shrinking city

it doesn’t matter
what time it is because
i’ll be thinking of you
at some point
i stopped feeling, so
i lit myself on fire to get high
enough away from the ground
you’ve walked on.
i see your footprints
on the streets from way up here
as the city shrinks to ants.
i can still pick the top of your head
out from the crowd
from the clouds, 
until i am on the moon:
i can’t see anywhere
your heart and mine were together.
—  (for)getting high // a.s.m

Détroit, ville sauvage, de F. Tillon (2010).

Voici le teaser d'un film qui parle du vide de la ville de Détroit, emblème aussi du phénomène “Shrinking City” (ville qui rétrécissent).