Oh my - for a good laugh, go into the anti-Tony Stark tag, where the mewling and roiling jealousy is on mini-boil amid the rapidly shrinking ranks. Of course "Spider-Man: Homecoming" - just on the strength of the few scenes in the trailer - looks poised to become one of the MCU's biggest hits and make Iron Man even more of an icon for kids and the adult crowd. Marvel does these things wisely - they know RDJ is the most popular movie star on the planet and will draw legions of fans to see the movie. The scenes of Peter with Tony are adorable and hilarious, and the father-son vibe will increase audience engagement exponentially. Mentoring Peter, a new young superhero with zero baggage and tons of genuine optimism, will work wonders in healing Tony from the scars of Civil War. It's so brilliant I can't even...(and when *I* can't even find words, you know it's something!). Tony mentors Peter; Peter's guileless enthusiasm brings new life and hope to Tony. I love it so much. It's all we hoped for! Haters can suck on it - this will skyrocket Tony's popularity off the charts (especially since Spidey is Marvel's best-loved character - who better to pair with the founding father of the MCU? It couldn't happen to a greater pair of heroes.
We need help from the haters!

We need every fat filled lie (I mean truth, for sure…) you know about HEALTHY FATS!  All the insecurities, magazine headlines, fish oil pop’n nonsense that will prevent your brain from shrinking!  We know quite a few vegans who have fallen for the fat filled lies and eat fish, Dr’s orders of course…  So its time for a video to address the gossip & nonsense on dietary fats!  We are going to take you on a whirl wind tour of where the fat dietary recommendations started & who’s responsible for fattening our waistlines & what MORE fat, HIGH Fat and Moderate fat diets do and the only two human groups who have ever been put on a no fat diet & what happened to them & what changes were made.  

Vid title…  The Truth about Healthy Fats?  Death by Healthy Fats? Healthy Fats Made me Fat and Sick?  Dangers of Healthy Fats?  

We’ll share the truth behind the studies that have blinded the population to write “with added Omega 3′s” on boxes of processed foods in the grocery store…  

Now that the meat heads know where we get our protein, their new attack is on “healthy fats”  The DHA people…. the dha…  No one ever asks what happens to people who supplement and take added dha, though…  If you follow this Tumblr you know its not good!  

But my skin, my hair, my nails, my this my that if I don’t get my fatty fats!  All questions will be answered in our next vid if you ask them!  Thank you! #fatthefuckup?

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now I'm just imagining Steve or Clint being like "kid, why would you take Tony Stark as a mentor? He's a selfish asshole, you deserve to have better people in your life" and Tony would just you know, try to shrink, make himself smaller, because what they said hurt him, but he believes it as well. Meanwhile Peter is like 'oh hell no, fucking try me' and proceeds to tell them how amazing and caring and great he thinks Tony Stark is. (Tony may or may not teared up a little)

Dude!! Peter would stand up for Tony without hesitation! Past hero-worshipping be damned!!

With a mentor like his uncle ben, a role model in his aunt, and then hanging around Pepper and Rhodey, cause they’d def take care of Tony’s small duckling too, he’d would not hesitate to go off on anyone who’s unfairly rude to Tony (Talk Shit Get Hit)

Tony would so be hurt by the comments, he was just trying his best with the small amount he was given, and hearing that from anyone he fought with and helped for what we’re to assume are years, would kill him, and Peter, seeing how Tony tries so hard and helped Peter when he didn’t have to, would see his hurt, and go full-force.

He wouldn’t physically fight them, I’m guessing Aunt May would have words with him if he did, but he’d lay down a brutal verbal smackdown, throwing in his own fanboy love along with the defense

Tony would be flabbergasted, and complimented cause Peter would hero-worship a little during it all, and wonder how Peter became a “Baby Rhodey/Pepper” (but be really happy that he’s got a good kid in his corner that sees something in him)

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How does one form this brand of crosshatching shading anyways? Is there just a pattern you have that's reused and shaped to fit?

(*Yes actually!) 
(*I honestly like the look of hand done crosshatching, but the time i have to work on stuff is extremely limited, so i found a cute pattern to use as a base and made a giant repeating version.)
(*It took some time to do it since i needed it to sync up seamlessly. I have a big file (far bigger than ill ever need so i wont have to worry about extending it) and i shrink it as needed.)
(*I actually have several patterns i’ve made that show up here often, like on my hoodies.Rather than draw the designs each time, i have the pattern done big)

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On meds: ask A LOT of questions to the person prescribing them to you, not just to be informed (you can do your own research fairly easily if you know the active principles) but mainly to know if you can trust them. If they refuse to tell you about side effects or things like how to tell if you are reacting badly to it, that's a huge red flag. If you suspect you have side effects and your shrink(s) dismisses everything rather than reasoning and explaining when you tell them, HUGE red alert.

Thanks for the advice!


Unbeknownst to you, as you sleep curled tightly to your mate, your body begins to change–becoming smaller, more frail. Your hair shortens to the choppy, curly mess it used to be when you didn’t use your hair gel. Your horns shrink, and the curves and mass that you had gained over the sweeps seem to evaporate as your frame becomes thin.

It aches, but you do not wake, not yet. However, for all intents and purposes–you’re a kid again.

