What Season 2 Gave Me *Spoilers*

Just a quick list of what stuck with me throughout the 13 episodes 

> Bitch Allura/Bad Ass Allura (Like that last fight scene! OMG SLAY) 

> The castle has an upside down pool 

>Thace. Just Thace 

> Black lion bond

> “Meet me in the pit asshole” (AKA Shro and Zarkon) 

> Altean Haggar 

> Galra Keith

> “You’re like a brother to me” 

> Mermaids 

> Insecure Lance!!!! (For like .5 seconds)

> Mall Cop

> “Is that a cow?” 

> BABY CORAN!!!!!!

>  Knife Fights 


> Keith and Allura talk about things and life 

> Lance and Keith locking elbows to climb up the elevator 

> “Yup”

> Pidge found something on Matt 

> Keith’s knife 

> Blade of Marmora

> Fucking Slav

> The fight between the black lion is literally two 3 year old fighting in the sandbox

> Shiro getting fucking annoyed 

> Green gets tree powers 

> More armor on Yellow

> New thing on Blue (Sonar Blast)

> Shiro getting injured the first episode 

> Keith gets his ass kicked 

> Strange Galra in the Weblum

> Emo teenage Coran

> Keith is confirmed emo via Pidge 

> Varkon!!! 

> Red will find Keith no matter where

 Feel free to add!!!

It's 3 am and I'm making family theories

OK so for this to work we are presuming that the head canon that Shro is Keith’s dad’s brother (aka Keith’s uncle lmao), shiroxmatt is cannon (shatt), and (as a little add on) klance is cannon.

So to start off…

-shiro and Matt are Keith’s uncles…

-That would mean pidge is t e c h n i c a l l y
Keith’s aunt??????

-keith’s parents would be Matt’s sibling in laws ????? (I can’t remember what there called wtf)

-They would also be Lance’s (parents) in law

-Pidge would be shiro’s sister in law

-Pidge would be some kind of aunt removed and some shit to Lance maybe?????

At this point I (really) want to but I’m scared to add in the theory that Lance is Allura’s long lost half altean sibling…

Oh god what if I took the shatt out and replaced​ it with shallura and kept that theory & klance in…

Idk if I’m going to get any sleep tonight lmao.

(HA U THOUGHT!?….. One last side note I just thought of… What if there was some way to make a “love child” or whatever with alien tech and Lance and Keith have a human/gallara/altean child??!? I’d like to see that omfg)

Shiro/Keith part of the Voltron meetup shoot at Otakon 2016! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Let me know if you see yourself or anyone you know so that I can either add a link or remove the picture if having it posted makes you uncomfortable.

Armor Shro (far left)= @maeglining

Shiro (Second from the left)= @vantasticmess (I think); 

Keith (far right)= @flowerbelli (I think)

Again, correct me if I’m wrong! :’)