shroob princess

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((Poppin on long enough to ask for Shroob with Wart?

As if Wart, of all people, will treat the Ruler of the Shroob Empire with a lowly position as ‘sidekick’. Hah! Look, listen, dude, bro, my homie, Wart here will strike a deal to be a permanent ally with the Shroob Princess, you know that and I know that. Bro, please, dude! Also they would be the most powerful duo on this side of Subcon! Beautiful!


I have a small head-canon that Rosalina would treat the villains as well as she would treat Mario. Just invite them all over and enjoy their company. ye

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Heart @ Shroob

  • heart: talk about your crush


This doesn’t help, but if you mean what I think you mean then uhh…

She is intolerable at times but also very charming? I can’t understand how she’s two extremes at the same time. Very funny yet incessantly annoying? I can’t explain it. But she doesn make me feel happy when Sunny isn’t around and I’m grateful for it.