You sigh in your sleep as your body begins to change, and can’t help but cling to the cool body next to you as your own begins to overheat, and tears prick at your eyes as you sleep, but still yet you don’t wake. Your muscles evaporate into thin air and you are short, small, and fragile once again–like you hadn’t been in sweeps. Baby chub covers your frame, and your clothes shrink, but are still baggy, just as you once liked. Your eyes turn back to gray and your managed curls become an unruly disaster once again, sticking up in every way. Suddenly, you sit up, the familiar coolness becoming violently unknown, and your head bangs back against the rim of the suddenly massive coon–you feel like you’re drowning, you can’t touch bottom, you cling to the side you banged your head on in a panic. Where were you???? Who was THIS? Sollux? WHAT?

 as i was writing that last post i remembered in the access guide that ben was having a prison built in TP after s2

>>mill burns
>>no jobs
>>drug crime increases (naturally, indigenous and other POCs suffer most from this)
>>privatized prison means more $$ for ben
>>class divide widens with shrinking middle class, increasing lower class, while horne fortune increases

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Is it possible to just use PS without colouring anything? Why can't the giffer just make a gif from a video? No experience with PS btw so sorry if this is a weird question. :O

it’s not a weird question! you can, but it doesn’t look very good. tv and film are shot for fairly large screens. when you shrink it down to 250px the lighting doesn’t translate well so people often at least try to brighten it up and sharpen the details. here’s the difference between uncolored and colored:

this is why it can be a challenge because you want to brighten it but not lose the natural undertone of the skin (unless you’re doing a stylistic coloring, but that’s a different discussion altogether). for magnus this generally means maintaining a warmer tone. you can go cool-toned, too, but that would be like a cool brown, not outright bright white/cyan.

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Reyna watched as Nico just seemed to shrink further into himself. She turned to Will. "Do you mind going down to the cafe and getting me a green tea?" she asked. Will turned to look back at her, opening his mouth to say that he couldn't leave Nico, but the look in her eyes told him that she wanted to talk to Nico alone. Will sighed and nodded. "Sure thing," he said up. He kissed the top of Nico's head before hesitantly leaving the room. "Nico, you can talk to me, you know. What's bothering you?"

Nico remained silent for a few more moments, but Reyna had an abundance of patients. It came with being a predator of an entire camp full of kids. “I’m a huge burden to them.” Nico finally spoke softly, his eyes dropping to watch his hands twist in his lap. Reyna was about to deny it, but Nico beat her to the punch. “I know Will says I’m not, but he even said that me being here turned Carter’s entire world upside down. I rooted up our normal lives and now they’re both stuck wrapping their lives around me instead of us having a life together.” Nico sniffled and Reyna realized that this was something Nico had been holding in for a long time. “I’ve ruined everything for my family, when all I ever wanted was to give them the best. I’ve burned it all.”

Rising up from the pit of my stomach.
Shuddering awake, my hands, need to see my hands.
My fingernails still soft, my teeth still gentle.
Can only trust my breasts now.
I like my breasts, nothing can be killed by them.
Hand, foot, tongue, gaze, all weapons from which nothing is safe.
But not my breasts.
With my round breasts, I’m okay.
Still okay.
So why do they keep shrinking?
Not even round anymore.
Why am I changing like this?
Why are my edges all sharpening- what i am going to to gouge?
—  Han Kang, The Vegetarian
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Episode 8: The Thoughts

Because *grumble* Tumblr broke down, this is late. So let’s start with Joon Hyung because he’s pretty to look at:

I adored this episode. It helped that it featured the adults a whole lot less than episode 7. In my opinion, the adults of this drama mostly suck except for Joon Hyung’s parents who are utterly adorbs. Misguided, yes, but adorable. Also his shrink. I like his shrink. 

This episode was mostly about Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s burgeoning romance. I’m so glad we’re finally going there because it’s almost episode 8 AND THERE HAVE BEEN NO KISSES. It’s a TRAGEDY. 

All confident before she arrives.

Look at the post after she arrives. 


Did you squee at this part cuz I did. Intensely. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Look at how he’s holding her!!



The Ridiculous Coach should team up with Song Shi Ho. They can drink together.


But the best part of this episode? The friendship thing finally got sorted out. Observe:

A division in the ranks.

Hurt feelings.

A confrontation.

Secrets are spilled.

And finally…



I like that Bok Joo was able to get some closure where the Doctor is concerned but…


Why can’t she be with him? I mean, all she needs to do is confess to her crush and see if he likes her back? Her being a weightlifter has nothing to do with anyone unless he’s a shallow asshole who can’t handle a woman stronger than he is?

I don’t get it.

Someone explain to me.

But in the meantime…

I feel for this kid, man. I seriously do. I can’t even hate her because I see what she deals with. And the actress is killing it.

Bok Joo’s “My Heart Is Now Completely Broken, Comfort Me Joon Hyung” face.


I can’t wait until these two start feeling the feels. Actually when Bok Joo realizes she may feel the feels for Joon Hyung?


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oli, to herself: things are actually real good. i’m doing great at school, there’s a boy a ireeeeally really like, dad’s staying home more often, i’m going to take up painting any time soon, charlie is almost beating me everytime we play videogames, noah’s still leaving unclean clothes everywhere, everything’s pretty much the same. the only thing that’s been troubling me is mason. he’s not doing as well in school as he used to do and nowadays he’s just locking himself in his room and doesn’t want to talk to anybody. mom and dad are thinking of taking him to a shrink. 

I always take a break in PoA right before peter escapes so I can forgive everyone for forgetting about petrificus totalus