Unpopular Opinion: Sorry Not Sorry

I understand flying ointments, really, I really do, please believe I honestly do. HOWEVER, I’m just not willing to die or go blind in order to hedge-cross? Like? I’ll stick to my cannabis and salvia and psilocybe. You can keep your fucking mandrake and belladonna. You do you.

I get why “traditional” herbs are used, maybe I’m just too much of a wimp to subscribe to them. Cannabis and salvia salves have always just been way safer in my opinion along with the occasional consumption of psilocybe-type shrooms.


I do want to say that the above mentioned “death” and “blindness” are most likely extreme and rare cases. However, I’m just really not willing to take a chance on something I can’t really regulate. Just because one person uses enough foxglove to sedate a horse and is fine doesn’t mean everyone should use that amount and/or will also be fine.

Also, please be careful of recipes you find online as well as where to administer them. Please do your own research. PLEASE READ OVERDOSE LEVELS AND TOXICITY REPORTS FROM ACTUAL MEDICAL JOURNALS. If someone offers you something or is selling something, I would go as far as to suggest refusing it unless you know the person really well, to the point of being able to trust them with your life. I’ve read and heard accounts of people testing their salves only to find literal battery acid in them.

Just please be safe.