Save the cookies! Oh, and the kids too, if you can.

I wanna play Partners in Time again so I decided I’d just go ahead and paint something a little based on one of my favorite parts of the game. Funny how the Yoshi Island parts are some of my favorite parts in Mario RPGs.


//Okay….I’m getting sick and tired of people painting Mario in a bad light and saying, “Mario’s a jerk”, “Mario hates Luigi”…….No, he fucking doesn’t. If you’ve seriously payed any REAL attention to Mario and Luigi’s relationship in the games, Mario has always supported Luigi and has been there for him regardless of the situation. 

Like, look at the Mario & Luigi games. Pay close attention and you’ll see that whenever Mario sees Luigi get into a bad spot, he always rushes in to help him. No matter how many times it happens, he always rushes in to help him in anyway he can. 

Mario will give credit where credit is due. He will credit Luigi for his actions in helping him on his adventures. Like in Bowser’s Inside Story, he gives Luigi credit telling Starlow that he did indeed helped fight the Shroobs and drive them off in Partners in Time. Hell, Mario can appreciate when Luigi helps him out. When you beat Dark Moon, and save Mario in that game(I don’t know how Mario got kidnapped that time, but still) Mario says, “That’s my bro. :)”. Mario knows what he’s doing and he always makes sure Luigi is by his side.

I mean, okay, Mario probably has done a few things to Luigi that might be….y’know, kinda dickish, like when he steps on Luigi’s foot in Power Tennis. Like, yeah, okay, that was pretty harsh on Mario’s part. But, guess what. There’s a term for that. Actually, there’s 2 terms for that: “Sibling Rivalry” and “Jealousy”.

And you know what, that’s all it took was that one exact scene in Power Tennis. And you know what else…..It’s not even Mario’s fault….It’s Nintendo’s. They made that scene, not knowing people are gonna look at that and start putting Mario in such a negative spot. You can’t just look at one thing and just jump to the conclusion that Mario just hates Luigi all of a sudden.

Besides, if Mario hated Luigi, don’t think he would’ve shown it by now? Well, he hasn’t. The only thing he’s shown throughout the franchise is that he has helped Luigi in many scenarios. Maybe there are times where Mario teases Luigi, but brothers do that. They poke fun at their younger siblings from time to time, but they still acknowledge that they are brothers and they’ll still help them out.

So….I had to let that all out, because this has been bothering me for a while now, and honestly…..It’s just making me kinda depressed. I mean, I like Luigi as much as the next guy, but come on people, Mario….just…..It’s a running gag. That’s what this is, a running joke that people made up and now Mario is just….painted in this dark light because of a couple of things that he…..No, that Nintendo made him do(the “Theory” from MatPat isn’t helping either).

So…..Yeah. Give Mario a break already. You might say this may seem like pointless rambling, but….I mean, Mario is still one of my favorite characters. He’s my best character in Smash and…..I mean, I’m sorry, but this whole fiasco with him is just…’s bothering me, and I just want people to give it a rest already. Like, I can’t even play a Mario game without this fiasco bothering me. 

But….just give him a break already.

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