030

a standup comedian goes up onto the stage of a packed venue, he is holding a small binder

once he reaches the microphone, he clears his throat and says

“that feel when you’re a student athlete and someone asks what your favorite bible verse is”

he opens the binder to the first page and takes a printed out image of a mature teenage boy, about highschool age, smiling intensely with an extremely bright lens flare coming off of both of his eye, and holds it up for everyone to see

the audience howls with laughter

cameras from around the stage zoom in on the piece of paper and a 30 foot screen behind the comedian lights up with the very same image

the man on stage is not happy. the audience could see it in his eyes if they just looked. he wishes to be anywhere else but where he is. but he knows this is his calling. he cannot apply himself to practically benefit humanity, and so he must fill the need that this niche audience demands.

later that night, he cries as he browses stock image websites for pictures to use in his next performance


#the second eyebrow raise lmaoo k jughead.


Have more Fenrele in her reaper shroud.

I adore the design of the reaper shroud so much that I wanted to keep it for Fen. Just with a few minor modifications. Like the spikes that appear along her spine and her very long nails. Also the feather like aura around her shoulders reappears on her lower arms to hands.

Her personaliy though…unpredictable…